Google is rolling out a Chromecast update with stability, volume improvements, and bug fixes


Google just announced today that it is rolling out an update for the Chromecast. It carries the build number 16664 and brings a few changes along with one important feature.

According to the changelog, the update brings a few bug fixes and stability improvements, better support for IPv6, an “improved DNS robustness” and most importantly, “Chromecast audio volume level is retained across sessions”. This means that the volume settings will be saved so that when you switch to Chromecast, you’ll never have to deal with really high volume levels or a low one.

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New KitKat build KRT16S being pushed out to squash bugs


Google has started to push out updated code for Android 4.4 KitKat on Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 devices. The build, KRT16S, replaces the version that was released last week, KRT16O. Google indicates that factory images and proprietary binaries will also be available shortly. No details have been released about what is different in this latest version or what specific bugs are addressed that required such a quick release. There is no indication that the Nexus 5 is being impacted by this new build.

source: Android Build group

Grab yourself a fix for the HTC One X LTE WiFi bug

Still suffering from slow, intermittent WiFi on your AT&T HTC One X? Well you can hold fire on trading it in for a Galaxy S III as HTC has released a statement promising a timely update to remedy the issue. Better yet, the guys over at BriefMobile managed to get their hands on it early and have uploaded it so the rest of us can get in on the action.

Check out the official statement from HTC after the break and then click the source link to make your WiFi woes disappear!

“In regards to the wifi issue your running into, this is currently an issue that has been brought to our attention and we are actively working on a fix for this. We don’t have an ETA on the release of the fix yet, but we do have a work around in the meanwhile of toggling the wifi connection on the phone for a few seconds then toggling it back on. This will reset the connection from the phone to the Wifi, make it grab a new address and it should work for a while.”

Source: BriefMobile

DROID Bionic Bug Fix Starts Rolling Out, Be on the Lookout

We have gotten word from a couple readers that the long awaited DROID Bionic update is starting to roll out. This new update will bring the device up to build number 5.5.893 and should clear up a whole slew of issues. If you own a Bionic, be on the lookout for the update message in your notification bar. If you want to see if it is available to push to your device, you can always check by pressing menu-settings-> about phone-> system updates.

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Motorola Working On Droid Bionic “Project”, Needs Your Help Testing It

According to Motorola, “soak testing” is a thing of the past, as the company will now be using the nomenclature “project”.  In any event, we all know what it means, an update is in the works and we’ll take that with whatever name you want to give it.  Motorola seems to be on par with addressing the massive bug list we mentioned earlier this month affecting the Droid Bionic’s performance among other things.  At the beginning of November we mentioned the update was about 30-60 days out and so far we’re about 15 days in.  With any luck, Moto will nip this thing in the bud over the next 15 days and then roll it out to the masses.  Check out the email below regarding the entire update.  
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Droid X bug fix is now live

Three months ago the Gingerbread update went live for the Droid X, and it should have brought joy. Instead it brought nothing but bugs and frustration. The wait for a fix is finally over as Motorola and Verizon Wireless released the bug fix update. Just hit the Menu/Settings/About Phone/System Updates and you should be able to download it (version 4.5.602.MB810.Verizon.en.US). It is time to go back to loving your X. Please let us know how the update is working for you in the comments.

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Android Market Bug is Leaving Many Developers Unpaid, or Underpaid

For several weeks now, Android developers have been reporting a strange bug that leaves many of them not being paid for their apps. The problem lies in the fact that lists of paid orders from the Market don’t match those of orders that were just charged. This bug causes many developers not to be paid for their apps at all, because not all orders are marked “complete” in the same way.

Google has promised a fix, but hasn’t been able to give an estimate or even a clue as to what is causing the issue. We’re confident that they will make sure that these developers are paid for their apps – after all, it could be catastrophic to Google if they were just to ignore this problem and their developers.

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Gingerbread Update to be Delayed Until the End of Q3 for the HTC Thunderbolt

In what seems to be another disappointment for HTC Thunderbolt owners, HTC and Verizon have been telling customers that they intend to push the Gingerbread update to as late as the end of Q3. Of course, we all love uncertain dates, and the June 30th date was already missed before, so we hope that Thunderbolt users aren’t shafted once again.

To those of you who can’t wait (I would be right there with you), maybe you could give our how-to rooting guide a try, and install CyanogenMOD7 on your device? Remember, every official update thus far has been buggy and slow – maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands?

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T-Mobile G2X OTA Gingerbread Update Rolling Out Now, LG Updater Available As Well

We’ve got some good news for T-Mobile G2X owners.  Confirmed by a T-Mobile representative, the highly anticipated and sought after wait for the Gingerbread 2.3 update is now officially available.  The update began rolling on the 25th (yesterday) and should be hitting devices soon.  If you can’t wait for the update, as our previous article states, you can snag it via a USB connection over at LG’s website utilizing their updater software.  The update is reported to also address a number of bugs with the device along with the ever annoying random reboots, which for me, seem to be occurring more and more frequently.  Well, I’m headed over there now to update my device.  I’ll be back to report my findings and to let you know whether or not the update was successful.  If you’ve managed to grab it already, feel free to let us know how it went in the comments below.  
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Google Addresses Android Security Issue, Rolling Out a Fix Now

As expected, Google is planning to address that security issue we mentioned earlier with that good o’l Google swiftness.  The security bug exposed users’ sensitive data when on an unsecured WiFi network.

Google’s official statement:

Today we’re starting to roll out a fix which addresses a potential security flaw that could, under certain circumstances, allow a third-party access to data available in calendar and contacts. This fix requires no action from users and will roll out globally over the next few days.

Initially, the bug allowed predators to access contacts, calendar and Picasa Web albums utilizing the ClientLogin authentications protocol.  As you can see, Google has begun rolling out the server-side fix to address the Contacts and Calendar issue, however, it doesn’t address the Picasa one since it is not as vital as having your contacts and calendar exposed.  Seeing a picture of you is one thing, but knowing where you’ll be and what you’re doing at any given time is a little scary.

The auto update is being pushed out now and should be complete by weeks end.  Google’s engineers will continue to try to fix the Picasa Web Albums issue and asks for your patience.  They will roll out that update just as soon as it’s ready.  Did you receive yours already?  Let us know about it in the comments below.

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