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Amazon Echo gets newsy with integration from news outlets


We all knew the Amazon Echo would be smart, but I didn’t think it would get this smart. Over time, Amazon has added integration from so many sources that the Echo is no longer a device to just ask simple questions. Now you can ask the Echo complex questions or give it commands to do something very specific. Today’s update in Echo capabilities has to do with its ability to serve up news. Amazon is adding integration from six news outlets.

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CNN brings iReport to Google Glass, allows you to be a ‘citizen journalist’


For the past few years, CNN has allowed regular people to become ‘citizen journalists’ thanks to iReport. Part of the official CNN app, iReport gives users a platform to share photos and videos that can be deemed helpful for their breaking news coverage. In fact, you could be the one breaking news. Today, CNN is expanding upon iReport by bringing it to Google Glass.

CNN is doing magnificent things by adding iReport to Google Glass. Rather than having to take out your smartphone and head over to the application, this would allow everything to be done right from your Glass. CNN says that all you need to do is authorize it to send notifications and then link an iReport profile.

Source: CNN

Flipboard adds Google+ sign-in, CNN content, snaps up Zite for future improvements


Flipboard has been busy and the results have surfaced over the past couple days as they announced their acquisition of Zite, a partnership with CNN, and even released an update to their app that adds better support for Google+ users. The purchase of Zite and the addition of CNN content to the app are likely linked to each other as Zite was formerly a part of CNN. Read more

Live TV now available from official CNN Android app


CNN has updated their Android app that now includes the ability to live stream the official CNN TV channel. The only setback is that it also requires an active cable subscription with one of CNN’s partnered cable companies. The typical clips and content provided from CNN still exist in the app, however you will now find a “watch live TV” menu that will take you to the live stream. Due to the beginning stages of this new feature, expect there to be some bugs with the feature, but also expect CNN to fix those bugs as soon as they come up. It’s also worth noting that at the time this article was written, the app update only seems to be for phones and not yet available on tablets. Click the link below or snap the QR code to be directed to the Google Play store and check out the new features.

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CNNMoney Now Available For Free In The Android Market

If you’re the type of person who likes to keep a tight reign on their money, we’ve got a little tidbit for you.  CNN just released their application, CNNMoney for Android and is now available for free of charge in the Android Market.  Get tips on stocks, breaking money alerts and other financial happenings all at your finger tips with this little personal pocket broker.  Head on over to the Android Market for the download or check out the QR code available below for an even added convenience.  And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  This ought to make you a little more productive while on the go.  Hit the break for a few more screen shots and to snag that QR code if you need it.   Read more

CNN brings its news to your Android phones

The recently released application for Android phones will bring CNN news to the mobile masses. You don’t like CNN? Don’t agree with its news reporting? Tough, it’ll be out there in the Android Market anyway incase you change your mind.. :)

This app will flood your mind by way of your eyes and ears with enormous amounts of breaking news, live videos, and CNN Radio. Check out the video after the break…

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2011: Year of the Android Explosion

CNN’s tech site has a great, and lengthy, article about why they believe this upcoming year will be the year that Android-powered smartphones REALLY take off. Android — and really, smartphones in general — have seen remarkable growth in the last 12 months, but CNN says “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

What is driving this huge explosion? A one/two punch that is made up of improving wireless infrastructure and falling hardware prices. We’ve seen the improvement of wireless carriers’ data networks as every carrier has either launched, expanded, or is planning the launch of a 4G network in the near future. As these networks continue to improve, they pave the way for the more advanced phones to do more and more with the hardware that the manufacturers are providing us.

And that is the second big factor in the upcoming explosion: cheaper hardware. At the beginning of 2010, a middle-road smartphone of the Android variety was running just under $200. But as we recently reported, several chip manufacturers are aiming for lower prices on better chips, and we’re hearing now that mid-range Android smartphones within the next 3-6 months will be dropping with suggested retail prices of $75-100, and high-end phones hitting that price point around a year from that.

CNN goes on to say that at those prices, people may opt more and more for unsubsidized phones instead of signing the two-year contracts. They theorize that this will take some of the power from the carriers, forcing them to fight for their customers. It’s a sound theory, but whether or not that pans out, lower prices on Android smartphones and more powerful networks will lead to nothing but good things for consumers. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out in the upcoming year, which is likely to be huge for Android.

[via CNN]