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Team Win Recovery Project adds support for Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch


Team Win posted its official custom recovery for both the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch today, giving users the ability to add customer ROMs to the devices.

Once you’re in custom recovery, the options on the screen are a bit small for a smartwatch screen, so an upcoming interface update will most likely resize the buttons. Otherwise, everything works fine. Of course you’ll need an unlocked bootloader before you do anything.

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CyanogenMod About To Release Community and Pro Editions For a Better User Experience. Also Adds New Features


As usual, the boys over at CyanogenMod are keeping busy working on making your Android experience the best it can be. Recall at the Big Android BBQ 2013 event, the team announced that they’ll be offering their popular custom ROM’s in a couple of different flavors. The team was pretty bent on arguing the fact that it’s not the carriers who should be dictating software based decisions to OEM’s but that it should be left to the user to do so. As a result, the team revealed that their new versions will cater respectively to both the beginner and the advanced user who’s looking to liven their devices up a bit.

The team tossed out some pretty hefty stats claiming that there are 8.2 million active CyanogenMod users out there and there are 38 million downloads for over 100 different devices. In addition, the popular custom ROM maker says there are over 3,000 different contributors assisting with development.  So, what’s the difference between the two versions?  Hit the break to compare the “Community” and the “Pro” versions and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Read more

Focal removed from CyanogenMod after lead developer leaves


After recently forming a new company, CyanogenMod is already facing some fallout. The very popular Android ROM will be losing its camera app Focal due to the departure of its developer, Guillaume Lesniak (Xplodwild). Focal, which fell just two weeks shy of being available for two months, was CyanogenMod’s own take on the camera app. The reason for Focal and Lesniak’s departure is believed to be caused by friction between newly incorporated CyanogenMod Inc. and himself.

Lesniak has indeed confirmed that he has left CyanogenMod and founder Steve Kondik has made comments of his own. In the comments for the code changes he explained that “there’s now this perception that CM is trying to steal his hard work and run with it.” Kondik goes on to explain that he would rather see Focal succeed elsewhere than have any issues arise.

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RasBean Jelly ROM for the LG Nexus 4 Review: Simple, Clean, and Bug Free

Are you one of the few that were lucky enough to nab the elusive Nexus 4 by Google? If you do possess Android’s hard to attain device and are into modding/rooting, then finding the perfect ROM can be hard, and maybe even overwhelming at times. RasBean Jelly is a custom AOSP ROM made by the developer Rascarlo and has been around since the Galaxy Nexus days when it was called Rascream (back when Ice Cream Sandwich was the latest ROM). If you’re an avid ROM flasher, then you’re well aware that a handful of the ones you flash tend to have bugs and other problems that you’ll frequently encounter. While that’s expected, that’s one thing that I don’t particularly enjoy about flashing custom ROM’s.

With RasBean, I have never encountered a bug or any problems in any build that I’ve tried, even in my ICS Galaxy Nexus days. RasBean is an AOSP based ROM that’s dedicated to speed and overall stability. While Rascarlo does include several additional features to the ROM, he makes sure to clean the ROM of necessary codes and “bloat.” Thus, if you’re a huge CM or AOKP fan, then this ROM may not be for you as it doesn’t have the dozens upon dozens of added features that those two ROM’s tend to have. But if you’re looking for a super fast ROM with no bugs, then RBJ just might be for you! Hit the break to find out more.

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HTC One V Receives Unofficial CM10 Port

The HTC One V, the youngest sibliing in the HTC One series of Android devices, finally gets an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-based Cyanogenmod 10 port. The CM10 nightlies port is available thanks to XDA Recognized Contributor jmztaylor for CDMA-based devices and XDA Recognized Contributor Lloir for GSM-based devices. Unlike most alpha and beta builds, the new build for both versions of the One V appear to be quite stable, with the exception of the LCD backlight never turning off and the camcorder not working. If you’re an HTC One V owner and feeling brave, hit up the source link and get flashing! But as always, it’s wise to take backups before proceeding.

Source: XDA

Samsung Releases Source Code for Sprint Galaxy S III


Earlier this week we reported that Samsung released the source codes for both the T-Mobile and AT&T Galaxy S III. Today, they have gracefully given Sprint the same treatment and released the source code for Sprint’s CDMA Galaxy S III. Samsung has been on point and quick with releasing their source codes, something that HTC could learn a thing or two from. This should make the independent ROM developers happy and ROM’s should be of abundance for Galaxy S III on any carrier in the US. Any “crack-flashers” out there happy about Samsung’s speedy release on their source? Hit up the source link for downloads!

source: Samsung

Galaxy S III Gets Awesome Camera Mod, Adds 30Mbit Upgrade In Superfine Mode


Just when you thought you couldn’t beef up that Galaxy S III camera any more, think again.  Thanks to the camera modders out there, specifically hyperX, you can now obtain even greater video quality than before.  hyperX has released a brand new mod for the GSIII that will boost the 1080p Full HD video recording to 30 Mbit in superfine mode, fully with 192 kbit audio.  Stick with me here as this is going to be nerdy as hell but nevertheless cool.  There will also be a 24 Mbit fine mode and 19 Mbit normal 1080p mode in addition to 19 Mbit superfine 720p mode.  Furthermore, 15 Mbit fine and 10 Mbit normal modes will also be present while all utilizing 192 kbit audio recording.  The dev is also attempting to add in 60fps capture to all resolutions, though it’s presenting to be quite a challenge at this time.  Further tweaks include the ability to launch the camera during a live phone call in addition to the ability to snap photos during video recording with the volume up and down buttons.  As of now, the GSIII will not allow the camera app to load if the battery is under 15%, however, the dev is closely working on that.  Just make sure your device is rooted if you’re interested in applying this hack and remember that you do so at your own risk.  Big thanks goes out to hyperX for the awesome mod and we hope you guys all have fun with it. Feel free to leave a comment or two below with what you think of the mod.  Instructions and download links have been provided after the break courtesy of HX Customs Roms   Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Its First Taste Of Custom ROM Goodness, Mouths Water Everywhere


Well that certainly didn’t take long. While the Samsung Galaxy S III still has yet to arrive in stores, we have certainly been treated in the last few days. We’ve already seen everything from the complete firmware of the device being available to .apk files such as S Voice being extracted— but now we have some even more exciting news. The developer community has done the inevitable and successfully created the first custom ROM for the device. This newly born ROM is actually created off a former community-collaborated ROM based off Android 4.0.4 build XXALE8 (build as of May 13th, 2012). More importantly, the new ROM is completely deodexed, rooted and zipaligned. Huzzah!

As previously mentioned— the Galaxy S III has yet to be released, so the ROM is understandably untested as of now. But hey— any custom ROM is a good ROM, right gang? Since we know you’re interested in seeing more details of this achievement, be sure to hit the source link for more information.

source: XDA Forums

Full Firmware Of Samsung Galaxy S III Now Available, Brings Us One Step Closer To Custom ROMs For The Smartphone

As soon as a leak happens, it turns to an eventual pour. Such is the case with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. Following the excitement of S Voice being available for all, the gang at XDA forums went one step further and got a hold of the device’s full stock firmware. What this means ladies and gentlemen is we won’t have to wait long to see custom ROMs for the smartphone after the initial release. In addition, it’s been confirmed developers have wasted no time and are already hard at work trying to take advantage of the device’s new features– so hopefully we could see some of Samsung’s features ported to other devices.

The firmware is pretty hefty— 786MB to be exact— but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re interested in partaking in any tinkering, please do visit the XDA Forums at the source link below.

It’s a glorious moment in the land of Android, isn’t it?

source: Phandroid

Taste Ice Cream Sandwich With New Theme From SDK For CM7 Theme Chooser [Courtesy of XDA]

Thanks to XDA developer Sonnysekhon, you don’t need to get your hands on a Galaxy Nexus to enjoy your first little taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. A new theme built right from the SDK is now available for download if you’ve got a custom ROM running the Theme Chooser app. Although still in its infant stage, the theme is promised to be “updated often to get it to look like the real deal as soon as possible.”

Hit the break to grab the download link and preview a few more of its screen shots. After download, just apply your new theme and reboot. Oh yeah, and tell us what you think!

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