Purdue Researchers Aim to Exterminate “No-Sleep Energy Bugs”

We all understand there are things we do on our phones that will drain the battery faster. Streaming video, playing games, and using the GPS all cause the juice to flow out faster than we’d like.  When we put our phone to sleep though, we expect the battery to drain very slowly. Software glitches can ruin that dream, sometimes emptying the battery in as little as a few hours. Researchers at Purdue have decided enough is enough, and set out to try to identify and mitigate the problems the bugs cause.

Read about what they found, and how they plan to fix it, after the break.

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HTC One X Owners Reporting Another WiFi Issue, This Time Involving The Way The Phone Is Held

Another day, another set of WiFi issues plaguing the HTC One X smartphone. While one significant WiFi issue that plagued the smartphone was resolved, there is apparently a new and more significant WiFi problem affecting some owners of the smartphone. When the smartphone is held in a certain position, the device will lose much (if not all) of its WiFi signal strength. The widespread problem which has been first reported in XDA Forums, seems to affect the HT23 and HT24 models. There are a few solutions that have been identified as well. Users can either exchange their devices if they’re under warranty or if they’re not— they can always open their device and get everything taken care of the hard way. Naturally it’s recommended that owners try to hold off from doing the extreme as HTC is fully aware of this new issue and has its engineering teams working round the clock to get this fixed.

Here’s hoping HTC gets this resolved as soon as possible. Stay tuned with Talk Android as we will continue to provide updates for this developing saga.

source: XDA Forums

Latest Sony SmartWatch Updates Causing Significant Issues With Devices Including Complete Malfunction


Software updates are generally greeted with open arms for owners of various devices. But occasionally, there are updates that are released that owners may want to ignore… which may be for owners’ good. Such is the case with recent software update for the Sony SmartWatch. Apparently owners of the device who recently updated the required application in order to operate the watch has experienced everything from random disconnects to minor functions not working as seen in the below examples: Read more

European HTC One X Receives First Software Update

The HTC One X still has that new aura and smell to it, but it doesn’t mean it’s ever to late for a software update. That’s apparently the case as European owners of the device received notifcation of what looks to be a minor software update. This new update brings the phone’s software to version 1.28.401.9 and is around 30MB in size. The update includes some minor bug fixes and possibly improved battery life. Moreover, the software update seems to keep the Android version at 4.0.3, despite 4.0.4 being available for other Android devices.

If your device is an unlocked and unbranded version— feel free to check for it manually by heading to Settings –> About –> Software Updates. If your device has carrier branding, know that it may not quite be ready just yet, so sit tight and it should come through sooner than later.

source: AC

Asus is “Working on a fix” for the Original Transformer ICS Update Issues; To Possibly Arrive Next Week

If you guys are like me, then you spammed the Check Update option on your original Transformer for the ICS update that was available Late-February. While I fell in love with my tablet all over again because of the update I noticed that as the days progressed my tablet would randomly reboot itself. Sometimes it would reboot it four – five times in a row before it would stay on. Then about an hour later it would reboot itself yet again. While it never rebooted in the middle of using it, watching it reboot itself randomly became rather frustrating. Heck, sometimes it would look up in the middle of a boot cycle. It appears that I am not in the minority with these experiences. Other users are reporting lock-ups during reboots,  and other various bugs as well.

Like the Transformer Prime update and its update problems Asus has taken to announcing that a fix is in the works for the original Transformer ICS update. While users have reported that uninstalling apps, updating widgets and factory resets have helped, this is not a good premise for Asus; especially considering their Hopes to have the next Nexus device and the first roll out of Jelly Bean. Asus writes in regards to the TF101 issues: Read more

Motorola DROID Bionic Soak Test Arriving As Early As Tonight; Possible Android 4.0 Update? Probably Not



Motorola has yet another soak test on its way out, this time for the DROID Bionic smartphone. It is perhaps the mysterious 5.9.902 update we heard about previously? It’s highly unlikely this update is the anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update you owners are yearning for, as the DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX would likely be the first MOTO phones to see the ICS update, so it’s probably the 5.9.902 update. Word on the street the mysterious update is finally headed out to the beta testers as early as tonight. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any updates on this update.

source: Droid Life


Google To Suspend Nexus S Android 4.0 Update


Nexus S owners had reason to rejoice when Google announced the Android 4.0 update on its way to the device. However, the update did not come without its problems. Users reported various bugs as indicated by some Talk Android readers below:

  • “installed stock 4.0.3 directly from google yesterday. after install, wifi shows connected and ip assigned, but doesn’t load any webpages, market or news/weather. same issue happened to friend as well.”
  • “my wifi doesn’t work :'(“
  • “The installation went ok over 3g, took about 10 minutes, after install MMS messages disabled. Tried to reset the mms APN, no help”

In addition to the bugs above, it seems that many users are affected by high CPU usage and unusual battery drains. Google is fully aware of this and has since suspended ICS updates to Nexus S devices. That means if you’ve gotten a notification that the update was available, you won’t be able to apply the update just yet.

If you’re a Nexus S owner, try to sit tight for the time being. Those of you who have the update already will have the bugs to deal with, but know that the Google engineers are likely working round the clock to correct each issue, so we hope there will be a fix sooner than later. Those of you who do not have the update will have to be a patient for just a bit longer. Hey, having a finished product is worth the wait, right? We’re certain there will be a resolution for all Nexus S owners sooner than later.

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Motorola DROID RAZR Begins Update Soak, Brings Fixes and Improvements

We recently told you about the DROID RAZR project that was taking place that involves a soak test for registered members of the support forums. Being apart of the selected group, I received an email today explaining that the soak test is getting underway and the list of updates and improvements are fairly significant. Unfortunately, I traded in my RAZR for the Galaxy Nexus so I am unable to actually monitor the improvements to the device but the update addresses the following:

Device Features

  • SIM Error notification has been fixed.
  • Improved camera features and quality.
  • Improved stability of menu access, Browser, Phone Dialer, video playback and music player to prevent Force Close errors and lockups.

Email, Messaging, & Data

  • Updated ground message notification.
  • Improvement in 3G/4G data connectivity.
  • Maintain network connection upon completion of a voice call.

Application & Widgets

  • Background color has been adjusted to improved readability in Lapdock connection UI menu items.

So if you are registered on the forums for the software soak than you should be seeing the update soon and will bring your device up to version 6.11.747.XT912.Verizon.en.US. If you are not registered and if all goes well then you can probably expect the official update to roll out sometime in the near future. The DROID RAZR was a pretty nice device to begin with and I am interested to hear how it is improved. For those that receive the early update, do us a favor and let us know what you think, cool?

[via VZW / Support]