Dead Zebra announces Series 04 of collectible figurines, first two make web appearance


With the holiday shopping season upon us, Dead Zebra is ready to serve up a new series of collectible figurines for the Android fan. Series 04 is similar to last year’s Series 03 as Dead Zebra has teamed up with artists like Andrew Bell, kaNO, Kronk and Scott Tolleson from last year and new artists like Kong Andri, Sergio Mancini, Fakir and Shawnimals. Dead Zebra only says the new collectibles will be available for order or purchase in the next few weeks. If you are looking for a gift for an Android fan or need to give someone an idea of what they can get you, check them out. Read more

Android bugdroid wind up toys now available for your party favor needs

I see a striking similarity between the rock band KISS and Android. KISS was always big in marketing collectibles with their name and now the Android is heading in the same direction with the bugdroid. You remember playing with wind up toys as a kid right? Well why not wind up bugdroids? Yes they are pretty cheap and I’m don’t know if you can really classify this as a collectible, but if you’re an Android fanboy, you will want to check these out. They measure 2.55-inches high by 1.25-inches wide, and they cost $6.80 on eBay for a set of three with free shipping in the U.S. Hit the source link below to get your order in.

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Android mini collectibles from Dyzplastic have landed

Look what showed up on my doorstep today! Ten of the oh-so-desirableĀ Android miniĀ collectibles from dyzplastic. Now the question is, what should we do with them? Should we just give them away? Use them as rewards for something? Auction them off to the highest bidder and get me some beer money? I like that last idea personally.

But seriously what type of contest should we have with these? Leave your suggestions in the comments