Google IO 2016 Coverage

Vevo updates standalone app for Android to add customization


Vevo has released an updated version of their standalone app that adds several customization features in a bid to be more of a player in the music app space instead of just being synonymous with YouTube videos. The new update comes on the heels of an overhaul of the iOS version of the app that was released last fall and is in conjunction with a new version of the Apple tvOS version that brings similar features to that platform. Read more

iHeartRadio launches their own personalized station option for listeners


iHeartRadio has joined the ranks of other streaming music services in making a customized station or playlist available to users based on what the user enjoys listening to. The “My Favorites Radio” station is powered by all of the songs a user has favorited during the past few years. Owen Grover, senior vice president with iHeartRadio, says the platform has been tracking user input “for four years, and we have an extraordinary amount of actionable data.” That data is combined with iHeartRadio’s programming expertise to produce customized radio stations for listeners. Read more

Samsung working on multiple themes for the Galaxy S6 theme store

samsung_galaxy_s6_front_back_slanted_blueWith the Galaxy S6 global release just a few days away, Samsung is preparing their theme store for the phone so users will have a few different options to spice up their phones on launch day.

The S6 offers a handful of themes already, but the theme should be populated with a few more on April 10th. There’s plenty of diversity in what Samsung is offering, including some darker themes to take advantage of the AMOLED display of the S6 and S6 Edge, but there are also a few more colorful, flashy themes, if that’s your thing.¬† Read more

Samsung will release a theming tool for Galaxy S6 sometime in April

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (47)

While we’ve known that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones will allow users to customize the handsets thanks to the Themes option first seen in the Galaxy A series of phones, it hasn’t been clear exactly how 3rd party theme makers would be able to distribute their offerings for the S6. Until now, thanks to Reddit member, gedankenreich,¬†receiving a reply from Samsung on the matter.

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Now Gesture Tweaks app gives users shortcuts to variety of actions


A new app now available in the Google Play Store, Now Gesture Tweaks, gives users the ability to replace the default default “swipe up” gesture that normally launches Google Now on an Android device with a variety of new options and capabilities. The app gives you the following choices when using the free version:

  • launch a customized app picker
  • launch a selected app directly
  • open the notification drawer
  • do nothing

For only 99 cents, users can upgrade to the full version that adds several other features like: Read more

Best Android Wear apps for creating, sharing, and finding the coolest watch faces


You can do some pretty cool things with an Android Wear smartwatch, such as check-in quickly at that local restaurant, open a tip calculator, or even pay for your Starbucks coffee. Those are the “smart” things you can do, but probably the most popular thing to do is swap out watch faces. Android Wear has only been around for a few months, and already there are hundreds, if not thousands of very cool watch faces for you to try. There are certainly a bunch of them as standalone apps in the Play Store, but I wanted to show you a few apps that offer you so much more. For starters, they give you ability to design your own watch faces and even share them. That may or may not be your thing, but these apps also offer you a first class ticket to a world of more downloadable watch faces than you can possibly imagine.

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Google Workshop project looks to bring customization to Nexus accessories


Google appears to be working on a new method to custom accessories for Nexus devices that is currently dubbed Google Workshop. From the looks of it, Google may have learned a few things from their Motorola experiment, including the Moto Maker platform for creating customized Moto X devices. Google Workshop takes some of those same concepts and applies them to the production of cases and live wallpapers for the Nexus 5. It is unclear whether it would expand to other devices if it goes live. Read more

Verizon readying MotoMaker launch for November 11th, releases details on other upcoming devices

Motomaker MotoX

Verizon appears to be ready to launch MotoMaker on November 11th, joining Sprint on the same day as another source for customized Moto X devices. Although several sources indicate the 11th will be the day for Verizon to join the customization service, there is no word on what pricing may be. Verizon did drop the price of the Moto X on contract to $99 recently. If they follow AT&T’s model, which has had exclusive rights to MotoMaker customizations since the Moto X launch, there will be no difference in pricing between a custom device compared to a pre-fab unit.

If the Moto X is not the device you were looking for from Verizon during the upcoming holiday season, it appears Verizon will be releasing some other choices in the near future. A white version of the LG G2 appears to be set for a November 14th launch. The HTC One Max is expected on November 21st and white versions of the DROID ULTRA and DROID MINI are expected sometime around November 22nd. This should give buyers plenty of new choices as they get ready to hit the holiday shopping season.

source: Droid Life

Customized Moto X could hit Sprint on November 11th


When Motorola launched the Moto X, it was clear the customization that was exclusive to AT&T would only last for a limited time. It looks like Sprint may be ready to join the ranks of carriers offering customized Moto X devices beginning November 11th. A leaked image from an internal Sprint document indicates that is the date Moto Maker will launch on the Sprint network, offering a variety of customization options for customers. The list of possible options includes the items we are familiar with like color, memory, boot animations and even “pre-loading” Google account information. Missing from the list are the custom engraving and wood back options spotted earlier this year.

source: Android Central