Cyanogen eyes new Chinese vendors for partnerships


During the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster revealed the company is looking to partner with some new Chinese smartphone vendors to carry their CyanogenMod operating system in the future. McMaster did not name names, but he did indicate the vendors they are courting have plans to participate in the international market and not just China. By finding new vendors to install their operating system, Cyanogen hopes to expand the installed basis for their version of Android beyond the current 50 million users they claim. Read more

Cyanogen and BLU to release Google-less phone later this year


Amongst the hoopla of Cyanogen’s announcement that they had secured $80 million in new financing to help fund development of its operating system, we are discovering that Cyanogen is partnering with BLU to produce a smartphone that does not use any Google services or apps. Connections between BLU and Cyanogen have been noted in the past when Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster has talked about toppling Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. Read more

Cyanogen updating theme features for Cyanogen OS 12


Cyanogen has posted some new information about some upcoming theme related features that will be included in the upcoming Cyanogen OS 12 release. One of these new features is a new tool called App Themer that will let users customize the theme of specific apps. This capability will be useful if a user has installed a theme that for some reason does not play well with a given app. As an example, Cyanogen describes a theme that uses white text which does not work with an email client with a white background for the message body. The new App Themer will enable users to fix that one app by changing its theme without abandoning the overall theme. Read more

Take a peek at Cyanogen OS 12’s new boot animation

cyanogen OSInterested in what Cyanogen OS 12’s boot animation will look like? The company has posted a short YouTube clip of what you’ll see when you turn on a Cyanogen 12 OS device, and it looks almost exactly like what you’d expect from a budding tech software company.

Unfortunately, Cid is completely absent from the animation, but that’s to be expected now that Cyanogen is a full blown company worth millions and not just some enthusiast Android users hacking together a ROM.  Read more

Boxer email client selected as default for Cyanogen OS 12


From the very beginning of smartphones, one of the core apps has been an email client, necessary to help users be freed from their desktop. Despite being so basic to a mobile device, recent events show that development of email clients is an area still ripe for improvements. Just this past year companies like Google and Dropbox released new clients to try to improve usability. One company that has been working on their own vision of an email client is Boxer and their work has paid off in a big way as Cyanogen has selected the Boxer client to be the default mail client in the forthcoming release of Cyanogen OS 12. Read more

CEO of Cyanogen: Samsung and Apple to get slaughtered by startups within 5 years


After forming their own corporation with a round of funding, partnering with OnePlus, and now Qualcomm, things are looking up for Cyanogen. CEO Kirt McMaster sat down with Business Insider to talk about the company, and one interesting tidbit came out of the interview.

Kirt believes that Samsung and Apple won’t be able to stay at the top for long. It won’t be companies like Huawei, LG, Motorola, or HTC that will knock them off their perch though, it will be various startups making low cost handsets. Cyanogen could actually be part of that craze as their software will be part of Qualcomm’s Reference Design (QRD) devices that will release in April. Basically it’s the complete software and hardware package that any startup can use to bring a phone to market within 60 days.

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Cyanogen inks deal with Qualcomm to help low cost device makers in developing countries


Well this is an interesting deal. Qualcomm has partnered with Cyanogen in order to bring their best software enhancements from Cyanogen OS to Qualcomm’s Reference Design (QRD) devices.

These reference devices will utilize the Snapdragon 200, 400, and 600 Series and is meant to assist device makers of lower cost handsets for developing markets. The Cyanogen OS brings their own launcher and enhancements to Android’s personal information management apps such as the dialer, messaging, contacts, and calendar.

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Cyanogen dream of non-Google Android at heart of fund raising efforts


When news broke recently that Microsoft had recently invested $70 million in Cyanogen, many wondered what the companies may be up to. Many were worried, especially after Cyanogen was recently involved in a skirmish with Android darling OnePlus. Some more details seem to point to Cyanogen wanting to produce a version of Android that does not include a stack of Google services, hence the need for a “war chest.” Read more