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Nexus 6 may have inbound call problem for Sprint customers


It has generally been viewed as a positive development that the Nexus 6 is available on all major U.S. carriers and a simple swap of a SIM card is all that is needed for users to switch networks if they are in a position to do so. That doesn’t come without some risk though and Sprint customers seem to be suffering the ill effects at the moment as several Nexus 6 owners are having trouble receiving calls. Read more

Android Lollipop afflicted with memory leak bug, but Google is working on a fix

android_lollipop_tweetLollipop is the latest and greatest version of Android from Google, but like all new software, there are a few bugs. The newest release has already had a few issues (that were promptly fixed) but now it looks like some Nexus devices are being bogged down with a memory leak on Android 5.0.1.

The issue causes the Android system to use up to over 1 GB of RAM instead of the typical 500 MB, so you’ll see tons of apps being force closed and home screen redraws. It’s not a devastating glitch, but it’s enough to be pretty annoying, especially if you like to use tons of apps at once.  Read more

[Lollipop Bug] Camera stops working when flashlight times out


Now that Android 5.0 Lollipop is out and public, the bugs will pop up. The newest one deals with an issue between the new flashlight toggle in the quick settings, and the camera. Apparently, if you turn on the flashlight in quick settings and leave it on until it times out, you will not be able to use either the flashlight, or the camera until you reboot. This bug has been spotted on the Nexus 5, but it’s unclear whether it’ll pop up on other devices as well.

This will surely be fixed in the next OTA update, but until then, it’s worth noting to remember to turn off the flashlight when you’re done using it.

Source: Android Police

Glitch causing some full screen Android Wear apps to close unexpectedly


A new glitch has been identified in the Android Wear platform that results in apps closing unexpectedly. The problem is primarily connected to the accelerometer. Apparently Android Wear attempts to access the accelerometer to update the pedometer step count. In the course of doing this, the system tries to create a new card to display this new step count data. If another application that is also collecting accelerometer data is open in full screen mode, creation of the new step count card will cause a crash of the application.

A temporary workaround for the problem involves ensuring applications do not open in full screen mode. Instead, developers need to configure their apps to create a persistent notification in the context stream and give that notification an action to go full screen.

An update to Android Wear to stop this particular problem, and perhaps others that may involve sensors being accessed by more than one application at a time, will likely be developed and pushed out soon.

source: Android
via: phoneArena

Users may have accidentally deleted mail because of Gmail bug, says Google


According to Google, a recent Gmail bug which affected the iOS app, the offline version of Gmail, and mobile browsers may have resulted in users accidentally spam-marking or even deleting the wrong emails.

The bug was in effect between the 15th and 22nd of January, and Google says that users should check their spam and trash folders for emails that they may have accidentally put there.

Source: 9to5Google

Snapchat security issue has not been addressed since its discovery in August, could pose serious privacy concerns for users


Gibson Security has found a security issue in Snapchat, the popular photo/video messaging platform, which could allow hackers to easily exploit the program’s API to steal data, as well as scam/stalk Snapchat users.

The security team had presented the issues to Snapchat in August and says that they still have not been addressed, and warn that they pose serious privacy risks for users.

Phone numbers of users can easily be discovered, and dummy accounts can be created in bulk. The code of the exploit is now available to the public, so pretty much anyone with any hacking experience could exploit it. Gibson Security says that the bug can be fixed with “ten lines of code.”

Via: Engadget
Source: Gibson Security

Some Nexus 5 users experiencing issues with Google Now, Google recommends sending in feedback


If you own the new Nexus 5 and experience some trouble with Google Now, you’re not alone. According to multiple reports, Google Now is not functioning properly on the new device and it is also effecting other Android devices that they own. In some cases, Google Now doesn’t load any information, rendering it useless. The app will not sync and is even crashing when activating it for the first time.

A solution for the issue has been to sign out of their accounts and then signing back in; however, this hasn’t been a successful resolution for many. Some people have even performed a factory reset, but that too has been hit or miss. Android Police explains that it could be due to Location History being turned off or not available. Certain countries do not allow location tracking; therefore, they would be left out from using Google Now. Read more

Some HTC One cameras suffering from severe camera issues, fix coming in Android 4.3


HTC has been using the UltraPixel camera as a major selling point on the HTC One, but apparently more than a few devices are afflicted with some crippling camera issues. Some owners have been reporting that the device has begun failing to take pictures in low light, instead tinting everything purple, blue, or red. Some cameras have the issue so severely that the entire shot turns purple. Some cameras are also imprinting grid lines in low-light shots.

HTC has acknowledged that some devices are experiencing problems, but they claim to have a solution in place and will be pushing it out in Android 4.3. In the meantime, HTC is replacing phones for users that are having problems. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer for the Android 4.3 update to get pushed out to devices, and that the big carriers in the US don’t drag it out for too long.

source: HTC Blog

via: BGR