‘Easy Unlock’ feature for Chrome OS leaks, could unlock a Chromebook with a nearby smartphone

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Chromebooks keep getting better and better. They are a great alternative to a full laptop if you are already connected to all of Google’s offerings. And now it looks like Chrome OS, the backbone for a Chromebook, is getting an expanded layer of security. The people over at Android Police found a feature titled Easy Unlock in the Chrome OS development channel. Easy Unlock would unlock a user’s Chromebook and smartphone are within a reasonable range from one another.

The feature is not yet ready to be fully used; however, the reason for that could be since an official application is going to be released.

Would you use Easy Unlock as a way to easily access a Chromebook?

Source: Android Police

ASUS’ Chromebox can be pre-ordered for $179, ships next week

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Still waiting for the release of ASUS’ Chromebox? It is coming next week. The small Chrome OS machine is now up for pre-order at online retailers like Amazon, Newegg, and TigerDirect. Pricing starts at $179 and it will ship next week on March 14. This base price gets you Intel’s Celeron 2955U Haswell processor; however, you can upgrade to their i3 Core processor. Just remember, it may be worth the upgrade depending upon how hard you plan on working the system.

Hit any one of the source links to pre-order one.

Source: Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect

HP announces its own Chromebox, arriving this spring in the U.S.

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ASUS isn’t alone in announcing a new Chromebox this week. HP decided to unveil its own today. Available in Smoke Silver, Ocean Turquoise, Snow White and Twinkle Black, the HP Chromebox is powered by a Haswell processor just like ASUS’ offering. The HP Chromebox has HDMI, DisplayPort, Bluetooth and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

Like the ASUS Chromebox, this one has the same price — $179. HP says that it will be offering an Intel Core i7 model and it will presumably be offered in a Chromebox for Meetings package in the near future. Expect this Chromebox to arrive in the United States this spring.

Source: HP

Google announces a new $999 conference call system centered around a Chromebox

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Google is putting the new ASUS Chromebox to work right away. This Chromebox for Meetings system comes with a Logitech webcam, Jabra speakerphone, and remote with a keyboard on the back. These components are all centered around the already mentioned ASUS Chromebox. This Chromebox, however, will be powered by Intel’s Core i7 processor.

The setup will cost a whopping $999 and 24/7 support will cost $250 annually after being free for the first year. To allow the video conference call, a Google account is required to run Hangouts. While ASUS’ Chromebox is the only one available today, Dell and HP are both said to be joining within the next few months.

Source: Google Official Blog

Toshiba Chromebook now available for $299, some retailers for $279

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The latest Chrome OS laptop to go on sale is the Toshiba Chromebook. Announced back in September, it is available through Toshiba’s online store or through some retailers including Amazon. If you choose to go with Toshiba’s online store, this Chromebook will set you back $299.99; however, Amazon is carrying it for $279.99. Inside is Intel’s Celeron Processor 2955U (Haswell). There are two USB 3.0 ports and one HDMI port. On the device’s page, Toshiba claims you can get up to nine hours of battery life. Not too bad, right?

Hit the source link if you are interested in picking one up. Remember, Amazon is selling it for $20 less!

Source: Toshiba, Amazon

Asus announces a new Haswell Chromebox

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AsusChromeboxTopAsus announced this morning a new Chromebox with a few more ponies under the hood. Just a five months after Google announced that new Chromebooks would feature Haswell processors, the new Chromebox will house either an i3-4010U or Celeron 2955U Haswell processor also. There is an i7 variant but, sadly, that’s not going to be available in the US. The Chromebox will have options for 2GB or 4GB of RAM and will come with integrated Intel HD graphics. The standard 16GB SSD with 100GB Google Drive storage is onboard. It will come with both ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n dual-band WiFi, four USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and an SD card reader.There is both an HDMI and Display Port.

The Chromebox will come with a VESA display mount. There is also a wireless keyboard and mouse option for an extra price. As far as what to expect, the device functions just like previous generation Chromeboxs and Chromebooks. It will boost up almost instantaneously, and will feature the cloud-based services that the Chrome OS is famous for. The boxes will start shipping in March and will be available starting at $179.

source: PC World


Chrome OS camera gets update to interface, framework for more features

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Google has started the process of rolling out an update to the Camera app that is included in ChromeOS. The updated app features a new user interface that puts more emphasis on the content, which in the case of a Chromebook is probably the user. While that is nice, most users will probably be more interested in the features that are described as “in the pipeline:”

  • video recording
  • the ability to upload to YouTube and Google+
  • Syncing of pictures across Chrome devices

Unfortunately, no timeline for the availability of these new features was provided. The new version of the Camera app is being rolled out to users in the typical Google phase fashion. However, users impatient for the update can head over to the Chrome web store to grab the update.

sources: +François Beaufort, Chrome Web Store

LG to begin working on Chrome OS projects, files for ‘ChromeOne,’ ‘ChromeDesk,’ and ‘ChromeStation’ trademarks

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Google Chrome OS

A lot of tech manufacturing giants see some potential in the Chrome OS brand— LG has been tied solely to Android on the Google front thus far, but new trademark filings suggest the company may be working on some Chrome OS projects in the future.

The company has filed trademarks for “ChromeOne,” “ChromeDesk,” and “ChromeStation.” Could we see three new pieces of hardware running the OS?

It’s not that far-fetched, as LG has been working with Google for quite a while now— they made the Nexus 4, and are the manufacturers for the upcoming Nexus 5. They’ll look to add to the competition in the market for Chrome OS devices with HP, Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo.

Source:  Engadget

HP announces Chromebook 11, includes Pixel-like design and IPS display

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Chromebook 11

Although Chromebooks haven’t taken off quite as much as Google would have liked them too, they still certainly offer a low-cost alternative to a high-end notebook.

Today, HP announced the Chromebook 11, which will feature an IPS-display and gorgeous design, all for $279.

The notebook will be the first Chromebook with an IPS display, and will also have the Chromebook Pixel’s multicolored light-bar on the lid. It will come in either white or black plastic, with an accent color of either blue, red, yellow, or green.

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