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Access wallpapers from different OEMs, Android versions, ROMs or other OS’s with DroidPack app


Admit it. You’ve looked at a buddy’s Android phone and thought, “Damn, that wallpaper is nice.”

You weren’t sure how to get the wallpaper for your own phone — it’s not like wallpapers have highly accessible names that you can just “search.”

Or can you? A new arrival in the Play Store allows you to do just that.

DroidPack, app app created by XDA Forum Member donniemceduns, allows you to select between the stock wallpapers from various OEMs, Android versions, ROMs and even other operating systems (yes, this means iOS). The collection is completely categorized and lets you download the wallpapers straight from the app.

It’s a nice addition to the Play Store — go check it out for yourself! Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store as well as a gallery of screen shots.

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Walnut backing for Moto X replaced by Rosewood on Moto Maker

Moto X Rosewood

Back when the ‘natural wood’ backs for the Moto X were announced, the options included rosewood, teak, ebony and bamboo. However when Moto Maker was launched, rosewood was nowhere in sight, and walnut was an option instead.

But today if you visit Moto Maker you won’t find the walnut option — you’ll find rosewood it its place. The only question is, is the rosewood any different from walnut?

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Paranoid Android 3 officially released for Nexus line of smartphones and tablets

 Paranoid Android 3


One of the real hidden gems in the ROM community has just been updated to become one of the best apps imaginable. For those of you not familiar, Paranoid distinguishes itself from other custom ROMs because of its “Hybrid Engine”, which allows users to select both dpi and layout on a for each app available on a device—- meaning that instead of users being forced to modify the look of the device UI, users can instead optimize various apps to what works best for each one. While the concept of the app is certainly cool, everyone knows that there is always room for improvement and the developers have certainly delivered. The new Paranoid Android build includes the release of the PIE control system which allows users to disable onscreen buttons and instead, utilize a swipe gesture to access various common functions— giving users some extra screen & display to use. Oh and for you Nexus 4 users: there is a special screen calibration feature available which allows users to greatly optimize the display and allowing for all that content to be displayed with some extra pop.

As of now, this ROM looks like it’s only meant for Nexus users— so if you’re an owner of the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 or Nexus 10— the new ROM is ready and waiting to be used by you today. Hit the break to check out one (or all) of the source links to get additional info and grab yourselves the ROM— but be sure check out a few of the videos highlighting Paranoid’s neat features first.

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CM9 Nightlies Officially Launched, Available for CDMA Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Xoom

For those of you Android owners who are rooted and love a little custom ROM action, I just might have some good news for you. Last night the CyanogenMod team released the first nightly of the CM9 ROM for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Xoom tablet. I am sure some of you have already been using one of the few CM9 kangs that are floating around, but rest assured this is the real deal. This is as official as it gets.

Before you get all antsy on me and wipe all your data from your device let me fill you in on some of the details. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but according to Reditt user thastig, a few of the CM9 functions are not available yet and appear as dead options. Just because the ROM doesn’t have all of its additional features activated yet doesn’t mean your device won’t be fully functional. Everything is working so you don’t need to worry about loosing any of the stock features from your device (and now you can enjoy that cool boot animation!). As far as custom ROMs and developers go, the CM team and their series of ROMs are one of the most stable options available, support and updates are top notch too.

You can’t go wrong with this ROM, but if you are used to running CND or something similar, be aware you will loose some of the additional features you have come accustomed to. That’s not to say this isn’t an absolute treat by any means, I am super excited to see that we have reached the point of nighties. It’s only going to get better from here folks!

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Nova Launcher Graduates to Version 15, Brings Scrollable Folders and More

One of the first apps I make sure I have up and running every time I flash a new ROM is Nova Launcher. An ICS launcher replacement that I have been using since the first week I had my Galaxy Nexus, has just received a new update today already. Just recently, you may remember it was updated to version 14 and no longer required a system installation in order to get widgets in your app drawer. Although fairly easy for the experienced user to remedy, the update to version 14 definitely made the process more user friendly. Now, with today’s update, we’re up to version 15 and it brings even more cool features that I know some of you will enjoy. Read more

Talk Android Laser Etched Galaxy Nexus Battery Door Now Available At IndieGoGo!

Yesterday I mentioned that you can currently make a pledge to help fund an IndieGoGo start-up project and in return get your very own custom laser etched battery door for your Galaxy nexus. What I didn’t really emphasize is that the Talk Android logo is also one of your options for engravings! Omar was kind enough to include us in with his preselected images so the awesome Talk Android broadcast logo you see above is one of the $30/$40 laser etching options. So if you’re a die hard Android fan and a Talk Android advocate, now is your chance to promote your favorite Android news source and put a little “us” in your Nexus. I mean, what better way to show TA some love and still manage to pimp out your Galaxy Nexus at the same time! Hit up the source link below to make your pledge… all the cool kids are doing it.

source: IndieGoGo

Get A Custom Laser Etched Battery Door for Your Galaxy Nexus!

Looking for the ultimate way to customize your new CDMA or GSM Galaxy Nexus? How about a new factory replacement battery door with a design of your choosing laser etched on the back of it!? Well, right now over at IndieGoGo (similar to kickstarter), you can do just that. For a mere $45 or $55 pledge (depending on whether you have the standard battery or extended), Omar Trujillo will send you a brand new factory battery door with custom laser etching of your favorite design. Now tell me that wont make your friends envious! There are even pledge options that include a new standard or extended battery as well. One thing to keep in mind though, when thinking of a custom image it must be able to be shrunk down to a 2″ x 2″ square in order for it to fit on the door properly, you’re gonna need to put some thought into this one.

If for some reason you’re not feeling very creative today, you can save 15 bucks and just go with one of Omar’s preselected images instead. The options that are currently available are pretty sweet and any of them would most definitely make your GNex stand out in a crowd. You could chose to go with CyanogenMod’s skateboarding Android, the Talk Android logo, or even a cool plaid-esque pattern of Androids that somewhat resemble Google’s custom Louis Vuitton style battery door. Read more

Droid Bionic Receives First Deodexed Version ROM

So, you finally got your hands on a Droid Bionic and you’ve only had to wait since last CES for it.  So now what?  How about a little Root & ROM action?  The initial “Deodexed” version is now available for your downloading pleasure and there’s promise of more action to follow.  Thanks to Kejar31, you can hack the Blur based device and start customizing until your hearts content.  Tweaks are at a minimum, but like we said, more is to follow and we should encounter some big changes in future releases.  If you’re feeling frisky and ready to give a try (at your own risk, of course) then hit the break for the full download instructions and source link which heads over to the thread.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what the developer’s community produces in the weeks to come.   Read more

HTC’s Sensation And Evo 3D Get Some ClockworkMod Recovery Love

ClockworkMod, one of Android’s highly customized recovery options, has now been made available for the HTC Sensation and Evo 3D.  If you’re a hard core hacker and ROM’r, chances are, the ROM you’re using now or will be using in the near future already has ClockworkMod on board.  So, do the devs a favor and try it out.  Provide as much feedback as you possibly can, so as to assist in getting this recovery to work flawlessly on these devices.  ClockworkMod, via their official Twitter account, also announced that they’re looking for Motorola Atrix 4G users as well to test their popular recovery.  Let’s not disappoint!  Feel free to head back here in the comments when you’re done with the install and let us know how it’s working.  In addition, it might be worthwhile to check out our own Andrew Greenfield’s post on TeamWin’s custom recovery.  He’s sort of our ROM guru and subject-matter expert around here, don’t ya know?

[via @clockworkmod]