[Deal] Staples offering $50 discount on tablets, works today only

nexus_7_staples_deal_novemberForget about Amazon’s Nexus 7 deal for today because Staples is offering a $50 coupon on tablets that are priced at $149.99 and above. And yes, the Nexus 7 is included. You can use the coupon in stores and online. If you decide on picking up a Nexus 7 with 16GB, you’ll only have to pay $179.99. A good deal if you ask me, but it works for today only. Hit the source link to grab the coupon.

Source: Staples

[Deal] Staples offering coupon deal on 16/32GB 1st-generation Nexus 7 models


It looks like Staples wants to clear out stock of their first-generation Nexus 7’s before the mad rush for the new Nexus 7, as they’re offering a coupon deal which expires this Sunday, August 18.  By ordering online, on the phone, or at the store, you can use the coupon code to get a 1st-generation 16GB Nexus 7 for $139.90, or a 1st-generation 32GB Nexus 7 for $179.90. If you plan on taking advantage of the offer, now is the time to do it because it expires soon! Official coupons after the break.

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RetailMeNot Announces Mobile Site for Couponing On the Run

If your a fan of saving money then you may want to pay attention. The popular website, RetailmeNot, has just launched a mobile site for use on your mobile device. Now you can find top coupons from the comfort and ease of a simplified page, making shopping from your smartphone a breeze. If you have never used RetailMeNot before, I strongly suggest you check it out. I have found many coupon codes with them before that I’d never hear about elsewhere. Hit the source link below to see what I am talking about because this should be the first place you go before completing any online order. You might be surprised at what you’ll find!

Mobile RetailMeNot


Coupon: Staples $100 off Tablet Purchase, Transformer, Thrive, Galaxy Tab

Have you been drooling over a tablet you’ve been wanting for a long time. Just don’t have the cabbage to drop down on your dream device. Seem that Staples knows how you’re feeling. So they have given us a coupon for a cool $100 off any tablet purchase. You’ve got a total of 8 days to decide if you want to take this deal, as it expires on the 30th. It does exclude a couple tablets, so read the fine print.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing when attempting to purchase, is that the ASUS Transformer is out of stock online. Either way, here’s the coupon link. Give it a shot, browse Staples.com and and check out the various tablets. Alternatively, you could run down to, or call your local store, and see what they have in stock.

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Free coupon: Save $50 on any tablet at Staples until 7/16

Are you in the market to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, if you’re quick, frugal, and a loyal reader, you can snag yours for a whopping $50 off… as long as you pick yours up at Staples. The coupon also works on any desktop or laptop computer, but hey – we’re an Android site! Be sure to hit the source link to get to the printable coupon.


TalkAndroid exclusive: Free promo code for $5 off Lookout Premium

Do you love Lookout as much as we do? Of course you do, silly! Well, lucky for you (and us), Lookout has given us an exclusive promo code for $5 off an upgrade to Lookout Premium… for TalkAndroid users only. The code is only good until end-of-day 6/20/11, so make sure you get on the security gravy train as quickly as possible. The promo is to help celebrate Lookout’s new deal with Sprint, as well as their new Safe Browsing features, which help your phone from getting phished. UPDATE: We got word from Alicia at Lookout that this promo has been extended until midnight, PT on Wednesday, 6/22.

Want to know all the cool stuff you get for going premium? Be sure to check out Lookout’s page on the matter, and maybe even give them a like on Facebook or a shoutout on Twitter! Of course, if you don’t already have the app, you can download it here. Hit the break for the exclusive promo code, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Thanks Alicia!]

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Get Great Deals On Your Android Device With The Coupons App

Are you a coupon buff?  Well, if you are, we’ve got something useful and productive for you to add to your arsenal of apps on your Android smartphone.  The Coupons App for Android gives you tons of great savings at many of the favorite stores you shop at.  The app features a great widget for your home screen, local gas prices and also encompasses a bar-code scanner for price comparisons.  There’s also an option to share a coupon with someone and pass that savings along if you want as well.  Want your Twitter and Facebook friends to see it also?  No problem, you can share it with them too.  Other features include voice search for coupons, the ability to save them to your calendar and sending coupons via SMS.  Check out this great app by heading over to our apps database where you’ll find a QR Code available or hit the Android Market up for the download.  As always, don’t forget to let us know what you think of the service in the comments below.  How do you think this app stands up to Groupon?  Hit the break for more screenshots and to check out the details from the developer.   Read more

Groupon app now available for Android devices

Until a few weeks ago I never knew what Groupon was. I happened to see an ad on a website I visit offering a discount of their services if you ‘pre-purchased’ them with the Groupon. Basically it is a group buy discount offered by a merchant for sales or services they offer. When you sign up for Groupon you are presented with a new ‘offer’ each day that you can purchase before the day is over or the amount allowed to buy is reached.

Now with the Android version of Groupon you will never miss that deal on the spa you have always wanted :)

Market Link

PriceGrabber for Android now available

Who doesn’t like to save money? Who doesn’t like to scan barcodes with their Android phone? Well PriceGrabber has released an app for Android that will allow you to do both of those things:

With PriceGrabber’s Android application, consumers can:

  • Scan barcodes: Scan any product with a bar code and the PriceGrabber app will search its extensive product catalog for the best price from thousands of retailers.
  • Search, browse and compare products: Search by product name, UPC, manufacturer’s part number, most popular items and more.
  • Read product and expert reviews: Read unbiased product reviews from millions of users and experts.
  • Receive the BottomLinePrice: Calculate a product’s BottomLinePrice that includes shipping and taxes through the GPS in the mobile device or manually entering a postal code.
  • Buy: Click directly on the merchant’s Website to make a purchase.
  • Get the best deal: Find the best deal in PriceGrabber’s extensive product catalog with prices that update throughout the day.
  • Create a favorites list: Save products of interest and come back at another time.
  • Access the Gift Shaker: Receive gift suggestions based on category and price.

To download the app and leave your comments, go here: PriceGrabber for Android