Adobe Photoshop now on Chrome OS


As Chromebooks become more popular, demand for access to programs that users are familiar with on other platforms is going to continue to grow.  Today it was announced that Adobe has decided to jump on board with Chrome OS by making their Creative Cloud, including a streaming version of Photoshop, available on Chromebooks. Although many of Adobe’s applications may be familiar to users as software that has to be downloaded and installed on a computer, the company has been pushing more features and services into the cloud. One of the benefits it appears is making the tools more platform-agnostic as seen with this latest move by Adobe.

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Dropbox for Business allows connecting personal and business files in one account

dropbox_businessDropbox for Business was introduced as a way to separate business files from personal files. The company quickly learned, however, that people want to access their personal files while at work, but IT admins still want to keep personal and professional files separate. In response, Dropbox announced today that you can now connect your personal Dropbox account to your Business account for easier access.

The new feature will allow you to view all of your files, separated into two business and personal folders, without having to switch accounts.This feature is rolling out to Dropbox for Business customers this month, so be on the lookout for it.

Source: The Dropbox Blog


Box for Android update includes new UI and widget

box_androidPopular cloud based service Box just received a big update to its Android app. There’s a brand new user interface to the home screen, which includes a sliding navigation panel on the left and refreshed icons. Now that settings are in that menu, the overflow menu button brings options like refresh and sort. A new thumbnail view also makes it easier to look for the file you’re trying to find.

The update also brings a resizable Box widget, which shows a scrollable list of file updates for your account and gives options to refresh and add new files right from the widget. You can download the updated app through the link after the break.
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Moto X customers get 50GB of Google Drive free for 2 years



After all of the excitement of the launch of the Moto X yesterday, we can now focus on the specifics. Like the fact that anyone who purchases the phone will get 50GB of free Google Drive space for 2 years. The deal is valid for any of the 5 carriers the X is available on. This additional cloud space may be a nice compromise for those who were disappointed that the phone doesn’t have a slot of external SD memory.

Source: Android Community

Samsung announces new HomeSync Lite cloud service

homesync_liteSamsung has introduced HomeSync Lite, a new software service that allows users to use their home computers as storage for all of their mobile devices. This is a great service if all of your personal devices are Samsung-made, as it eliminates the cost and need for a physical external drive. The software will install on your home PC, and provide a central location for all of your multimedia storage, absolutely free. Content on the PC will be available to stream seamlessly on each of your Samsung devices, whether it’s a phone, tablet, or smart camera.

HomeSync Lite supports up to five Samsung accounts, and six Samsung devices. As your media keeps racking up in Samsung’s cloud, you can use your own external devices to increase storage.

Source: Samsung Mobile Press

Dropbox releases new Sync API to help developers integrate service into apps


Dropbox is releasing a new API for developers that should help bring new capabilities to apps that tie into the service for file storage and sharing. The new API handles a variety of sync functions on both iOS and Android devices. Dropbox will now treat files as if they were local, managing syncing, caching, change tracking, and offline access. These functions were previously handled by app developers who had to code all of this themselves. 
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Box 2.0 for Android previewed, looks like a strong alternative to Dropbox

Ever hate having to access multiple apps just to check a document on your Dropbox? Box 2.0 hopes to solve that for you by including a document viewer that supports 75 different types of files. That’s right, you no longer have to first open Dropbox, check to see if its the latest version, then open Quickoffice all to just access your presentation you slaved over for hours.

This update brings a host of other features including automatically updating offline folders and files, a complete transfer manager as well as a completely browser-less experience. Now, the race for best cloud storage system for mobile devices just got a bit tighter. With 5 gigabytes free of space, I would strongly suggest you at least check this out if you’re in need of a more fluid cloud storage system. Hit the break for the download links.

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Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos app now available in the Play Store

It’s pretty clear that Amazon has every intention of staying competitive in the mobile space for the foreseeable future. Between new devices, applications, and cloud services, Amazon is fighting their way to the top of the OEM pile, and doing a pretty good job of it. To add more to their app/cloud repertoire, Amazon has released a Cloud Drive Photos app to access any photos you may have on Amazon Cloud drive.
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Cloud-based gaming service OnLive officially acquired by ‘newly-formed company’ with ‘substantial funding’

Yesterday, it was reported that the popular cloud-based gaming hub OnLive had allegedly laid off a majority of its staff and planned to file for bankruptcy. OnLive remained quiet for several hours after the initial rumor became widespread. When asked about the potential folding of the company, OnLive’s director of corporate communications refuted the claim by saying “we don’t respond to rumors, but of course not.”

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Amazon Upgrading its Cloud Player to Compete with iTunes Match and Google Music

Today Amazon has announced they will be pushing some serious upgrades to their popular Cloud Player music streaming platform. The intention is to make the service more competitive with Apple’s ‘iTunes Match’ and Google Music.

Starting with the addition of scan and match technology, the service will scan customers’ iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries, then match the songs on their computers to Amazon’s catalog of music, which includes a stunning 20 million tracks and rising.

All matched music will immediately be accessible via Cloud Player and upgraded for free to high-quality 256Kbps audio. This includes music customers bought from iTunes, ripped from CDs or that was bought from Amazon. Better accessibility will be a driving factor in making Amazon Cloud Player more popular. For example, any customer with an Android device, iDevice, Kindle Fire, or even a web browser will have access to all their music via the cloud. Those of you with Roku and Sonos home entertainment systems will soon have support as well.
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