Google getting close to bringing Material Design to the desktop Chrome browser


Google’s Material Design guidelines have been around for a couple years now and have gone a long way to giving apps on Android smartphones and tablets a more consistent look and feel. The idea of a flatter landscape has slowly worked its way into things like web design as well. One place where a change has not taken place has largely been on the desktop. Although users may benefit from Material enhancements to sites they visit, the actual Chrome browser itself has not seen any significant updates to the interface to bring Material design to the desktop. That looks like it may change soon as developers have started discussions on rollout plans and recent builds of the Chrome browser even include some of the code already. Read more

Google unveils new security panel for DevTools in Chrome


In case you didn’t know, Google prioritizes websites that are the most secure by putting them closer to the top of the search results. However, it has been hard for developers to check just how safe their site is. Just yesterday, Google introduced a new security panel for DevTools built directly into Chrome. This is just what developers have been waiting for.

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PSA: Clicking this URL will crash your browser and cause your device to overheat


Whether you’re a frequent or periodic social media user, you may want to pin your ears back as we have some pretty important news for you. Recently a malicious link has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, which, when clicked, overloads the default browser on your smartphone, causing it to slow down and generate a lot of heat in the process. It goes without saying that if the bug is not dealt with promptly, your handset will continue to get hotter until it overheats and has no option other than to power down.

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Google launches Lightsaber Escape, an browser game that turns your phone into a lightsaber

lightsaber escapeGoogle’s latest Chrome experiment involves your computer, your smartphone, and a lightsaber, and it’s as cool as it sounds.

The browser-based game links your desktop (or laptop) with your smartphone, and allows you to play the game by using your phone as the hilt of a lightsaber. It’s an extremely unique way to play a game, especially one that’s based in a web browser. Read more

Google Safe Browsing comes to Android and Google Chrome in latest Play Services update

Google_ChromeGoogle Safe Browsing currently protects over a billion users on the web by blocking tons of malware, social engineering, and bloated software. It’s been available on desktop platforms for years, but now Google is bringing that extra layer of security to mobile devices, too.

Google Play Services 8.1 brings support for Safe Browsing, and the first app to support it is, of course, Google Chrome. It’s on by default, and just like on the desktop version of Chrome, if you try to visit a malware-infected site with Safe Browsing on, Chrome will block the website and prompt for your permission before going any further. Read more