TWRP custom recovery gets support for unlocked 2014 Moto X

Moto_X_2014_2nd_Gen_Slanted_Back_Motorola_Logo_Camera_Lens_01_TAIf you own a 2014 Moto X and wanted to get into flashing custom ROMs, we have good news and bad news.

The good news is that TWRP now officially supports Motorola’s latest flagship. The recovery will allow you to flash custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod, install custom kernels, and make full system backups and restores. TWRP is one of the best custom recoveries available for users that like to flash their device with new software. Read more

Droid RAZR HD gets custom recovery and Safestrap functionality

The day Droid RAZR HD and Maxx HD users have been waiting so anxiously for is finally upon us. A developer by the name of Hashcode has released what is known as a “Safestrap” application in the form of an installable .apk file, effectively allowing users to play around with the phone’s software without fear of bricking their device.

The new application gives users the ability to partition multiple sections of the handset’s internal storage in order to flash custom ROMs without affecting the firmware you use as your daily driver. Tinkerers will be excited to know that this is also the method by which you will use to flash a custom recovery, ultimately giving you complete control ofyour RAZR HD.

For more information and directions on how to perform the process, jump past the break.

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TeamWin Custom Recovery

Oh TeamWin, how we love you so. Fresh off the heels of, well, everything they do for us Android users, TeamWin has come up with something else for our flashing pleasure. Introducing twrp (TeamWin Recovery Project), hands down the most user friendly recovery of all time. No more awkward selection methods, no more boring/nerdy look (unless you want to), and several other goodies that us lazier people will immediately appreciate. More info after the break.

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HTC Evo Shift 4G has ROM Manager and ClockworkMod Recovery available

The HTC Evo Shift 4G now has support for ROM Manager and ClockworkMod Recovery, if you’re the hacking type. There were some concerns over recovery being able to backup Sprint’s WiMax keys. but that seems to have been resolved now, which was the only thing left stopping the process from installing correctly.

You’ll need to be sure your Evo Shift is rooted first, and then the easiest way to get it going is to use the ROM Manager, which you can get here as well. The ClockworkMod Recovery version for the Evo Shift is listed as version, and you can download it manually from this location, just look for “Evo Shift” in the download list.

[via XDA-Developers]

After a brief hiccup, unrEVOked returns with unrEVOked 3.21

If you follow the unrEVOked development team on Twitter, you may have noticed that they were having a few issues this past week with version 3.2 of the popular Android custom recovery and rooting software. It seems that the initial release of 3.2 was buggy on several systems, so the team had to pull the initial build from their servers and kick it into high gear to roll out a stable update.  Well, after many hours of testing, 3.2 is out, and 3.21 is here to stay. From the changelog:

  • v3.21:
  • Perform validation of the ‘misc’ partition before we start to ensure that it’s safe for us to root your phone
  • Changes timing of root process to make it more reliable (requires one extra reboot now)
  • v3.2:
  • Added support for Froyo builds on all supported devices (thanks to Sebastian Krahmer)
  • Added support for the CDMA Desire
  • Optionally disables security on supported CDMA devices

For more information about unrEVOked, and for further instructions for installing it on your device, visit their site here. ¬†(Note: altering your phone’s software can brick your phone, as well as void your warranty, so proceed with care)

[via Twitter]