[TA Deals] Store 1TB in the cloud with a lifetime subscription to SkyHub Cloud


Eventually you’re going to run out of on-device storage. Phones, tablets, and even computers are not built to store a huge amount of storage. The makers of those devices are actually starting to reduce internal storage to cut costs and push consumers to the cloud. But honestly, moving everything to the cloud is difficult because of costs. Most services have a monthly fee that is unjustifiable to pay considering the amount of cloud storage offered. That’s why you need to take a look at SkyHub Cloud’s lifetime subscription offered at Talk Android Deals. You get a whopping 1TB of cloud storage that is yours for an eternity after paying a one-time fee.

You’ll be able to safely take files with you everywhere you go.

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Google Drive plug-in distracts you from using Microsoft’s OneDrive with Office


Google wants you to make documents with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Microsoft wants you to make documents with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Then, when storing those documents or any other files, the two companies are split between Drive and OneDrive. Among the benefits of sticking with one company’s services is how everything works seamlessly. Google, however, wants Microsoft Office users to enjoy the benefits of Drive despite using a competing service.

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Amazon Cloud Drive finally gets its own app


Using Amazon’s cloud storage service has been somewhat of a hassle considering the lack of any dedicated mobile apps. Users were limited to a watered-down app that only offered access to photographs and music. Today, Amazon finally released mobile apps for Cloud Drive across multiple platforms that show users everything that they have saved online. The launch of Cloud Drive’s mobile apps comes a few weeks after Amazon launched the service’s SDK, meaning that the app should be see integration with other apps and services in the near future.

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Cloud computing growth in 2015 to be big says Xaiomi


Most smartphone users are familiar with cloud-based storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive or on other platforms, iCloud. These are joined by several other options as companies try to get in on the action, resulting in services like Verizon’s cloud storage solutions for their subscribers. Since they are not yet a big name outside of China and other Asian markets, Xaiomi’s cloud storage service is not yet well-known. However, Xiaomi is expecting growth in revenues from the services it provides to grow by 4 to 5 times for 2015 compared to the prior year. Read more

Amazon introduces unlimited Cloud Drive storage options for photos and more


Forget about internal storage on your devices because everything is heading to the cloud. There are cloud storage services available on all major platforms and even more make up the third-party offerings. It seems that offering ample cloud storage for free or at a low cost is an easy way to secure customers. Amazon, which has its Cloud Drive service, announced two plans that could be very enticing.

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Microsoft eyeing Dropbox users with 100GB of OneDrive storage offer


Companies with cloud storage services can always provide more space to retain existing users or pry others away from the competition. Right now, current Dropbox users can move over to OneDrive and receive 100GB of storage at no cost for one year. Taking advantage of this offer will require both Dropbox and Microsoft accounts. Once Microsoft verifies everything, a document for new OneDrive users will be added to Dropbox. Then Microsoft will freely add 100GB of storage to OneDrive to confirm completion.

The promotion is designated for people in the United States; however, select international users are seeing identical results.

Source: Microsoft
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Amazon Prime subscribers in Canada get unlimited cloud storage for photos


Subscribers of Amazon Prime in Canada now have another incentive to stick with the service. Aside from offering free two-day shipping on a massive amount of items, Amazon will supply unlimited cloud storage for photos. Subscribers get 5GB of Cloud Drive storage; however, photos will not have any affect on that number. Upload as many photos as you want and it will not make a dent in the 5GB of storage.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Microsoft and Dropbox team up to provide seamless integration across services

dropbox_businessMicrosoft and Dropbox have announced a pretty unlikely partnership that will allow Microsoft Office customers to integrate Dropbox into their day-to-day work. You’ll be able to keep your documents and work synced across all of your devices at work and at home, and you can make quick edits on just about any device you have. Read more