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Dark Legends now available exclusively on Google Play and Chrome Web Store, iOS to follow in two weeks

We’ve been hearing about Spacetime Studios latest  MMO, Dark Legends, for a few months. It’s finally available now as a 2 week exclusive in the Google Play Store and Chrome Web Store (PC, Max, and Linux). Dark Legends is the third title from the Legends franchise, which also includes Pocket Legends and Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. Dark Legends puts you in the role of a sired vampire who must battle humans, hordes of the undead, packs of werevolves, covens of warlocks, and legions of demons.

This launch marks an industry first in that it’s the first MMO to launch across both mobile and desktops simultaneously, which means people can play the same game together on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Sorry iOS fans, you will have to wait until the 2 week exclusive period is up to get your chance to play. It’s a free app, but you can purchase enhancements through microtransactions and virtual currency.

Hit the break for a quick promo video, download links, and full press release

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Dark Legends Gameplay Trailer Released, Makes Us Yearn For More Blood And Gore

The next great MMORPG game is almost here folks! Spacetime Studios recently teased us with an intro trailer for Dark Legends, but now the developer wants us to drool even more by showcasing some of the awesome action found in the game. In addition to the fluid and smooth look of the gameplay, you’ll be able to see details such as blood, fallen limbs and just plain gore goodness. But don’t take our word for it— check out the gameplay trailer in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image 


source: Phandroid

Spacetime Studios will bring Vampire themed Dark Legends to Android this quarter

When it comes to massively multiplayer online (MMO) games on Android, no one does it better than Spacetime Studios, creators of Pocket Legends and Star Legends. They just announced their next epic will be Dark Legends, which will will all about embracing the secret societies of vampires and fighting off the undead, werewolves, demons, and humans. They plan on releasing it on Android, iOS, and Chrome sometime this quarter.

Spacetime Studios is promising a much deeper focus on the narrative. Players will have the option to complete quick action missions as well as being involved with the traditional story communicated during the multiplayer missions. Basically, players will experience the life of a vampire up-close and personal.

They haven’t released any pictures or video teasers yet, but we will let you know as soon as they do.

Full press release after the break:

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