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ASUS Says the Nexus 7 was Conceived at CES and Released Four Months Later

I used to have this belief that it took months upon months to come up with an idea, create it, and mass produce it, that was until today. You may have remembered a certain tablet by ASUS called the MeMo 370T that disappeared as quickly as it came at this year’s CES. Six months later, Google announces the Nexus 7 at the Google I/O Developer Conference with an official model number of ME370T. How we got to this point? Usually these matters are kept under wraps and not spoken of too much, that was until now. Read more

Sony Xperia S Arriving This Month

The Xperia S is a sleek and stylish phone. Given that it’s the first handset from Sony after they bought out Ericsson from Sony Ericsson they are coming in with a bang. Quite anticipated after its announcement at CES this year users from the UK will be happy to know that the Xperia S is scheduled to drop January 30th even though it was expected March 5th. Given that Samsung dropped the bomb about their Galaxy SII HD not coming to the UK it is certainly good news to see another gorgeous phone coming to the UK.

You can pre-order the device at for £450 which is the cheapest you can get your hands on the device right now. Both Clove and Ebuyer will let you pre-order device as well. Most of the major UK carriers will offer the phone at cheaper per contract prices. So expect this device soon and if you’re wanting this phone and are having a hard time waiting, check out the hands-on video from CES. Hopefully it’s enough to tide you over.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Will Be in Canada “Mid-February”

The Galaxy Note was recently announced at CES as coming to AT&T. Well it appears that it will becoming to Canadian carriers as well. According to the Samsung web site it is set to hit “mid-February”. We aren’t 100% sure on the exact day but some careful digging suggests that it will be Thursday February 23rd. There isn’t any detail as what the pricing will be, but it’s for sure that TELUS will be one of the carriers adding this LTE device to their Android line up. I am sure Rogers and Bell will get their hands on this device and as well and we can probably expect an announcement for its availability soon. It appears that the Galaxy Note’s popularity is starting to drift its way over here from overseas as Verizon and Sprint may see their own as well. With that said, look for this device to hit more networks in the coming months and if your curious about this giant device you can check out our hands on with the device. Enjoy!


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2012 Is the Year for Better Battery Life, At Least At Samsung

All those fancy features in your 4G LTE phone are amazing. A dual-core, soon to be quad-core processor, with 8+ MP cameras, huge HD displays with the added speed of 4G LTE in a tiny frame is something sought after in today’s phone market. However, having these state of the art parts in our handheld device comes with a high price; dismal battery life. Well it appears that some folks are starting to catch on that this is an issue and they are making strides to combat this. Motorola for instance is releasing the RAZR MAXX, the first smartphone to boast a 21-hr talk time with a 3300mAh battery.  Read more

My favorite tech from CES 2012 is Liquipel

Water, the precursor for all life on Earth and yet, incidentally,  looming doom for the gadgets we can’t live without.

It really doesn’t even make sense when you figure Earth is 70% covered by water. So why aren’t are gadgets water proof already, or at the very least safe from sweat and rain. Alright so there are a few of those devices, but realistically every electronic device should be impervious to water. Up until recently the best way to accomplish this feat has been to take rigorous measures to seal the device, but seals wear and impair wireless usability. There’s got to be a better way. Enter Liquipel.

Liquipel repels water at the molecular level. Now we’re talking! The process entails placing your device in a vacuum chamber then subsequently pumping it full of Liquipel formula as a vapor, allowing it to permeate all aspects of the device. After which the vapor is molecularly binded to your device’s materials and what you’re left with is a device not unlike any other of the same type, to the naked eye. The Liquipel treatment is only visible under a microscope.

Trust me, as cool as that sounds, its even more fascinating on video. Take a look at this.  Read more

CES 2012 Breaks All Prior Records

This year was my first year in attending CES and what an event it was. According to CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) 2012 was the biggest CES event to date, bringing in more than 153,000 attendees which included 34,000 people from overseas. Talk about BIG! The show floor(s) consisted of 1.861 million net square feet of exhibit space which was filled with more than 3,100 exhibitors who all wanted to show you what great things they have in store for 2012. While it was my job to focus solely on Android, I found it difficult to pass by all the other great technology advancements that were on display at this years show. From amazing TV’s to 20MP pocketable cameras, I was a kid in a candy store.

Among the thousands of people in attendance to this year’s CES, more than just techies and journalists made the trip. Many government leaders from the US and other countries were present, as well as some well known Hollywood stars including Eliza Dushku, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Ludacris, 50 Cent,, Wayne Brady, Jillian Michaels, LL Cool J, Ryan Seacrest, Will Smith and Kelly Clarkson.

All in all, after returning home from a grueling work filled week in Vegas, I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. Not only did I get to see awesome gadgets and meet some really influential people, we were able to complete a couple months worth of work in a matter of 4 days. In an effort to keep you guys, our readers, up to date, it behooves us to attend events like these and we will continue to do so whenever possible. After all, you are the reason why this team works so hard and we appreciate having you around and hope you enjoyed all the cool videos and write-ups we gave you throughout the week of CES 2012. :-D

Jump past the break to read the full CES stats press report.

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Hands on with the ViewSonic ViewPad 10e [Video]

Our own Joe Sirianni visited the ViewSonic booth and was able to put his hands on the ViewPad 10e. This is far from a game changer, but it’s priced right for the budget minded. If you’re looking for something basic, and not interested in playing high end games or doing some serious multitasking, this could be the tab for you. It features a 9.7-inch (1024 x 768) IPS LCD display, 1 GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 1.3MP front camera, 4GB of internal storage (additional 32GB available with microSD), WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, and Android 2.3. Other than the specs, the other negative is that you won’t find the Android Market on it, so you will have to use the Amazon App Store for downloading apps.

On the plus side, it’s fairly thin at 9.14mm and there is the promise of an Ice Cream Sandwich update. As Joe noted, it seems strange that they would release a tablet with Gingerbread, and not Honeycomb. It will be interesting to see if they actually are able to come through with the ICS update. As I mentioned, this isn’t cutting edge, but the price is $279.

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Hands On With the Lenovo Smartphone K2

As I said before one of the first announcements at CES was the S2 smartphone by Lenovo. As it was before the official announcement I wasn’t sure of the name but it appears that the S2 is the K2 and if you don’t remember, it has the following specs:

  • 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 dual-core processor
  • Lenovo Magic 3.0 UI (Gingerbread, surprising it’s not ICS)
  • 3.8-inch 800×480 TFT display
  • 8MP camera and .3MP VGA front facing camera
  • 512MB RAM for devices with 8GB internal storage
  • 1GB RAM for devices with 16GB internal storage
  • Micro USB port
  • HDMI and MHL Connectivity
  • 1500mAh battery Read more

Archos Shows Off Their Android Based Home Connect Alarm Clock and Internet Radio Device

While checking out the Archos booth at CES 2012 we were hoping to get a hold of some new tablets and smartphones for the year, but instead they weren’t really showing much at the event.  While we did see some devices from the G9 series, they were old news other than the fact they were confirmed to receive ICS at some point.  However, we did manage to come across this little guy dubbed the Archos Home Connect.  The Home Connect is a little Android based alarm clock that offers several little tidbits to accompany you on the bedside both for night and day.  The small set offers a touch screen with access to all of your familiar applications like email, social media and heck, even Angry Birds. Other apps can be side loaded as well.  The device is running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and offers a few cool features in the clock management dept.  There’s obviously an alarm clock which you can set virtually an unlimited amount of alarms for.  There’s a tune in radio offering 50 thousand popular web stations, live traffic, weather and even a dimmer so you’re not blinded when you peek over at the time in the middle of the night.

There’s a music player on board so you can rock your tunes via an sd card slot in the back up to 32 GB’s and the speakers sound pretty decent for a little guy.  It does offer a unique design as far as body style goes and my guess is that you’ll either love it or hate it.  There’s a micro usb port on the back and it comes with 4 gigs of internal space.  Battery life is touted at around 10 hours or so.  Obviously, the device operates over wifi and to top it all off it can be used as a web cam.  The device will go in the US for around $149.  Check out the quick hands-on demo below and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  If you’ve happened to miss any of our other CES 2012 coverage be sure to check our link out here where there’s more where this came from.

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Motorola Web Site Says RAZR MAXX Available January 26th

You know that new DROID RAZR phone that boasts the 3300 mAh battery with the darn near 24 hours of talk time? I’m talking about the DROID RAZR MAXX announced at CES this year. Well what we didn’t know was when this beast of a device would be released. Now we do. According to the Motorola web site the device will be available from Verizon on January 26th. If you are interested in this device check out our hands on with the device here. This device should help those battery conscious folk rest a bit easier and it will be in your hands in less than two weeks. Will you be one of the first ones to get this device? Sound off in the comment section below.

[via Motorola]