Samsung publishes its latest Gear S2 commercial


Earlier this week, Samsung took to its official YouTube channel to share the latest promotional video for its second-generation Tizen-totting smartwatch, the Gear S2. In the short 30-second clip, we learn how the device’s integrated 3G connectivity can be used to keep connected with the world around us, without having to use our smartphone at all.

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Samsung takes to YouTube to share its first commercial for the Galaxy Note 5


Samsung just shared its first commercial for the Galaxy Note 5 on its official YouTube channel. The 30-second video solely focuses on the endless uses of the redesigned S Pen, which is arguably the most recognisable feature of the Note lineup. Some of these uses include navigating the operations system, cropping images, sending a text message, creating sketches and split-screening a video.

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Samsung’s new ad focuses on the Galaxy S6 Edge’s camera


The latest advertisement from Samsung is all about promoting the speed of the camera found in the Galaxy S6 Edge. In the thirty-second commercial, two women are trying to capture photographs of a dog that popped into the room. They double-press the home button to quickly launch the camera and the Galaxy S6 Edge can immediately take photos so not a single moment is missed. Both women then admire their photos taken with the phone’s 16MP camera on a crisp Quad HD display.

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Google posts new Selfie Slam Android commercial

android selfie slamGoogle has released their latest Android commercial, titled Selfie Slam. If you’ve ever wanted to see an extremely tall Android dunk a basketball over a team of other Androids while everyone (including the guy with the ball) takes a selfie, this is the commercial you’ve been waiting for.

The video cashes in on the selfie craze and uses the tagline “Be together, not the same.” I guess the point behind the video is to show how varied and versatile Android devices are, and even though they’re made by many manufacturers with all kinds of different hardware and software, everyone can take selfies in the middle of basketball games together. Read more

New Android commercials feature a bunch of Androidify characters


Four new commercials have been released by Google demonstrating Android’s seamless experience across multiple form factors. After all, the platform’s tagline is “Be together. Not the same.” The commercials are fun due to the Androidify characters present in each. The music is interesting and the characters are full of life and Android goodness. These are commercials you will definitely watch when airing on television rather than skipping over with a DVR.

Hit the break to watch the videos.

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Samsung releases 30 second commercial for the Gear S smartwatch

Gear s wrist strapsSamsung isn’t pulling any punches with marketing for their Gear S smartwatch. They’ve already posted up an “unofficial review” of the watch, and you can also check out a TV commercial that shows off how the watch will completely integrate into your lifestyle. It’s nothing flashy, but it demonstrates using the watch without having your phone on you all the time, which is really the stand-out feature here. Read more