Motorola Working On Droid Bionic “Project”, Needs Your Help Testing It

According to Motorola, “soak testing” is a thing of the past, as the company will now be using the nomenclature “project”.  In any event, we all know what it means, an update is in the works and we’ll take that with whatever name you want to give it.  Motorola seems to be on par with addressing the massive bug list we mentioned earlier this month affecting the Droid Bionic’s performance among other things.  At the beginning of November we mentioned the update was about 30-60 days out and so far we’re about 15 days in.  With any luck, Moto will nip this thing in the bud over the next 15 days and then roll it out to the masses.  Check out the email below regarding the entire update.   Read more

Rumor Mill Churns Bad News For Galaxy Nexus Release

The rumor mill fired up early today when noted Verizon insider @P3droid tweeted that the Galaxy Nexus may be delayed past its expected November 21st launch date and pushed to December. Soon after, others interposed similar statements, attributing the bad news to Verizon’s want for more testing and working out some minor bugs. If you believe everything you hear out of the rumor mill, this is very bad news indeed. This next round of testing is said to end on November 19th, so while hope may not be completely lost on a November launch, we should probably ready ourselves for a few more weeks before we get our hands on the new Nexus.

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T-Mobile Nexus S Gets Bumped To Android 2.3.6 (build GRK39C)

If you bought a Nexus S to use on T-Mobile’s network and have been waiting for your Gingerbread maintenance update, the wait is finally over.  Following the Nexus One update, the Nexus S has now joined the Gingerbread 2.3.6 list of supported devices.  The update offers a plethora of bug fixes and security patches for the device and will weigh in at just 17.5 megabytes.  The new build, GRK39C, is available for a manual update as well instead of having to wait for the OTA.  Major fixes include, tethering issues and NFC bugs which should now be all wrapped up.  We’ve provided the update information after the break if you’re not the waiting type.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   Read more

DROID 2 Global Gingerbread update halted due to Exchange encryption issue

DROID 2 Global customers were excited to finally get the Gingerbread update, which started earlier in the week. Apparently there is a Microsoft Exchange encryption issue that needs to be resolved, so they have stopped the update. They are aware of the problem, but we are not sure how long it will take to resolve it. Hopefully no more than a week or so, and of course, we will let you know when the new build is released.

If you haven’t received the update than you can stop checking for the update for now. If you already received the update, than you will receive another update when the new build is ready.

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DROID 3 update coming this month, Soak test ready to roll

Last week we saw a leaked version of a DROID 3 update that was pulled. It was supposed to add video support for GTalk and fix an odd battery issue.

It looks like the update is finally ready because the above email was sent out to Motorola support members announcing that a soak test will begin soon. Assuming the support members are bug free during the soak test, the full roll out will take place later this month.

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Droid X bug fix is now live

Three months ago the Gingerbread update went live for the Droid X, and it should have brought joy. Instead it brought nothing but bugs and frustration. The wait for a fix is finally over as Motorola and Verizon Wireless released the bug fix update. Just hit the Menu/Settings/About Phone/System Updates and you should be able to download it (version 4.5.602.MB810.Verizon.en.US). It is time to go back to loving your X. Please let us know how the update is working for you in the comments.

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Droid X could get Gingerbread update to fix bugs by mid-August

The Droid X Gingerbread update has been one big disaster. It is full of  bugs, and it most likely caused Gingerbread update delays with other phones like the DROID 2, Global, and Pro. One the plus side, the update did bring better performance and a nicer version of Blur (or whatever you want to call Motorola’s UI), but there were too many bugs that made people wish they never updated.

The good news is that Verizon and Motorola are expecting a fix to be ready by mid-August.

We have forwarded your information to Motorola. They were able to duplicate the issue on their end.

As of 7/29/11 we have learned that it will be corrected with MR6 update. At this point, a target release date for this update is mid-August.

As soon as more information becomes available, we will be sure to post it here.

In the interim, if are turning the device off to avoid notification tones during your slumber, you may want to put the device on silent until we get the resolution.

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Samsung Fascinate ED05 update for incoming call bug is now available

The Fascinate has been suffering from a bug in which you cannot receive calls, but some of you might not have noticed because you forgot you can actually use your phone for calls. For the ones that did notice, some were able to get replacements devices from Verizon with constant complaining. That route might be unlikely now because update i500.ED05 is now available too fix it, along with some additional SMS bugs.

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LG G2x Gingerbread update is available now, just days after a class action suit was filed

A class action lawsuit was started against LG claiming that the company failed to remedy various problems and defects with the G2x in an appropriate time frame. Terry Horvarth is the head plaintiff and is seeking to represent a class of those that have purchased the stock Android device.

Now all of a sudden, the Gingerbread update is available through LG’s proprietary Mobile Software Updater, but there has been no official announcement. We have no idea what bugs, if any, will be fixed, nor do we know if this is indeed the final build. It is possible that LG released it to satisfy the unsatisfied or maybe it is a mistake, which would result in it getting pulled shortly.

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Droid 2 Global Gingerbread update “coming soon” after the Droid 3 launch

We reported earlier that due to bugs, all Motorola Gingerbread updates might have been rejected by Verizon. Some training documents recently leaked which state the following:

Android 2.3 expected to be available soon after Droid 3 launch.

We really don’t know when this document was produced so it is hard to say if this is likely. All I can tell you is the Droid X Gingerbread update is awful, and the bottom line is Motorola cannot release any more updates unless they have things ironed out. It is also possible that Motorola’s goal is to fix all the bugs by the time the Droid 3 launches and that is why it is on this document.

In my opinion, they should be fixing the Droid X update before other devices get updates.

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