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Tesco Mobile launches a Galaxy S6 to the edge of space as part of Twitter competition


Today is April 10th, and that means it’s the official launch of Samsung’s newest flagship devices; the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. You are probably expecting to see the usual flood of unboxing videos (give it time) but we have something a little different here courtesy of Tesco Mobile. The UK retailer has attached the dual-edged Galaxy S6 to a special balloon and launched it up to the edge of space in a competition to give away 2 handsets via Twitter.

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ASUS kicks off new ZenWatch competition


ASUS has just kicked off a competition, in which it’s offering designers a chance to win a ZenWatch by creating a selection of new faces for the device.

If drawing isn’t your forte and you’re not very artistic, don’t worry. There’s another way to enter the contest to win a shiny new smart watch, and that’s simply by voting for your preferred design. ASUS will also be rewarding three participants in the Fan Favorite voting round with a gleaming new unit, too.

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Google invites you to submit an app for its Fit Developer Challenge

Developer Challenge

Google has teamed up with three of the worlds top sports, fitness and technology companies, Adidas, Polar and Withings, specifically to kick off a great new competition for developers all over the globe. Starting today, and for the next thirteen weeks (up until February 17, 2015), programmers are invited to submit a newly created, coded, working application and/or showcase an updated existing app that integrates Google Fit.

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T-Mobile offers $0 down on Galaxy line, throws jab at AT&T in the process


T-Mobile really did put that graphic in their latest ad. In this “Un-leash with T-Mobile” advertisement, John Legere & Co. are offering all of Samsung’s Galaxy devices for $0 down. After saying that there are no annual contracts and upgrade hassles, T-Mobile takes out their boxing gloves by emphasizing the “best of all, no AT&T.” T-Mobile is continuing their pursuit of being the un-carrier in the United States with their new techniques. Never before has a carrier been so aggressive against their competition. Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all followed T-Mobile when they launched their Jump program in July.

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Android sales rule through the holiday period with a couple notable exceptions

New sales figures for smartphones during the holiday period, defined as the twelve weeks ending December 23, 2012, show Android continued to perform well in most markets. Research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech numbers reveal Android continued to maintain a stronghold in markets like Britain, Germany, France, Australia, much of Europe, and the urban Chinese market. Market share ranged from 50 percent up to as high as 86 percent in Spain. The exceptions to Android’s dominance were in the U.S. and Japanese markets. Read more

T-Mobile to begin selling iPhone and all other phones unsubsidized in 2013

T-Mobile has always been a strong proponent for Android. It teamed up with Google to launch the very first Android phone (the HTC G1) back in 2008 and is currently the only carrier to offer the new Nexus 4 on contract. In its smartphone line-up you could always find a plethora of strong Android based contenders, with one infamous smartphone (the one that shall not be named) interestingly absent. Well, all that is set to change in 2013. In an interview today, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere informed the press that they will begin selling Apple products in 2013, including Apple’s iPhone 5 and the rest of the gang. What’s more interesting is that T-Mobile will be selling these (and all other) devices completely unsubsidized from now on. This is a dramatic move for a carrier, and the first of its kind for one of the big four. Typically carriers sell phones at significantly reduced costs to buyers and make up the money by charging more for monthly service fees over the two-year contract. T-Mobile is bucking the system and plans to sell phones at the full retail price (phones can be as pricey as $800!) while offering a lower monthly service fee. The strange thing about this plan is that you’ll still need to sign the dotted line and commit to a two-year contract. Personally, if I were planning on buying an unsubsidized phone, I’d go with a no-contract plan like Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan (month to month).

Are any of you willing to sign a two year contract if your monthly rates are lower? Or would you just go with Straight Talk and other no-contract service providers?

Source: Gigaom

Microsoft tries to drum up trouble for Android with provocative Tweet

It’s no secret that competition between the major phone platforms (Android, IOS, and Windows Phone) is pretty stiff, with each company doing whatever it can to get a leg up on the competition. Things can get pretty ugly sometimes, with competitors trashing one another and tarnishing each other’s reputation in whatever way they can. Tonight Microsoft joined the fire-fight with a tweet from their Windows Phone twitter account. In it they are calling for their followers to send tweets telling the world about their worst malware story while using an Android phone. These tweets should also include the hashtag #DroidRage. Something tells me that the very vocal Android community won’t take this sitting down and will turn Microsoft’s provoking tweet on its head. After all…when you think of viruses and malware, you tend to think of Microsoft products. Let’s see how this unfolds. If you want to reply to the tweet yourself, check it out at the source link below.

Source: Windows Phone Twitter

Smart App Challenge offering $4 million in prizes from Samsung

Are you a developer looking for ways to expand the exposure of your app? Do you want to show what you are capable of developing? If so, you might want to check out the Samsung Smart App Challenge. The competition is a way for Samsung to find new, innovative applications for the Android ecosystem, especially those that may take advantage of capabilities found on the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab products. Samsung indicates they are especially interested in apps that make use of the S Pen on the Note. The full press release is available after the break. Read more

Senator asks DOJ and FCC to scrutinize ATT and T-Mobile merger


When a business deal this big goes down, you know that someone with some pull is going to have a problem with it. Reminds me of Ghostbusters when they started getting really big and that goofy loser Walter Peck had a problem with them and made them shut down their containment unit at the main shop….bad things happened to the city of New York!

I’m not suggesting bad things are going to happen, actually, this merger will most likely be a great thing for AT&T and T-Mobile customers, as they’ll likely see a much larger coverage map, but as the way of things, some Senator, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, has her nose out of joint over it, much like Chuck Schumer who let Steve Jobs know about the antenna issues with the iPhone…which we know led to ‘Antennagate’. Senator Klobuchar is asking the DOJ and FCC to pay close attention to this type of deal, as it could have massive effects on the mobile markets economically, and I don’t disagree with that…she’s got a point. That said though, this whole process may take anywhere from 12 -18 months to investigate, which means many many dollars will be spent in the process. Who do you think will end up paying for all those expenses in the end…

That’s politics I guess, you make a big fuss over something and people listen…but do they agree is the question. It didn’t work out so well for Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich after going for the Napster jugular.

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Opera Launches Its Own App Store, Gets Browser Kicked from GetJar

Opera Mini has been a widely-heralded browser on mobile devices since before smartphones were prevalent. It’s always had a lot of features, even back when mobile browsers…well, didn’t. Naturally, it’s gained quite a following. When you’re in the mobile business and you have a large following, what’s the logical next step? Launch an app store. And that’s exactly what Opera did.
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