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Could an LG phone powered by the Snapdragon 800 be announced by Qualcomm at CES?

Snapdragon 800 SoC

To bring a little excitement prior to CES, Qualcomm took to its Twitter account to post a small teaser of a ‘mysterious’ phone that will be powered by their Snapdragon 800 processor. This new device will debut during CES and while the brand of the phone hasn’t been released, all indications point towards it being from LG (most likely the rumored LG Flex 2). Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 powered by Verizon’s LTE service hits the FCC

Samsung 2014 Note Pro

Samsung made a pretty big deal of its upcoming Galaxy TabPROs and NotePRO tablets at CES this week, but that’s no reason to ignore the LTE-powered Galaxy Note 10.1 which should be released in just a few months.

The tablet passed through the halls of the FCC this week and all signs are pointing to a release on Verizon in the US.

The LTE edition of Samsung’s hit tablet has LTE bands 4 and 13 (which are used by Verizon). The Wi-Fi version is currently being sold by Samsung for $599.99— expect the LTE variant to come with a pretty hefty price tag.

Source: FCC

Sony looks ahead to 2014 with successor to Xperia Z1, smartwatches


Sony posted a New Year’s message on its blog today— the general theme of the post included looking ahead to the future, but also looking back at all of the company’s accomplishments from the past year.

In terms of what’s coming down the pike, Sony plans to keep its “Omni-Balance” design as a major part of all of its devices— this scheme involves symmetry of parts, flat front and back panels, and a stylized outer trim.

The company also plans to keep the Xperia Z1 as its main flagship heading into 2014— the device has yet to land in the U.S., but a Z1 sequel could be unveiled at CES next week, so you’ll want to stay tuned for more information. (A miniature Z1 could also be released, but we’ll have to wait and see.)

Wearables seem to be in Sony’s plans for 2014 as well. A successor to the SmartWatch 2 is sure to come, possibly with an entirely new form factor and brand new features.

Source: Sony Blog

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro specs and features leaked, coming at CES 2014



The upcoming Galaxy Note Pro was reportedly demoed in South Korea a few days ago, and we have specs and features to report. According to ZDNet Korea, the 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro will be released in the first quarter of next year, at CES 2014. The tablet is said to have a 2560 x 1600 resolution LCD display, 2.4GHz processor, 3GB of RAM, 9500mAh battery and Android 4.4 KitKat.

An 9500mAH battery would mean that the Galaxy Note Pro will have the largest battery of any Samsung device to this point. In addition, the device will weigh 1.7 pounds, and measure 11.6 x 8.0 inches and 14.1-inch diagonally. The thickness is still a mystery.

Source: ZDNet Korea
Via: Android Authority


Sony testing a “BT Wrist Notifier,” passes through FCC— CES 2014 announcement?


Sony’s SmartWatch wasn’t all that revolutionary, but it certainly was a huge step in the right direction. We’re a while away from getting the perfect smartwatch, but it looks like we won’t have to wait all that long before taking another step forward.

FCC documents show that Sony is currently testing a “BT Wrist Notifier,” known as SWR10. There aren’t any details besides the fact that the device will use both NFC and Bluetooth.

It won’t be long before an announcement— CES, anyone?

Source: FCC


Samsung may unveil a 10.5-inch tablet at CES next month, could it be the new Nexus 10?


According to ETNews, Samsung will be unveiling a new tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show next month. There, it is believed that a 10.5-inch tablet will make its debut. The interesting part of the report is that the unnamed tablet has not yet been identified with one of Samsung’s brands. It does not carry the Tab or Note name. This could simply be a piece of information missing or it could mean that it does belong to Google’s Nexus brand and that this would in face be the Nexus 10.

Do I think that this is the Nexus 10? Right now, I am not going to buy into that. After all, there was a botched leak that the LG V510 was the Nexus 10, but that wound up being the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition. This could mean that a new version of the 10-inch tablet is not being produced. And I really don’t think CES is the place that Google would like to unveil a new Nexus 10.

Source: ETNews (Korean)
Via: International Business Times

Meizu targeting 2014 U.S. launch, will showcase devices at CES next month


In a very brief press release issued this afternoon, Chinese manufacturer Meizu announced that they are targeting their United States launch to be next year. In doing so, they will preview a new line of smartphones at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas.

Why is Meizu entering the United States? Because they feel they can bring together elegance, functionality, and price in a smartphone. For now, we do not know what carriers Meizu plans on working with. We’ll be there to get a hands on experience with whatever Meizu has up its sleeve. Read more