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Mobile check-in and keyless entry for Android introduced to Hotel Tonight


A few new features have been announced by Hotel Tonight, and added to their app. These features allow for mobile check-in and keyless entry for users of Android devices. Hotel Tonight is a popular travel app that is used for last minute travel.

Express check-in allows users to essentially bypass checking in to their hotel like they normally would, and check-in through two taps on the app. Users are notified when their room is ready, and can then pick up their keys and go to their room. Keyless entry is done through a mobile devices NFC capabilities, and all users have to do is hold their device up to the lock for a few seconds. Hit the break for the Play Store download link as well as a gallery!

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GetGlue for Android now supports real-time TV conversations

GetGlue is everyone’s favorite check-in service for TV shows, Movies, and sports games so wouldn’t it be nice to carry on real-time conversations as well? GetGlue just added the feature, so whether you are watching sports, a reality show, or any other favorite show, you will become part of the real-time conversation. You will see friends who also checked-in and comments from other fans. GetGlue even filters the noise so only interesting comments show.

Along with real-time conversations, they have redesigned the user experience to be more chat-like. You will find a new home screen that is basically a menu that helps you get to where you want quickly, and the check-in flow is now streamlined as it now takes one less screen to check-in.

If you don’t already have GetGlue you have to give it a try. Download links below.

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White Pages launches Localicious only on Android, First to offer Foursquare pre check-in service

White Pages just launched Localicious, which is similar to Yelp and Where in which it will give you suggestions for spots around you. What makes Localicious different is that is doesn’t just use the “current location” which solely relies on longitude and latitude mapping coordinates without considering neighborhoods or towns. They are calling it hyper-local searching.

It will rank nearby restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and 23 other categories by looking at tips, check-in counts, and real-time updates from check-in services like foursquare. There are 25 categories in all. Localicious makes it easy for peole to explore any city and get real-time geo-targeted foursquare tips, trends, and reviews for over 21 million businesses. Not only that, you will have access to the address, phone number, maps, driving directions, business descriptions, websites, and hours of operation.

More importantly, Localicious gives the ability for foursquare users to pre-set their check-in times within the search experience. When you arrive at your destination, you will be automatically checked-in.  You no longer have to worry about forgetting to check-in and you can spend quality time with your friends instead of fumbling with your device during dinner or drinks.

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Foursquare brings “Beyond Check-In” notifications to Android first

Most developers, like Foursquare, have given major updates to iOS before Android. With Android leading the market share, one has to wonder how long that will keep up.

Foursquare just changed things up a bit. They recently added “beyond check-in” notifications, but only to the Android version (and web). We already had push notifications for check-ins so this focuses on other activities like comments on check-ins and photos, alerts when friends sign up, alerts about tips, alerts when you’re ousted as mayor, etc.

“People in the Android-iverse, you’re first to play with this; download today’s update to get started. For the rest of you, head over to to see what it’s all about (just click on ‘notifications’).”

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Google Maps update brings location history dashboard and home check-ins

Google Maps 5.3 for Android is now available. With this update you will be able to see your Google Location History dashboard. Up until now, you could only see your location history on your computer. To view it on your phone, tap “view your location history” from your Latitude profile. Location History must be enabled and it can be done from your computer or from your phone. As always, Location History is completely private.

You can now check in at “home.” This is ideal for when you have returned home safely from a long road trip. One thing to keep in mind is if you set your home address, it will be visible to the people you share it with.

In addition, when you are using Google Places with Hotpot, you can now leave feedback on a specific aspect or characteristic of a place, such as food or ambiance. If you think a place has a great view or service, you can add it quickly and share it with the world.

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Untappd Adds Ratings in Beer Check-in Web Application

As most people know, it seems like there’s  a social network and club for everything these days, so why not for those who enjoy the occasional brewski as well?  That’s right, a social network for beer drinkers.  I would have loved to have been the fly on the wall when this idea was birthed.  I’m sure it was over a couple of…..beers.  As most of our drinking pals by now know, the popular Untappd web application (now optimized for Android) recently added a new feature to its beer check-in service.  Untappd now allows you to rate your favorite beers on a scale of one to five bottle caps.  Of course, you also have the option to change that rating as you see fit.  Hit the break for more info and pics.   Read more

Google Maps Gets Updated To 5.2.0, Available For Download In The Market

Google Maps recently received an update adding multiple new social features for the popular mobile mapping service.  The update included some minor performance enhancements along with the ability to post ratings for places directly to your personal Twitter account.  In addition you will be able to “ping” friends to request check-ins.  Per the Google Mobile Blog, both parties utilizing the mapping service must be on version 5.2 to benefit from this.  Let us know what you think of the new functionality in the comments below.  Head on over to our apps database for the download.

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Loopt for Android: Mini Review

Loopt for Android

So you need to know where your best buddy is that you haven’t seen since you both graduated college last year, and you happen to be in town. Or, you want to see where your stalker ex-girlfriend is, who’s still in your facebook places, so you can avoid her like a plaid suit at a wedding. What can you do?

Get Loopt! (And I don’t mean loaded)

Users of Loopt will be happy to see that the developers of Loopt have built Facebook Places integration, so your Loopt and Facebook friends will appear as plots on the Loopt map.

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