Google allowing users to make app requests for Chrome OS availability

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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At Google I/O last week, Google announced that Chromebooks would soon be able to run Android apps — which ones? Well, according to Google, that’ll be up to you.

While we can’t expect Google and developers to make all of our favorite apps available on both platforms, we can certainly ask.

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Google comes to the rescue, offers $150 in credits for Verizon / Chromebook Pixel debacle

by Robert Nazarian on
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Yesterday, it was reported that Verizon decided to kill off the 2-year offer of 100mb per month of 4G LTE that was given to many Chromebook Pixel owners. For whatever reason, they cut it off at the 1-year mark leaving owners hanging. Well leave it to Google to come to the rescue. They are offering a credit of $150 to all those who bought the Chromebook Pixel when the deal was offered.

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Google and Intel unveil over 20 new Chromebooks

by Robert Nazarian on
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Google and Intel held an event earlier today to talk about Chromebooks. As expected a slew of Chromebooks were introduced. More than 20 to be exact, and the many of them will be powered by Intel’s Bay Trail chips, which should yield 11 hours of battery life.

Manufacturers on hand included Acer, Asus, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, LG, and Toshiba. Interestingly enough Samsung wasn’t there. Earlier today, we reported about Lenovo’s new N20 and N20p, but they just announced a 64-bit version of the Yoga Chromebook. Last week, Acer teased an upcoming i3 Chromebook, and today it was revealed as the C720. Dell will also offer an i3 Chromebook 11 as well.

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Lenovo announces new N20 and N20p Chromebooks, arriving this summer starting at $279

by Justin Herrick on
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The Chromebook scene will be getting more crowded after today. Lenovo is the first company to unveil some new devices running Chrome OS. Here we have the N20 Chromebook and N20p Chromebook, the latter of which features a touch-enabled display. Both of them are 11.6-inch displays with a 1366×768 resolution.

Inside is an Intel Celeron processor based on Haswell microarchitecture. The maximum storage available will be 16GB and RAM will top out at 4GB. For these maximum specifications, though, you will obviously be paying more than the starting price.

On the sides, Lenovo gives you a ton of ports. There are two USB ports, one HDMI port, and an SD card slot. While the non-touch N20 Chromebook is your run-of-the-mill Chromebook, the N20p Chromebook’s display can be folded back to be put into Stand Mode (or Tent Mode as Lenovo calls it on PCs). The N20 Chromebook will arrive in July starting at $279 and the N20p Chromebook will carry a $329 price tag in August.

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Upcoming Acer Chromebook to feature Intel Core i3 Haswell CPU

by Robert Nazarian on
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Acer introduced the Iconia Tab 7, teased a new smartphone and wearable, but they had one more trick up their sleeve. They showed a new Chromebook that will sport an Intel Core i3 Haswell CPU. Acer is saying that it will be the “most powerful Chromebook on the market.

Details are scarce, but this new model will be based on the same chassis as the C720 line of 11.6-inch Chromebooks. They will offer 14 and 15-inch models, and the base model should be available this Summer.

source: SlashGear

Samsung Chromebook 2 gets delayed with no explanation

by Justin Herrick on
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The wait to get your hands on a Chromebook 2 just got even longer. BetaNews has received confirmation from Samsung that its upcoming Chromebook has been delayed. Originally, the Chromebook 2 was expected to be released at the end of April (later this week). Samsung did not provide a reason for the delay, but it looks like the Chromebook 2 has been pushed to May.

Right now, the Chromebook 2 is a standout device running Chrome OS. It features some of the best specifications ever seen in a Chromebook. In fact, the display is the best in class if you disregard the insanely-expensive Chromebook Pixel. The 13.3-inch display’s resolution is 1920×1080 and inside is 4GB of RAM paired with Samsung’s very own Exynos 5 processor. It is priced at $399. There is also a smaller model with an 11.6-inch display that lacks the same resolution and a processor clocked lower.

Source: BetaNews
Via: TechnoBuffalo

‘Easy Unlock’ feature for Chrome OS leaks, could unlock a Chromebook with a nearby smartphone

by Justin Herrick on
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Chromebooks keep getting better and better. They are a great alternative to a full laptop if you are already connected to all of Google’s offerings. And now it looks like Chrome OS, the backbone for a Chromebook, is getting an expanded layer of security. The people over at Android Police found a feature titled Easy Unlock in the Chrome OS development channel. Easy Unlock would unlock a user’s Chromebook and smartphone are within a reasonable range from one another.

The feature is not yet ready to be fully used; however, the reason for that could be since an official application is going to be released.

Would you use Easy Unlock as a way to easily access a Chromebook?

Source: Android Police

New study says 2.1 million Chromebooks were shipped last year, 89% in the U.S.

by Justin Herrick on


The folks at ABI Research have conducted a study involving Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS. To date, there have been about 2.1 million Chromebooks that shipped all of last year. An incredible 89% of that number was in the United States alone. The research company does forecast an astounding 11 million Chromebooks to be shipped in 2019. That is an increase of about 28%. The average selling price is $338 despite Chromebooks being priced very competitively.

In 2014, ABI Research senior practice director Jeff Orr says anything can happen due to “the EOL of Windows XP, the adoption of Chromebooks, and a stronger focus on web and cloud services.” Orr adds that the response from consumers to these changes will dictate the course of the market. With Microsoft still retooling Windows, 2014 could be a huge year for Google to give Chrome OS a massive push.

What do you think the future holds for Chromebooks?

Source: ABI Research
Via: ZDNet

Best Buy halting HP Chromebook 11 sales, others yank the device too

by Justin Herrick on
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According to The Verge, sources say Best Buy is not selling the HP Chromebook 11 for the time being due to urgent internal instructions. Best Buy managers are being told “stores should stop selling the HP Chromebook 11 effective immediately” and should “partner with Sales Support to pull the product off the sales floor to a secure location in the warehouse.” Even online, listings for the device has disappeared. And Best Buy isn’t alone. Amazon, who Google also partnered with for the sale of the HP Chromebook 11, has taken it down as well. All retailers of the device — Amazon, Best Buy, Google Play, HP — no longer have it available at this time. Why this is happening so rapidly, we’re not sure. Perhaps a defect has been found? Stay tuned for an update.

Source: The Verge