Sony announces the delay of the Xperia Z2 release in the U.K, launch date pushed to May

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Sony announced the Xperia Z2 back in February, and a few weeks ago, Sony halted the pre-order of the SIM-free Xperia Z2, and later said the device will still  launch on April 11 as planned.

Sony U.K has now announced that the device will be launched in May. The reason behind the delay is unknown, but previous rumors suggest that the company was facing troubles with one of its suppliers. » Read the rest

Amazon Spain and UK-based retailer, Clove, list Galaxy S 5 price

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Samsung officially unveiled its Galaxy S 5 flagship at the MWC 2014 earlier this week. The device comes with some new features such as heart sensor and fingerprint sensor and has got a slightly similar look to its predecessor.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced the price tag for the Galaxy S 5 however, if you’re living in the UK, you’ll be glad to find out that a UK-based retailer, Clove, has started taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S 5 and has priced the 16GB model at £499.99 (£599.99 after taxes) which will cost $1,000. Unfortunately, there’s no information how much the 32GB will cost.

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Clove puts LG G2 up for preorder

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Preorders are a natural part of a phone’s prerelease cycle, and they generally mean the phone’s availability is right around the corner. We’ve already seen a few carriers start accepting sign-ups for information for the device, but the first company to actually accept a preorder is Clove UK. The 16 GB model will be going for £390, or £468 including VAT. That comes out to $602.08, or $722.50 with VAT. It’s definitely not cheap, but we’ve seen higher on some of these phones.  First availability of stock is suggest to be in September, but that can obviously change as we get closer to the actual release date. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as anything else comes up.

source: Clove

Sony Smartwatch 2 UK availability pushed back until September

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Originally, Clove in the UK listed Sony’s brand new smartwatch with a July 15th availability despite Sony saying the smartwatch would be available later in the year. Now Clove has moved that July 15th date back a few weeks to September 9th, claiming the original information they received from Sony was incorrect. It’s kind of a “he said, she said” situation, but at least that gives everyone a little more time to preorder the device. And anyone on the fence about preordering one will definitely have a better look at the smartwatch at IFA, which is that same week that the device is slated to go on sale.

source: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy Mega to drop in the UK sometime in July

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Galaxy Mega

Samsung’s monster of a smartphone, the Galaxy Mega, was announced a few months ago with availability for some parts of Europe and Russia, and now we’re hearing some dates for the UK. According to Clove, the 16 GB version of the massive 6.3 inch smartphone is expected to be available sometime in July. You can put down a preorder for the device for £459.99 and get it in either white or black.

This is definitely not a device for everyone, but if you’re trying to pick up a huge smartphone on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Mega. Aside from the 6.3 inch screen, you’ll get a dual-core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz, 1.5 GB of RAM, and a 32o0 mAh battery. Anybody planning on picking one of these up?

source: Clove

via: Android Central

HTC One Launch Delayed Two Weeks in UK

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UK HTC fans are disappointed by the most recent announcement that the HTC One, scheduled to launch on March 15th, is not coming.  According to one retailer on Clove Technology’s Blog, they have it first-hand from HTC UK that the HTC One won’t be released until March 29th. That’s a two week delay for those that are counting.

It is important to keep in mind that this report comes from one lone retailer and may not hold true for all retailers. So, fingers crossed…. HTC can’t really afford to let their small following down at this point, especially with the big three breathing down their necks. HTC reached a 3 year low this year, shipping only $26.9 Billion of their projected $50-60 Billion worth of smartphones in the first two weeks of Q1.

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64GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III canceled by Clove, no planned U.K. release for now

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As the Samsung Galaxy S III has swept through the smartphone market, there have been a few potential buyers holding out for a 64GB version. Samsung announced last summer they would produce a 64GB version and an announcement from UK retailer Clove followed in August outlining their plans to carry the memory-laden device. Excitement was somewhat tempered when Clove started taking pre-orders in early November. Normally the pre-order process would be a positive development, but Clove indicated they would only move ahead with sales if enough orders were placed.

Clove has now revealed they did not receive the requisite number of pre-orders during the two-week order period and have canceled plans to offer the device. For the U.K. at least, this means there are no retailers or carriers with announced plans to carry the device. The same is true for the U.S. market. At this point only Italy still appears to be in play to see the device actually delivered to buyers.

source: Trusted Reviews

UK availability and pricing released for the Galaxy S III Mini

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Earlier today Sean Stewert wrote a breaking article on Samsung’s official details of the upcoming Galaxy S III Mini. You guessed it, it’s a miniature version of Samsung’s most beloved smartphone. Unfortunately the South Korean-based company did not talk about any upcoming release dates, but just a few hours later, it looks like the UK is almost ready for the arrival of the Mini.

UK mega-retailer Clove Technology is now taking pre-orders on the Galaxy S III Mini. For just £298.80 (VAT included), you will be able to snatch a blue or white variant, much like its big brother. This translates to around $400, packing some pretty impressive features for the price, including:

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HTC One X+ to hit Clove in the UK on October 22 for £395

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HTC made the One X+ official yesterday and promised an October release in Europe. Clove just announced that they will offer the new HTC flagship starting October 22 for £395 or £474 with VAT. To give you an idea in U.S. dollars, that comes to $630 without VAT. Certainly not cheap, but still cheaper than the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III. They are taking pre-orders now so if you want to jump in, just hit the source link.

source: clove

Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III Delayed In All Of UK

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The Samsung Galaxy S III is known to be coming in both Marble White and Pebble Blue. It has previously been rumored that the blue version would be experiencing shipping delays, but they were mostly just that… rumors. Now, we have some concrete evidence, sadly, that these rumors are proving to be true.

Vodafone UK is stating that the 16GB Marble White version will indeed be available this week, but the Pebble Blue variant (and the 32GB white variant) will appear at least two to four weeks later. Clove also states folks will have to wait until at least June 5th before a Pebble Blue phone is spotted.

UK retailer Handtec isn’t even as specific, posting this on their blog:

Update Monday 28th May 2012. We have been notified that the Pebble Blue Samsung S3 will be delayed (no date confirmed) but white models are scheduled to be released on 31st May 2012. If you have ordered a blue version and would like to change to the white – please send us an email to info(@)

O2 is reporting “out of stock”, Orange has left their product page as “coming soon”, and T-Mobile UK is still taking pre-orders with no shipping date.

Finally, Tesco has posted the following on their site:

“Please note: we have been advised by Samsung that stock of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Blue has been delayed. We will despatch your pre-order as soon as stock is available.”

Any way you look at it, it’s obvious the Pebble Blue S III is delayed. There is no official word from Samsung as to why these delays are occurring, but stay tuned as we bring you any news as it comes.

via: android central