Google rolling out updates to a range of apps including Drive and Hangouts


We all know that apps, and especially from Google, take a very long time to have everyone updated to the same version. A multitude of Google’s apps are being updated in the form of a staged rollout. The apps included are Chrome Beta, Drive, Hangouts, My Tracks, and Translate.

Hit the break for a brief description of each update along with download links.
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Chrome Remote Desktop for Android gets updated with immersive mode [APK Download]


Chrome Remote Desktop for Android debuted a couple of months ago, and it just received its first update.  This update (36.9.1985.39) brings immersive mode. Other than that, you won’t find too much different. You will no longer see the toolbar at the top, but instead a small button to bring back the toolbar. As usual, this update will roll in stages, but if you are in a hurry, we have the APK download, as well as the traditional Play Store links right after the break.

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New Chrome add-on helps secure users emails


Google has just released an early version of a new Chrome add-on called End-to-End that helps secure a users email beyond what providers should already be doing. This will allow users to not have to set up complex encryption tools, and instead can just use the extension.

According to Google, users should be aware that currently the add-on is just an alpha release, and that there are likely still a few bugs in it. The officiall version won’t be released to the Chrome Store until the extension is fully tweaked and ready. Click on the source link to download the add-on for yourself.

Source: Google Security Blog

Google releases Stars Chrome extension and web interface


Google has reinvented the Chrome bookmark system, and called it Google Stars. The new system was first spotted almost a month ago, and just today it briefly went live, until it was pulled back by Google. It looks like the system is still in its testing phase, and Google hasn’t yet made any official announcements.

The new bookmark system essentially collects data about things you’re interested in and things you’ve bookmarked, and these things are then arranged by date. Users can easily organize bookmarks, or “stars” into folders for easy access, and even share the folders if they want to.

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Google bans external Chrome extension installations for Windows browser

ChromeGoogle’s been threatening it for some time now, but it’s finally happened. Windows users can no longer download and install third-party extensions that don’t come from the Web Store. Users of the stable Chrome build will now see that the browser won’t allow you to install those extensions. This probably won’t impact most people, but developers and experimenters will be disappointed to hear this news.

If you’ve already side-loaded extensions, those will automatically become disabled today. If you want to continue using these, you must download the dev-channel of the browser. This news only impacts Windows users – Mac and Linux users can curiously continue side-loading all the extensions they want.

Source: Google


“OK Google” comes to latest stable build of Chrome


“OK Google” has been a stable for Google Search for as long as I can remember. OK that’s not true, it’s fairly new, but since its birth, speaking your search queries has been a wonderful convenience. While mobile has had it for a bit, Google has been experimenting with adding this feature to its desktop counterparts in both the browser and ChromeOS variants. Those wanting to use this feature though would have to either install an extension from the Web Store or get in on Chrome test builds — something that could create a headache by exposing people to buggy test features. Well, as of today, that’s no longer an issue as Google has released the feature into the latest stable build of the Chrome web browser and ChromeOS.

Those wanting to search via their voice, schedule a reminder, or set a timer and meet the language/geographical requirements for the new feature can head to Chrome and check for the update. Enjoy!

source: Google on Google+

Chrome for Android updated with undo tab close and Chromecast support


Chrome for Android has been updated with some of the features that have been available in the beta version. The first notable feature is the ability to undo when you close a tab. It also brings full screen HTML5 videos as well as subtitles, which also means that you will be able to cast some of these videos to your Chromecast.

The build is 35.0.1916.122, and will be rolled out in stages. We have the Play Store links below, but if the update doesn’t show up for you, we have the APK download link as well.

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Chrome Web Store now has an interface for mobile devices


It may not be fully functional, but it now exists. A user of Google+ discovered that the Chrome Web Store has an interface built specifically for mobile devices. The mobile interface shows details about the app or extension along with the gallery.

Right now, everything is basic and categories do not yet exist. In fact, a homepage isn’t even there. Instead, you have to be redirected to the Chrome Web Store to see information regarding a specific app or extension. This means that Google is presumably working on making a fully working mobile site for the Chrome Web Store.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Source: +François Beaufort
Via: Google Operating System

More information about Google Stars comes to light showing new bookmarks in action

Google stars

Google Stars is Google’s answer to how boring bookmarks are in web browsers. We knew the project was coming, but thanks to Florian Kiersch, we’re finally getting a look at exactly how the service is going to look.

Kiersch uploaded a 2 minute video playing around with Google Stars, showing how it will collect and organize content from the internet. The interface pretty clearly says that it’s still in the dogfood phase, so the design could still change between now and when it’s officially released to everyone, but we can at least get a glimpse at the core functionality Google is going for. 
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Google ‘Stars’ being tested with Chrome, allows favoriting URLs and more


On the web, you generally do not want to bookmark everything you see. Bookmarking is typically reserved for sites that you frequently visit or sites that you need on-hand for a task. However, there is nothing to favorite a link and have it stored in case you want to go back to it for whatever reason. I understand that you can technically “favorite” something as a bookmark, but the function basically ends there. And that is where Google Stars would come in.
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