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OnePlus is releasing a mysterious “game changer” device soon

one plus game changerAlthough OnePlus is best known for their incredibly cheap smartphone, the OnePlus One, they still see themselves as a technology company, not just a phone manufacturer. With that in mind, the company has released a few teaser images about an upcoming device that’s not a smartphone, not a tablet, and not a smartwatch. OnePlus is calling it a “game changer,” though, and you can see where they’re going with that in the three pictures that were released.

The three images say “Start a new game,” “For the fun of it,” and “You’re in control.” Any guesses on how those things may tie into a game changing device? Yep, my money is on OnePlus releasing a game controller. Read more

New MOGA Power Series mobile controllers go up for pre-order

moga power pro controller

If you typically do a lot of gaming on your Android device, you know how frustrating some control schemes can be on a smaller touch screen. To remedy that, MOGA released their handheld Bluetooth game controllers for Android devices, which bring console-style controls to a portable device. As a follow-up to the original MOGA controllers, the company unveiled a new line of controllers at PAX Prime that bring a unique spin on gaming controllers for phones; namely, the ability to charge your phone while it’s cradled in the controller. Read more

Play your Android games in style; Check out this homemade PS3 controller Samsung Galaxy Nexus dock

Lets face it, gaming on an Android device (no matter how big the screen is) can be quite challenging, especially if you’re playing first-person-shooters or even games from an emulator. Wouldn’t it be a dream to use a console’s controller to play these games with, perhaps a PlayStation 3 controller? A Reddit user by the name of TheRealBigLou has done just that by creating his own homemade PS3 controller dock for his

TheRealBigLou was also kind enough to give a description of how he made this:

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PS3 Sixaxis and dualshock 3 controllers now work with your Android phone or tablet

An app called Sixaxis Controller is now in the market that lets you pair you PlayStation 3 Sixaxis or dualshock 3 controller to your Android phone or tablet. It allows you to use your controller with many of you favorite games and applications via wireless Bluetooth.

You will need to be rooted and unfortunately all devices are not supported. The app costs $1.65, but the developer has a free device compatibility checker to see if you phone or tablet is compatible before purchasing.


  • Up to four Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers supported at once
  • All 17 buttons on the controller can be mapped to any key press in Android
  • Analog sticks emulated as digital key presses

Android Market Link – Device Compatibility Checker

Android Market Link – Full Version

Sonos Android controller app available in Market

Are you a big fan of music at your parties? If so, you may have heard of Sonos, a system that allows you to play music in multiple room, different speakers, etc.. The system works over wi-fi, and now, the Sonos controller app has come to Android. The app will not only allow you to use standard controls, but also to use the handset’s volume buttons to adjust the speakers’ volumes.

What do you think of the Sonos system? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and check out the app here.

[via intomobile]

Sprint Evo 4G Modified With Wiimote For Some Nintendo Emulation Goodness

Talk about having too much time on your hands.  This Sprint Evo 4G Android enthusiast has taken it to the max with what has to be one of the craziest concoctions we’ve seen in a long time.  The Android user, Jack Malone, is responsible for what is being dubbed as the “Evotainment System”.  He managed to add to his Evo a Wii racing wheel made by Nerf, drilled it out and created  a classic looking controller.  The backing is supported by a strip of 3M dual lock.  He then somehow attached a universal GPS mount to top it off and hold the monstrous Evo.  Bluetooth capabilities make it all happen and works seamlessly with the emulator.  There you have it folks.  This is what happens when a hard core Nintendo fan answers his urge for integration with his favorite OS.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break for more pics, courtesy of the guys over at a little o’l site called Engadget.   Read more

Dell Streak gets SNES controller mod, plays Mario

What’s the biggest complaint on gaming with your Android device? Besides the occasional freeze up, it’s having a rough time using whatever controls may be available. Now, however, the Dell Streak has gotten an upgrade – of the retro kind. Hardware hackers have created an SNES controller dock for Dell’s tablet-ish device, and it looks pretty darn cool.

The secret of the SNES controller dock lies in the Streak’s ability to connect to a standard USB keyboard. Add in some hardware modding inside a controller and a USB board, and – bam! You’ve got yourself the coolest controller dock around. Hit the break to check out a video made by modder “oTheRaino”, the genius mind behind the hack, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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