Google is giving away three free movies to all Chromebook owners


If you’re the proud owner of a Chromebook, you may want to boot it up, head over to Play Movies & TV and check the dedicated promotions section of the application as Google is now giving away three complimentary films from a limited selection to all owners of a Chrome OS-powered device. Unfortunately, the movies are only available in Standard Definition (SD), but it’s still a pretty sweet deal nonetheless.

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Google’s Lockheimer says commitment still there for Chrome OS


Yesterday news broke indicating Google is planning to merge the Chrome OS operating system that powers Chromebooks and Chromebox devices into the Android operating system that is used on mobile devices. The move makes a lot of sense as a step to unify the operating systems and make it easier to deploy apps and features across a broader array of devices in a single step. However, for a lot of Chrome OS users, especially those in education where it has proven to be extremely popular, there is some angst that the best features of Chrome OS will be lost in the change to a single operating system. Google senior vice president Hiroshi Lockheimer has since taken to his Twitter account to let followers know the company is “very committed to Chrome OS.” Read more

ASUS Chromebook Flip review: Solid choice if size is not a big deal


I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days with an ASUS Chromebook Flip, a new entrant from ASUS to the Chromebook family with a couple interesting twists. The Chromebook Flip comes with a $249 price tag for a 2GB version and $279 for the 4GB version. Stores close to me rarely have Chromebooks actually in stock and the couple that do have tend to be low-end, bulky units that remind me of some cheap netbooks I had purchased for my kids a few years ago. The Chromebook Flip is a far cry from those units despite its small size and may be an enticing buy for consumers looking for a sleek Chromebook. Read more

[Deal] Acer 11.6″ Chromebook Laptop 2GB 16GB for only $109

Acer -11-6-Chromebook-Laptop-2GB-16GB

There are many different types of Chromebooks out there all with different features and price points. Today Amazon is having a great sale on the Acer 11.6″ Chromebook Laptop 2GB 16GB for only $109.99. They are certified refurbished from Acer and also sold directly from Acer. Anyone worried about refurbished products will be happy to know they offer a 90 warranty free of charge.

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Tegra X1 Chromebook might be happening, codenamed “Smaug”

Chromebook_GenericIf you’ve kept up with Chromebooks over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed how different manufacturers have been testing out different processors for their ultra-portable laptops. Most Chromebooks tend to use Intel’s low-power chips, but we’ve seen some experimentation from other companies, such as Samsung using their own ARM Exynos processors and Asus using Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chips. However, ARM processor usage has been pretty limited up to this point, mostly because ARM processors just haven’t completely matched up to Intel’s offerings in the performance category. Read more