Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google driving another nail in the Flash coffin


Google’s development team behind the Chrome browser has released information indicating plans to change how the browser will handle sites that include Adobe Flash content. The update, expected to rollout during the fourth quarter of this year, will move the browser one step closer to ending support for Flash. Although Adobe’s Flash platform has been key to delivering rich media via the web, it is riddled with security issues and according to Google, has been surpassed performance-wise by HTML5. Read more

Chrome Music Labs gives you sound experimenting on the web


On Wednesday, Google went live with something for people who want to explore the world of music without spending a lot of money on fancy equipment and software. Chrome Music Lab is “a set of experiments that let anyone explore how music works.” And, like the name suggests, everything is easily accessible through Chrome on phones, tablets, and computers.

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Saving webpages from Chrome for offline viewing


Ever find a page full of text but don’t have enough time to read it? Or you find a page with valuable information and want to come back when there’s no internet connection? We’ve all been there. Turns out, there’s a very easy method that can save you the trouble of having to bookmark a site or search it up again. Here’s how.

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Google getting close to bringing Material Design to the desktop Chrome browser


Google’s Material Design guidelines have been around for a couple years now and have gone a long way to giving apps on Android smartphones and tablets a more consistent look and feel. The idea of a flatter landscape has slowly worked its way into things like web design as well. One place where a change has not taken place has largely been on the desktop. Although users may benefit from Material enhancements to sites they visit, the actual Chrome browser itself has not seen any significant updates to the interface to bring Material design to the desktop. That looks like it may change soon as developers have started discussions on rollout plans and recent builds of the Chrome browser even include some of the code already. Read more

Google unveils new security panel for DevTools in Chrome


In case you didn’t know, Google prioritizes websites that are the most secure by putting them closer to the top of the search results. However, it has been hard for developers to check just how safe their site is. Just yesterday, Google introduced a new security panel for DevTools built directly into Chrome. This is just what developers have been waiting for.

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PSA: Clicking this URL will crash your browser and cause your device to overheat


Whether you’re a frequent or periodic social media user, you may want to pin your ears back as we have some pretty important news for you. Recently a malicious link has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter, which, when clicked, overloads the default browser on your smartphone, causing it to slow down and generate a lot of heat in the process. It goes without saying that if the bug is not dealt with promptly, your handset will continue to get hotter until it overheats and has no option other than to power down.

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