Adobe Photoshop now on Chrome OS


As Chromebooks become more popular, demand for access to programs that users are familiar with on other platforms is going to continue to grow.  Today it was announced that Adobe has decided to jump on board with Chrome OS by making their Creative Cloud, including a streaming version of Photoshop, available on Chromebooks. Although many of Adobe’s applications may be familiar to users as software that has to be downloaded and installed on a computer, the company has been pushing more features and services into the cloud. One of the benefits it appears is making the tools more platform-agnostic as seen with this latest move by Adobe.

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Toshiba Chromebook 2 available through Amazon, pricing starts at $249


In the market for a new laptop? We should mention giving a Chromebook a look. In the next several months leading up to the holiday season, there are going to be an abundance of Chrome OS devices released. The Chromebook 2, from Toshiba, is currently available through Amazon.

There are two models and both feature a 13.3-inch display. The base model’s display has a resolution of 1366×768 while upgrading raises this to 1920×1080. Regardless, you get an Intel Celeron N2840 processor. The upgraded model takes the base 2GB of RAM up to 4GB. Battery life for the base model is estimated at eleven hours and the 1080p display of the more expensive Chromebook 2 lowers it to about nine hours.

Source: Amazon [Base Model Link - $249] [Upgraded Model Link - $364]

Chromebook sales rise during 2014 back-to-school period while Windows PC sales dip


Android is arguably Google’s bread and butter, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t want their other products to succeed. We’ve seen a big push from Chromebooks recently, especially in the low end market, and during the back-to-school shopping months it looks like that push paid off for Google.

Chromebooks made up 4.5% of all PC sales during the back-to-school period, which is up from 3.3% in 2013. It still holds a small chunk of the sales compared to Apple’s nearly 27% and Microsoft’s 68%, but the future for Chromebooks looks bright when you notice that Windows laptop sales were down from 72% and have been falling for a couple of years now. 
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Samsung pulls out of laptop business, including Chromebooks, in Europe


People in Europe looking to purchase a Chromebook will be without one major manufacturer’s devices to choose from. Samsung is pulling out of the the laptop business in Europe and Chromebooks are included in the company’s definition of a laptop. They did clarify that this is strictly for Europe and other markets are not going to be affected.

With the introduction of tablets, laptop sales have taken a sizable hit. Many companies are figuring that the laptop business is just not worth staying in. Sony is a company that has left the business entirely. Its former VAIO brand is now a standalone company operating in solely Japan.

Source: TechAdvisor (PCAdvisor)

Google announces first batch of Android apps compatible with Chrome OS


In June, Google emphasized that Android is now powerful enough to operate devices in many different form factors due to its versatility. Today, the company is announcing the first batch of Android apps capable of being used on a Chrome OS device. The apps now compatible with a Chromebook (or any other Chrome OS device) are Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine.

A project called App Runtime for Chrome (Beta) makes this all possible. What is on an Android device can be seamlessly ported over to a bigger, more expansive display. In the coming months, Goole will be working with additional developers to bring their apps over to Chrome OS.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

Amazon discounts Chromebooks for back to school sale

Acer Chromebook C720 rear view half closed

Google has positioned Chromebooks as an excellent laptop to choose for educational purposes, and so far, they’ve sold fairly well. If you’ve been thinking about picking one up, you’re definitely going to want to check out Amazon’s pretty big sale on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for back to school. Some models are seeing around $20 – $40 price drops, but others, like the HP 11-inch Chromebook, have dropped about $80 down to $199.
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Microsoft planning on launching ultra-cheap laptops to compete with Chromebooks

microsoft chromebook comparison

One of Microsoft’s biggest threats has been Google’s Chromebook line. Chromebooks have been relatively cheap and functional, primarily using the Chrome web browser for “apps.” Since Google doesn’t charge high licensing fees for Chrome OS, and they’ve marketed the simplicity and virus-immunity heavily against traditional Windows laptops, Chromebooks have been steadily eating Microsoft’s laptop market share from the bottom up.
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Low-end processor support indicates that Chromebooks can get even cheaper


Thought $199 was cheap for a Chromebook? Or how about $179 for a Chromebox? Get ready, because the race to the bottom for a Chrome OS device has not even started. Found within the code for the backbone of Chrome OS is support for a low-end processor with the source being MediaTek. Low-end means that the prices would drop; however, do know that performance would also drop. Currently, there are Chromebooks out there that experience problems with multiple tabs being opened at once. That is why Intel stepped forward to support the operating system with quality processors at decent price points. That company has backed Chromebooks with its Bay Trail, Celeron, and Haswell processors.

Source: Chromium
Via: Engadget

Google Play for Education expands its availability to Chromebooks


When Google Play for Education was announced last year at Google I/O, the focus was get tablets into the classroom due to their approachability. Fast forward to this year’s Google I/O and now Google Play for Education is bringing Chromebooks into the fold. Chromebooks are already being used across the country in many school districts due to their pricing, security, and simplicity. Google received feedback from many teachers feeling that having Chromebooks could open the door to an easier way to find content. For K-12 Chromebook schools, Google Play for Eduction is now available.
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