Chrome Remote Desktop hits invite-only beta

chrome remote desktop

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app has taken one step closer to an official release today, with an invite-only beta going live in the Play Store. Unfortunately, that means you probably won’t be able to test it out, but considering Google publicly releases a ton of products with beta tags, this might be widely available sooner than you think.

The app appears to work pretty similarly to most other remote desktop clients. You install the Chrome extension on your PC, then install the Android app from the Play Store, then sign into your Google account to start a connection. Pretty simple, for better or worse.

There’s no shortage of remote desktop apps available for Android, but a (free) Google option might convert a few users.

source: Droid Life

New Photowall experiment is nifty, collaborative photo collage for Chromecast


Google has released a nifty new Chrome Experiment app, Photowall for Chromecast, that works with the Chromecast using the Chrome browser or your Android device. Using your smartphone or from your computer, you simply connect to your Chromecast device and you are then able to add images to a new Photowall. Perhaps a little bit unique is the fact that the app can be used from several different devices so a group of people, at say a party or family get together, can all take their own photos and add them to the wall. The app handles all the updating and displays the results almost immediately on your TV thanks to the Chromecast connection.
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Google Now is a go for all Chrome desktop users


The wait is finally over. After nearly 2 months in Beta, Google Now is coming to all Chrome desktop users. This version of Google Now will show a subset of the Now cards that you see on your mobile device. It will use your device’s location, which you can edit on your Android or iOS device at any time. If you use multiple devices, you need to manage your location settings for each device independently. Location Reporting must be turned on for the devices that you want to be part of the Google Now reporting.

The rollout will take a couple of weeks, so don’t expect it to be available today unless you are one lucky soul.

source: +Google Chrome / more info

Google Docs and Sheets get official add-ons in Chrome

Google docs and sheets add ons

Google is ramping up their productivity suite by bringing add-on extensions to Google Docs and Sheets. This means users will now be able to browse different extensions for Docs and Sheets that can do things like add a built-in bibliography to a paper, or create labels within a document, all through several third-party add-ons. These add-ons are synced through your Google account, so they’re carried across all of your documents automatically.

Currently, there’s just a handful of add-ons available, but Google expects that to increase pretty quickly. Among the first few available are Avery, an extension for making and printing labels, EasyBib, an easy way to create a bibliography for your paper, and Merge, which allows users to send customized emails from Docs. They’re pretty useful and you can start playing with them right away.

source: Google Drive Blog

Close-up of a Chrome-branded device leaks, features Samsung’s faux leather


Another unexpected leak has arrived on this Saturday afternoon. What we are looking at, courtesy of @evleaks, is a Chrome-branded device that features the same faux leather back featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Along with supplying the image, @evleaks says “Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 design language marches on…” So what exactly is this unidentified device? More likely than not it is a Chromebook. It features Chrome’s logo alongside the Chrome name.
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Hands free voice search added to Google Chrome Beta


Google has added the ability to search the web with your voice in the newest release of Google Chrome Beta. Just like in Google Now, users can initiate the search by saying “Ok Google”, after which you simply say what you want to search. This feature will be rolled out to U.S. English users on Windows, Mac and Linux over the next few days.

Not only can this feature be used for search, but a number of other features will also be added. For example, you can say “Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes.”

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Google releases public beta of Google Cast extension for Chrome



Google has released a public beta of the Google Cast extension for Chrome, in order for those who are interested to get a peek at what is upcoming for the extension. The beta release will get new features before the stable release. Right now, it doesn’t seem like there’s that much new to offer, but that will surely change in the near future.

If you’re interested, you need to go to the Chrome extension link that is in the source link, and you’ll be good to go once you disable the stable release, if you have it installed.

Source: Android Police

UK retailer aiming to launch Chromecast on March 1


Folks over in the United Kingdom still do not have access to Google’s Chromecast, but according to a listing by retailer Currys, that is about to change. The UK retailer has March 1 as a potential release date. We say potential because a Google spokesperson told The Next Web that it is merely a provisional date that has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully the wait will be worth it for people in the United Kingdom as Google just opened up the Cast SDK to everyone.

Source: The Next Web

Chrome apps may soon work without the entire Chrome process running


A new report by The Next Web hints at Google working towards minimizing the API needs of Chrome web apps. This means that the web apps can be used without requiring the the whole Chrome process to run.

The Next Web discovered an experimental project called app_shell which indicates that Google is working on a minimal environment where Chrome apps can run by using only the Chrome elements that are required by the app to work. The “[App Shell] Add README” includes the following description about the project:

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