Google’s Project Tango on its way to an upcoming tablet

Project Tango

Google’s Project Tango has shown a lot of promise in its abilities to handle advanced vision capabilities , and it appears that Tango will be appearing on an upcoming tablet this year.

Google is planning to produce roughly 4,000 prototype Project Tango tablets to distribute to developers next month. The tablets will feature a 7-inch screen, two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that can capture precise 3D images of objects.

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QuickCamera brings Moto X camera launching gestures to all Android phones

quickcamera alpha

A unique feature to the Moto X was its camera launching gesture that allowed a user to twist their wrist twice to quickly open up the camera application. The gesture saved a bit of time and shortcut space, so it’s easy to see why it was well-received on the X.

XDA user ssrij decided that the Moto X camera gesture was cool enough that there would be demand for it on other devices, so after weeks of tweaking and experimenting, he’s released an alpha version of QuickCamera on the Play Store that mimics Motorola’s intuitive gesture. Read more

Galaxy K teased by Samsung on Instagram post


The Galaxy S4 Zoom showed off some really impressive specs last year as a super-niche device for photo-snappers everywhere. While we don’t have an official name on the phone’s successor yet, we currently know it as a Galaxy K device.

In order to start the hype, Samsung has posted a video on its Instagram account,  featuring a zoomed in shot of the Red Dot Design Museum.

The caption on the post reads ‘Meet #TheNextGALAXY. Join us for a live update on April 29 at 11AM SGT.’

Stay tuned tomorrow for the update from Samsung and hit the link below for the Instagram post.

Source: Samsung Mobile Instagram

Samsung suggesting hardware replacements for Galaxy S 5 camera failure


Samsung has issued a statement regarding the Galaxy S 5s that have been suffering the camera failure bug. The bug manifests itself as a popup message error when the camera is launched, and it’s not really clear if it’s a hardware or software problem. Reboots and factory resets don’t seem to fix the problem, so it looks a lot like hardware failure. It seems to primarily affect Verizon devices, but there have been reports about other carrier devices being affected. Read more

Photo samples taken from OnePlus One’s camera surface online

oneplus-sample-photo (4)

After OnePlus’s Photomania contest, one of the lucky winners took the opportunity to post a set of high resolution photos taken from the OnePlus One camera in different conditions.

The images have an impressive amount of detail along with a decent bokeh. They boast a massive resolution of 8160 x 6120 and weigh approximately 10MB in size. It must be noted that the person who shot these pictures wasn’t a professional photographer, he was rather an ordinary person who got lucky by winning the contest and put the device’s camera to test.

Take a look below at some of the sample pictures and you’ll find more by going to source link provided at the end.   Read more

Google’s new Camera app introduces Lens Blur via software optimization


When Google released their Camera app on Google Play earlier today for users who have Android 4.4, one of the new features noted was something called Lens Blur. This is a new mode Google has introduced that enables a software based shallow depth of field. One of the main uses of a shallow depth of field is to create a bokeh effect where the primary subject of a photo is in focus while the background is blurred. HTC recently enabled this in their new HTC One (M8) through hardware consisting of a dual camera system. Google’s new Camera app achieves this entirely with software. Read more

HTC releases duo-camera SDK for developers


HTC has released their SDK for the duo-cameras on the HTC One (M8) for developers to take advantage of. The SDK contains plenty of APIs, libraries, and samples for reference, so it shouldn’t take long for a developer to work that into an app.

To download the SDK, you’ll have to create an HTC Dev account, but after that, it’s free to use. Now that it’s available for everyone, we just have to wait and see how many apps take advantage of the unique features that HTC’s camera offers over the competition.

source: HTC Dev

Samsung sues Korean news site over negative press


According to a report from Korean news site Media Today, Samsung has filed a 300 million won ($285,000 USD) complaint against the Electronic Times regarding reporting on the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S 5. It appears Samsung took the unusual move of skipping a step that involves a press arbitration board in Korea and has gone straight to filing a lawsuit seeking damages. Read more

Camera Samples of the upcoming Oppo Find 7 leaks


Oppo has generated a lot of attention with its new flagship capable of taking 50 MP pictures. In fact, the smartphone doesn’t have a 50 MP camera, the Find 7 is fitted with a 13 MP camera sensor but because of the super zoom feature, the company has said that it is capable of taking 50 MP pictures by capturing up to 10 pictures and stitching them together in order to produce a 50 MP image.

A new set of camera samples of Oppo’s upcoming flagship, the Find 7, have been leaked boasting the 50 MP super zoom feature. The images look quite promising with a decent color and contrast both in outdoor pictures as well as indoor, but there’s no image of a low light environment.

As for the specs, the Oppo Find 7 rocks a a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz processor, 3GB of RAM, 13 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash, 5MP front facing camera and runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Source: iAndroid, ePrice



Latest Motorola Camera update now lets users snap pictures via the volume button


Whether you will use it or not, options are always good to have, right? In Motorola’s latest Camera update, users are now able to use the hardware volume button to snap a picture. Sure makes selfies a little easier right? This will work on only the Moto X, Moto G, DROID MAXX, DROID Ultra, and DROID Mini with 4.4.2. We have download links after the break.

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