“Add to home screen” banner will soon be coming to websites in Chrome for Android

google_chromeGoogle’s Chrome Android app currently has a feature that lets you create pseudo-app shortcuts to your favorite web sites right on your home screen, but it’s tucked away in the overflow menu of the app. While it’s a useful feature, it’s not used as often as it could be because of that. Google plans on fixing that by adding an “add to home screen” banner to websites in the near future, promoting the feature to users and potentially increasing traffic to those sites. Read more

DIY Chrome App Builder launches on the Chrome Web Store

chrome_browser_material_design_app_iconGoogle has launched a unique little tool on the Chrome Web Store that will allow you to quickly create apps for Chrome OS. That may sound a little simpler than it actually is, which is true; all the tool actually does is package up a web link into an easy set of files that can be uploaded as a Chrome app. You’ll still have to have some kind of web page or web app, and that takes more than a little know-how. Read more

Chrome for Android update includes pull-to-refresh gesture

chrome_41_pull_to_refresh_screenshotRefreshing a page on the Chrome for Android app has been a little inconsistent for the last few months. The original placement of the refresh button was in the address bar before moving to a choice behind the menu button. Hiding behind another button proved to be quite annoying as refreshing a page is a common action. Today’s release of v41.0.2272.92 introduced a pull-to-refresh action from any page. Simply pull down on as you would in other apps and Chrome will refresh the page.

Google also included the usual bug fixes and performance improvements with the update.

Source: Chrome Releases

How to sync Chrome tabs across your phone, tablet, and computer


Being able to take an existing tab and reopen it on another device is a beautiful thing that Chrome allows. All that is required is a Google account and devices with Chrome installed. Tabs are then able to be reopened on any phone, tablet, or computer. Chrome Tab Sync is handy in various situations that users will encounter. Whether it is because browsing abruptly stopped or viewing would be ideal on another device, Chrome Tab Sync provides users with a versatile option for moving tabs.

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Google putting Chrome on Ice Cream Sandwich in the freezer


Citing the movement of users to newer versions of Android and the increasing complexity to support older devices, Google’s Chrome team announced today they will bring development of updates for the Chrome browser on Ice Cream Sandwich to a halt. The change in status for the browser will take place with Chrome’s 42nd release after which the browser will be put in the virtual deep freeze on Ice Cream Sandwich. Users will be able to continue to use Chrome on their devices, but there will be no more updates. Read more

DOM Distiller now available for all channels of Chrome, mobile included


Document Object Model (DOM) Distiller for Chrome is now available for all channels of Chrome, including your Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet. This feature is basically “reader mode” and it modifies a webpage to bring you the meat-and-potatoes of that page’s content front-and-center.

In a Google+ post, Chrome developer Francois Beaufort talks about the new addition to Chrome, as well as how to enable it on your devices. Click after the break to read the post in its entirety.  Read more

Dinosaur from Chrome gets its own (unofficial) game for Android


When Chrome does not have access to an internet connection, a prehistoric dinosaur placed in a desert-like environment appears. And behind the message proclaiming the lack of an internet connection is a game. Press the space bar and Chrome transforms the static page into an endless running game in which the dinosaur is the playable character. Now, users can play that same mini-game by installing the new Dino Run – Dinosity game. It is an unofficial version of the mini-game for Android devices. Simple tap the display to jump over objects and tap twice to jump even higher. The game tracks high scores, too.

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