Opera Ice coming to Android in February with WebKit functionality

It appears as though Opera is preparing to release an entirely new mobile browser for Android tablets and smartphones next month. According to Pocket-Lint, Opera Ice will feature baked in WebKit functionality, something the company’s previous offerings have noticeably lacked.

Like we’ve grown accustomed to with other browsers, Opera Ice will be relying heavily on gestures for controlling key aspects of navigation. The redesigned browser will also feature tabs in the form of icons on the homepage, allowing users to easily access their favorite sites. Read more

Firefox for Android now available for surfeit of new devices

Mozilla announced today the availability of its Firefox for Android browser for a slew of new devices including the HTC Status, HTC ChaCha, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Motorola Fire XT, LG Optimus Q and many more.

Before today, Mozilla’s mobile browser only supported devices utilizing an ARMv7 processor. The company has now opened up the software to support ARMv6 architecture, meaning another 50 percent of the world’s entire fleet of Android devices can now download and run Firefox for Android. While this may not seem like a significant milestone, Mozilla believes otherwise, claiming that “this is an important step toward making the open Web free to all.”

Source: Mozilla

Maxthon Browser comes to Android – leaves PCs behind


Looks like the once ‘ahead-of-its’-time” browser for PC has finally made its way to Android. I actually used to use this browser on my desktop for sometime, and needless to say, I’m glad it’s on Android now too. The browser got left in the dust after other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome came out with tabbed browsing and tab groups, but I can definitely see this being a popular browser on Android, if only people will give it a try.

The browser has several features such as the following;

  • Sync to the Cloud – Your bookmarks/favorites travel with you from desktop to mobile.
  • RSS reader widget – Find, manage and read your favorite content quickly and easily
  • Quick Access of the best sites on the web.
  • A Download Manager that makes is easy to sort, schedule and grab the downloads you need: wherever, whenever.
  • Super Gesture – Use touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips.
  • Tab browsing – Powerful tab management that puts your mobile screen to maximum use.
  • Amazing speed – Get websites super fast.
  • Powerful personalization – Avatars and more.

It looks to be pretty fast, and is a viable replacement for the default Android browser. If you want to give it a try (I recommend that you do), check out the links below or scan the QR.

Scan the QR code below
maxthon QR
Android Market Link

[via TalkAndroid Apps]

Opera browser coming to Android Tablets

Not to be out-shined by other browsers, Opera is still a major player in the internet surfing game and is looking to turn heads as it sets up shop at CES 2011 in Las Vegas next week.  DotEd, the Community Manager for Opera Software USA, will be there to show off their Android tablet version of Opera first hand.

While not much is known yet about any new features coming to the tablet version, it does appear to be fast and smooth – as we like our browsers to be.  Hit the jump to see a sneak peak video of the browser in action. Read more

Opera Mobile coming soon – brings pinch to zoom & hardware acceleration

What’s that? Opera Mobile is already available? – check again, that is Opera “Mini”, this is Opera “Mobile”. I’m sure it’s quite similar to its sister app, but this new version of the mobile Opera browser packs a few new features. One that’s been missing is the coveted pinch-to-zoom action. It’s about time too, as this has been one of the first features that got us giddy about multi-touch interfaces It’s also the reason we are all secretly being turned into crabs. Admit it, you are making the pinching movements right now.

Opera Mobile is also throwing in hardware acceleration. This allows the little red browser to take full advantage of your mobile phone’s GPU, giving you fluid pinching power! Oh, it also improves browsing speeds, like rendering of graphics and smoother scrolling. Mmmm yea, smooth like butter – wait, keep that away from me!

Don’t forget Opera already does off-site web page compression. Basically squeezing that data down as much as 90% before sending it to your phone for faster load times. So when you add the new features above, you’ve got some pretty sweet surfing power right in the palm of your claw…err I mean hand. Expect the first public beta version of Opera Mobile within a month.

[via Opera]