QP Optoelectronics to bring portable workstation to Android phones via CloudView, the worlds’s first DLP ultra short throw pico projector

I am expecting pico projectors to grow in popularity over the next year. Samsung tried it with the Galaxy Beam with minimal success, but it might make a lot of sense as a standalone unit. QP Optoelectronics will be showcasing such a device at CES called the CloudView, but what’s cool about it is that it’s a short throw pico projector. This means it can give you a decent sized display at short distances. For example, the CloudView can give you a 50-inch screen at only a half meter away from the target, as opposed to conventional pico projectors that would need 2 meters to give you the same result.

Why could this short throw technology be important? They can create a portable workstation with your Android phone. By connecting an Android phone through micro-HDMI or MHL to the CloudView device, you will get a projected 30-inch display plus a projected keyboard. Hit the break for the video demo.

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