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Google Play Movies now supports 21 new countries


Earlier today, Google announced on its Twitter account that it has added 21 new countries to its list of supported countries for the Google Play Movies. The complete list of new countries is shown below and together with the new additions brings the service’s availability to a total of up to 90 countries globally.

Check out the list of newly supported countries right after the break. Read more

OnePlus One to be released in 16 countries including Austria & Germany


The OnePlus One has garnered quite a lot of attentions in the past few weeks. Just two weeks left to its announcement, the company has now posted a teaser image on its official Facebook account hinting that the device will be released in Austria and Germany along with 14 other unnamed countries.

According to the image posted, the device will be released in a total of 16 countries, two of which have been already mentioned. We expect more countries to be announced before the launch and undoubtedly, China will make it to the list. The company previously hinted on the “Ask Me Anything” Reddit session that it will launch the device in the US as well and will start selling the smartphone in the second quarter of 2014 in more than 10 countries. Read more

Google gives developers localized graphics support in Play Store

Google announced today that it will be adding localized graphic support for developers in the Play Store. Basically, this allows developers to change the pictures users see depending on what part of the world they’re in, so developers can add a lot of Christmas themed stuff to countries that celebrate it but leave it alone in other parts of the world. That’s a pretty handy marketing trick. Google did also announce on its developers blog that 2/3 of revenue comes from countries that are not the US, which gives devs all the more reason to start using tricks like this.

source: Android Developers Blog