Microsoft silently investing in Cyanogen


The last two years have been quite good for Cyanogen. The company saw its software ship on new hardware and quickly gain praise. All of this made investors eager to become involved with the software developer. Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and even Yahoo all were said to have expressed interest in Cyanogen almost six months ago. In October, Google joined those interested but Cyanogen declined what was reportedly an offer to acquire the entire company. Cyanogen wants to operate on its own and keep Android as open as it should be. Of all the companies interested in Cyanogen, it looks like Microsoft has made the most progress.

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OnePlus, Cyanogen rift grows as branding dropped from latest units


Back in December 2014 it was revealed that a rift had formed between OnePlus, maker of the popular OnePlus One smartphone, and Cyanogen, the new corporate entity responsibility for the operating system shipping on the devices. The presence of the Cyanogen OS, an offshoot of the popular CyanogenMod ROM frequently used to replace stock Android installs, was a big selling point for OnePlus when they brought the OnePlus One to market, which made the apparent betrayal revealed by an exclusive Micromax agreement in India even more hurtful for OnePlus. As a result of that fracas, it appears OnePlus is pulling back on cross-branding their devices with the Cyanogen logo even in markets outside of India.
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Android’s future is with us, not Google, according to Cyanogen CEO


Many things in our world splinter into a variety of subsects. Some of which are political parties, Protestant denominations, and Linux distributions, which includes Android. They all have something in common with that from which they derive, but all claim superiority in some fashion.

Kirt McMaster (CEO of Cyanogen Inc.) recently spoke to a crowd gathered at The Information’s Next Phase of Android event, to say that a new dawn is coming to the Android distribution and the daybreak will show Cid standing triumphant over Andy.
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Cyanogen CEO calls out Samsung on OS design

cyanogen_logoYU Digital, the baby of Micromax’s, launched a mid-range device that’s being advertised as the Zeus of phones. The phone sports a 5.5-inch 720p display, a 64-bit Snapdragon 615, 2GB of RAM, a 5 MP front facing camera in tandem with a 13 MP rear shooter. It will also pack dual-sim slots, 4G LTE, and a 2,500 mAh battery. Oh and it will feature Cyanogen‘s OS 11.

During a Q&A session following the announcement, Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster spent some time toting the phone, the OS, and calling out other OEMs.

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Micromax launches Yureka smartphone with Cyanogen OS 11 in India


Dubbed as the “Zeus of phones“, Indian OEM Micromax has just announced the Yureka handset in the country. This is officially the first Cyanogen OS running smartphone in India ever since Micromax struck an exclusive deal with Cyanogen for the use of its custom ROM. This whole ordeal has even led to the ban of the OnePlus One in India as it also runs Cyanogen OS by default.
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Cyanogen: All OnePlus One devices will receive OTA firmware updates, including India


A couple of days ago, OnePlus took to their blog to announce that One devices in India would not receive support from Cyanogen due to a deal between Micromax and Cyanogen.

Today Cyanogen published their own blog post in order to clarify misinformation. They pledged that all OnePlus One devices will receive OTA firmware updates. When they say “all” they mean “all.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, this means India devices too.

So this is obviously good news for OnePlus owners in India. Are you rocking a OnePlus One? How do you like it?

source: Cyanogen

Cyanogen announces Themes, turning customization into personalization


The software experience provided by Cyanogen is about to become much more tailored to each and every user. The company is well-known for its deep customization capability, but the new Themes app takes things further. Themes for Cyanogen OS devices gives control to what the user experience is like. It is effectively a way to fully personalize a device. What kind of things can be personalized? Everything from the font to status bar and more.

Stay tuned for when the Themes app is available. As for pricing, Cyanogen has yet to say if all themes will be free or premium options carry a price tag.

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Cyanogen declines Google’s interest in acquisition, will seek additional funding


Google wants Cyanogen. So does everyone else, but no one will be purchasing the software developer for the foreseeable future. Rather than being acquired by the very interested Sundar Pichai at Google (or any other company), Cyanogenmod is focused on keeping its software open.

Shareholders are being told that Cyanogen is going to seek a $1 billion valuation in its next round of funding. It is a bit surprising to see a massive valuation like that when just $30 million was brought in last year.

On the heels of being a software partner for OnePlus, Cyanogen is reportedly going to provide software for Micromax devices. Another partnership is sure to help Cyanogen’s position as a viable operating system.

Source: The Information
Via: Engadget

Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and Yahoo all express interest in Cyanogen


Some of the biggest technology companies in the world are all taking a look at Android software developer Cyanogen. They are the developer of the very popular custom CyanogenMod ROM. The community for CyanogenMod has been so strong that is has been questioned whether or not it is actually in contention to be the world’s third most popular mobile operating system. It is being reported by The Information that Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and Yahoo have all been keeping an eye on Cyanogen with an acquisition or at least a partnership in mind.

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