Samsung Pay rumoured to launch in China, Spain, and the UK in early 2016


Samsung Pay launched in South Korea and the US earlier this year, and it’s been going great guns, already notching up more than 1 million users in Samsung’s home market. Besides the possibility of becoming available for more brands in the future, it seems that Samsung has its eyes on expanding its mobile payments system to other regions as well. Read more

Google ready to jump back into China’s mobile market against stiff competition

motorola_moto_x_play_google_play_TAGoogle stepped out of the Chinese mobile market years ago, and since 2010 China has seen a ton of growth for many other manufacturers which puts Google in a sticky situation and six years behind some of its competition. However, the Chinese market is too big to ignore and we’ll likely see Google push its mobile app store back into the country sooner rather than later.

A mobile analytics firm measured how much of the market some of China’s most popular app stores currently hold, and Google’s own Play Store sits at number 10 with barely 3.5% penetration rate. Compare that to Tencent’s 18% penetration rate for its own app store, and even rates from competitors like Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi, and Google would have a long road ahead to get things back in full swing. Read more

Larry Page will no longer have any say over Google’s operations in China, leaves decisions up to Sundar Pichai

Google_Larry_Page_StatementSince Google split off as a subsidiary of Alphabet, Larry Page took over as CEO of Alphabet and handed the reigns of Google to Sundar Pichai. This means that while Page is still technically higher up the ladder than Pichai, he’s not making any decisions about Google’s business moves going forward, especially over how the company is handling their operations in China. Read more

ZTE Axon chosen as Chinese President’s gift to UK officials


The rise of China as a major market for smartphone manufacturers is well-known and is helping lead to a shift to Chinese manufacturers rising to the top of the hill when it comes to market share on a global basis. Despite the huge market opportunity in China, manufacturers still want to expand into other global markets, including mature markets like the U.S. or several European markets like the U.K. Chinese manufacturer ZTE will get a boost in their efforts based on a move by Chinese president Xi Jinping who is planning to promote Chines products during visits with British officials by gifting them with ZTE Axon smartphones. Read more

Lenovo’s Vibe P1 and P1m handsets to launch in India on October 21st with huge batteries in tow


Some manufacturers follow the strategy of slimming down the handset’s battery to make the device as thin as possible, often, seemingly, to the detriment of the user experience. Lenovo is bucking that trend, though, with its Vibe P1 and Vibe P1m handsets sporting batteries with capacities of 5,000mAh and 4,000mAh respectively. According to a media invite sent out earlier, Lenovo is launching both handsets in India on October 21st.

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Chinese officials open investigation into Xiaomi’s use of the word “best” in ads


A new report out of China says the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has opened an investigation into whether Xiaomi illegally used the term “best” in advertising on its web site in violation of a new advertising law. The new law went into effect on September 1st and includes prohibitions on all sorts of advertising activity, including the use of superlatives like the word “best” in advertisements. Companies that are found to be in violation may face penalties starting at $31,000 USD. Read more