Updated: Samsung allegedly paid 500 fake fans to attend the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launch in China

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (47)

When Samsung launches a new flagship smartphone you would naturally think that there will be more than a few people that are willing to stand around and ogle the handset, wouldn’t you? Especially when the handsets in question are the stylish Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Apparently not so in China, where Samsung is alleged to have paid people to pose as fans and celebrate the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship devices.

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HTC will release the Hima Ultra exclusively for Chinese markets with the launch of the M9

htc_one_m9_sprint_dark_gunmetal_greyIf you weren’t entirely impressed with HTC’s M9 today, there’s always a chance that the bigger sized version of the device will change things up a bit. According to @upleaks, HTC will announce the Hima Ultra at a Chinese press conference later this year when they announce the M9 for that particular market. Unfortunately, that means the supposedly bigger sized version of the device will be exclusive to Chinese markets, at least at first.

There isn’t much info on what the Hima Ultra will be, but it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll stick to the same mold HTC is using for the new HTC One. We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces.
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