Rogers Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing Leaked!


Sorry about the picture quality here, so I’ll sum it up for everyone. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to Rogers Wireless and Bell Canada very soon (I suspect after Nov 11th 2010), and although no official pricing has been announced, a tipster was able to send this to MobileSyrup.

Here is the pricing listed, which may be subject to change prior to launch;

  • $674.99 No Contract
  • $599.99 with 1-year
  • $564.99 with 2-year
  • $539.99 with 3-year

We’ll let you know when an official date is set!

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Nexus One Sells Out in 24 hours at Moblicity Launch

Moblicity Sells Out of Nexus One

Moblicity has already sold out of the Google Nexus One after listing it for sale 24 hours ago. Moblicity now shows that the Nexus One is “Sold Out”, therefore asking desperate ones to “Check Back Soon For Availability”. We’re sure however that they’ll be restocking shortly due to the extremely high demand.

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HTC Desire Z launching Nov 3rd on Bell Mobility

To my Canadian friends, we now have a date ease your anxiety if you were eagerly awaiting the launch of the HTC Desire Z (also known as the G2 on T-Mobile state-side).  Bell Canada will have this hot slider available on November 3rd – just two weeks from tomorrow!

The HTC Desire Z will be the first phone to run on Bell’s HSPA+ network, allowing speeds up to 14.4 Mbps and will also have access to HTC Sense 2.0. Another interesting tidbit is that since Bell Canada runs on the same 3G bands as AT&T (850/1900 UMTS/HSPA), there’s a good chance it will work on their network as well, although probably at regular 3G speeds.

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HTC Desire Z headed to Bell Canada

Bell Canada, one of the top wireless providers up north, is getting a new phone: the HTC Desire Z. Known on T-Mobile USA as the HTC G2, we can assume the device will come to Bell Canada with all the same specs, which include:

  • Android 2.2
  • 800MHz Qualcomm processor
  • 4GB ROM memory
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3.7″ capacitive touchscreen
  • 5MP flash camera

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Rogers launching Samsung Galaxy Captivate next week

Rogers Samsung Galaxy Captivate

Rogers Wireless has announced that they plan on releasing the Samsung Galaxy Captivate next week! This was postponed from the original release to take place in September 2010 due to a manufacturing delay.

You can now pre-order the Galaxy Captivate here directly from Rogers. The device will be $149.99CAN with a 3 year contract, and likely $499CAN without a term.

You’ll be able to check online for your device upgrade eligibility if you are an existing customer at the launch next week as well. For more details, you can visit Rogers microsite here.

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Durable, push to talk Motorola i1 headed to Telus

Beep : Where you at? Canada is getting some push to talk Android love in the form of the rugged Motorola i1, which is headed to Telus.

This Android 2.1 device features a 3.1″ HVGA touchscreen, 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Telus is offering this bad boy for $149.99 with a 3-year contract, but it does not appear to be available in the online Telus store just yet.

So, if you’re interested in picking up the i1 now, you may want to head down (or perhaps call first) to your local brick and mortar.

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Rogers Testing 4G LTE in Canada!

Rogers Wireless 4G testing in Ottawa

Being north of the border can sometimes be a blessing and a curse for most Canadians. With regards to technology, it’s mostly a curse. We find ourselves having to wait on a handful of companies to bring the best technology to us, which usually ends up being a monumental task, and costly adventure given our vast real estate to cover, much smaller population, and stricter Government policies.

Rogers Wireless is one of the major players in Canada wide mobile technology, and thankfully, they’ve began testing with 4G in Ottawa, Ontario. Rogers Communications Inc also stated that they have already been working on Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology and will soon expand this across the nation.

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ScoreMobile for Android lets you keep track of your favorite teams

Well, it’s NFL Sunday, and I don’t know about you all, but I like…no, I need to keep on top of the latest happenings while the games are on.

Aside from having a 6 x 40″ screen setup in our living rooms to keep all the games on at once, we can use our trusty Android apps to keep us informed on the latest injury report, touchdown, field goal and coach sideline meltdown. To add to that, I like to keep current, not have to wait on a 15 minute refresh for data.

This review is on the Score Mobile Android App from Score Media Inc. I installed this app late last night and set my teams, leagues and favorites up in a matter of seconds. In other words, it was a great, easy to use interface.

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Canadian carrier Moblicity to start selling the Nexus One

It seems that the Nexus One isn’t extinct to the general public after all, well, in Canada at least. Canadian carrier Moblicity has announced they will be offering the Nexus One to their customers, but with a small catch. The device comes sans any subsidies, so customers will have to fork out $550 Loonies (or 225 Toonies) to get one.

Of course, the Nexus One will ship with Android 2.2, and is likely to be first in line when 3.0 (Gingerbread) comes out. Continue after the break for the full presser.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab headed to Canada via Rogers and Bell

So, you live in Canada and want to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, eh? Well, thanks to Rogers and Bell, you’ll be able to do just that. Samsung has announced they will be offering the Android 2.2 tablet in Canada later this year, but have given no indication as to exactly when, or for how much.

Continue after the break for the full presser from Samsung.

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