New shortcut option appears in Google Photos app


Over the weekend users of the Google Photos app may have noticed they had a new card showing up in the Assistant portion of the app alerting them to a new feature. The card indicates users can add a shortcut to “Jump from Camera to Google Photos” and it does just what it says, which is to provide a quick way for users to jump from their camera app over to the Google Photos app. Read more

AnTuTu benchmark appears to confirm 12MP camera for Samsung Galaxy S7 devices


In an earlier leak regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, word surfaced that Samsung was pulling back on the megapixel count for the rear-facing camera. Where the Galaxy S6 devices had a 16MP camera, the new devices working their way to market are supposedly getting 12MP cameras. That rumor seems to have been confirmed by a new listing in the AnTuTu benchmark database for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that lists the device with a 12MP camera. Read more

New reports say Samsung shutting down digital camera business


New reports coming out of South Korea indicate Samsung is in the process of shutting down their digital camera line of business. The move appears to include both the portions of the business unit that produce products like the Samsung NX1 smart camera as well as the parts that produce sensors like the APS-C hybrid sensor used in the Samsung NX500. Sources indicate the personnel are being moved to other divisions like medical devices or the smartphone division. Read more

Google Nexus 6P camera lands top 3 spot with DxOMark


Since Google officially announced the Nexus 6P yesterday, potential buyers have been trying to decide whether the device makes sense to them. One piece of hardware that gets a lot of attention in any smartphone buying decision is the camera considering how popular mobile device photography has become thanks to social media. The Nexus 6P includes a 12.3MP rear camera, which may sound low, but Google and Huawei packed in some features to help grab good photos. This includes larger sensors inside the lens along with laser autofocus, LED flash, and HDR+. According to DxOMark, the results of their testing place the Nexus 6P near the top of the charts, just trailing the Sony Xperia Z5 and the Samsung S6 Edge. Read more