Sideloading APKs on the Nokia X works just like any other Android phone


While the Nokia X ended up being about what expected, it’s still disappointing that we didn’t get a more traditional Android handset from the company. However, since it is still an Android device, there are some workarounds you can use to make the Nokia X look a little more like a stock Android device, like sideloading an APK of a custom launcher.

When asked if sideloading a custom launcher would be possible on the X, a Nokia executive clarified that any APK could be sideloaded and there were no abnormal restrictions on the device. Since the device doesn’t ship with the Google Play Store, this would be the only way to get a majority of the apps available on Android. This includes different keyboards, custom launchers, or any other applications, including Google Apps, although many Google Apps will likely rely on APIs that aren’t present on Nokia’s forked and heavily skinned version of Android. Read more

Ten Days With the TSF Launcher: A Hands On Review

Back before my experience with Ice Cream Sandwich and the amazing launchers like Apex or Nova I found a constant need for finding a perfect launcher that fit both my need for functionality and my need for it to be polished as well. You know, one that was fancy but fit my needs for daily use without lag. Well when I first saw the preview for TSF Launcher and its functionality I became quite excited as I felt this would possibly fit the bill.

Well when the launcher became live I went to the Android Market now turned Google Play Store to download it. I gawked at the $17 price tag but made the purchase thinking I would play with it for a few minutes and then return it in the 15 minute refund window. Well as I got to playing with it I decided that I’d keep it and write up a review for you guys so that you didn’t have to go in blind in purchasing this.

In order to get a good feel for the launcher and how it worked I dedicated 10 days to it because honestly I feel that you can’t get a good feel out of a launcher or an app until you’ve used it consistently for a period of time. While apps may take less time, a launcher is something you use everyday so it requires some extra attention. So here it is in all its glory; ten days with the TSF launcher, my hands on review. Read more