Samsung releases Galaxy S 5 commercial showing off several device features

Galaxy S 5 commercial

Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel has released a commercial for the Galaxy S 5 showing off some of the better features of the device. It’s not the most exciting TV spot Samsung has ever done, but you’ll get a look at the quick shutter speed on the camera, the faster download speeds (which probably refers to the missing download booster feature), and the water resistance of the device, showcasing how the device is perfect for almost everyone’s lifestyle.

Marketing is arguably Samsung’s greatest talent as a company, and this commercial solidifies that. It’s likely the first of many we’ll see for the S 5 in the coming months, so keep your eyes open.

Hit the break below to watch the clip.
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Gary Busey is the star of Amazon Fire TV’s first commercial


You read that headline correct. Gary Busey is the star of Amazon Fire TV’s first commercial. Busey, who is a noted hilariously bizarre man, talks to a lamp in the commercial. Yes, a lamp. The idea is that Roku’s streaming set-top boxes cannot use voice commands and Fire TV can. Busey gets to do a voice search of himself. After being satisfied with the results, he goes into one of his trademark screaming fests.

To watch the very entertaining commercial, hit the break for the video.
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New HTC One commercials released, feature Gary Oldman


In HTC’s first commercials for the new One (M8), Gary Oldman essentially tells the world to listen to the “TalkAndroids of the world” (the Internet) and pushes customers to form their own opinions on what phone to get, rather than listen to the marketing “blabber” usually pushed out regarding new devices.

To view the newest commercials, hit the break below.

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Samsung releases new Galaxy Note 3 video, showcases holiday spirit


Samsung just released a nice video called “Galaxy Note 3 – Holiday Reflections,” which surprisingly doesn’t call out competitors, tell jokes, showcase major features of the device, or any other conventional marketing tactics Samsung normally uses.

Instead, the video shows Galaxy Note 3′s in a “winter wonderland” of sorts, reflecting familiar holiday images on their screens. The video can also be watched in full HD 3D inside YouTube if you have any 3D devices.

Hit the break to check out the video in action.

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Edward Norton goes for a wild ride in new DROID Maxx commercial


To show just how long the DROID Maxx‘s battery life is, Edward Norton stars in a new commercial in which he has a wild 48 hours with the device. The video starts with a morgue drawer dramatically shaking from the inside and Norton emerges, walking over to a locker that has his belongings. He pulls out his DROID Maxx (with 3% left) and a morgue employee walks by. Norton just tells the befuddled man “it’s been an interesting 48 hours.” After that, we see exactly how Edward Norton spent the last two days. And boy was it interesting.

Hit the break to watch the video.
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Motorola’s Moto G has its first commercial, highlights the compact device’s punch


This morning in Brazil, Motorola unveiled the Moto G. At the end of the presentation, the company gave us a look at the device’s first commercial. The layout of the spot seems to highlight the power of this compact, affordable device. Shown are the replaceable backs, Google services integration, guaranteed update to Android 4.4 KitKat (since it ships with 4.3), “all-day” battery life, a quad-core processor, and a 4.5-inch display that Motorola touts as “the sharpest in its class.” Hit the break to view the commercial.
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First Samsung Galaxy Round commercial released


The first television commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Round has officially been released. The Galaxy Round, if you remember, is the world’s first curved smartphone that will only be available in South Korea, at least at first. It’s basically a curved Galaxy Note 3 but with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED that curves at the sides. The commercial plays on the rounded nature of the phone, showing a hand holding multiple rounded objects before showing the same hand using the Galaxy Round.

Check out the TV spot after the break.

Source: SamMobile

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New Moto X “Lazy Phone” commercial showcases Touchless Control

lazy_phone 5Motorola is going hard with their new new Moto X “Lazy Phone” campaign. There’s a new, fifth ad available that shows how a competing phone could leave you stranded up a creek. The commercial showcases Moto X’s Touchless Control features. That’s all we’re going to say about the commercial, but it’s absolutely worth a watch. Check it out, embedded after the break.

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New Moto X “Lazy Phone” commercial shows off Moto Maker

moto_commercialMoto X’s most interesting feature is probably it’s extreme customizability. Motorola’s new “Lazy Phone” commercial shows off just that. Keeping with the theme of highlighting flaws of other phones, the new commercial shows how some phones are over-accessorized by their owners. “Isn’t it about time you had a phone that you could truly design yourself?” the ad asks. “With 2,000 ways to customize, Moto X matches your unique style from the beginning.”

It’s a good point in a pretty successful marketing campaign so far. You can check out the full commercial after the break.

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