Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S 5 faux-wood box allegedly leak

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wood_s5We’re quickly approaching the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 5, but that doesn’t mean that leaks are slowing down. The presumed boxing material for the S5 has been pictured from multiple angles, one of which you can see above. That’s a faux-wood finish that looks pretty similar to the faux-wood box of the Galaxy S4 and Note 3.

The bottom of the box, which has the specs, is missing from the pictures, so it remains to be seen what we will officially have there.

Source: Galaxy S5 Abonnement
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Box app improves picture navigation and UI polish in latest update

by Jared Peters on
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Box, one of the top cloud-storage services, has written up a blog post about what they’re doing to make their Android app experience top-notch. They’ve discussed how they’re working to make the Android app a great experience, utilizing Project Butter and several optimization tricks to make everything fast, fluid, and easy to use.

Box discussed how the most commonly uploaded types of files are image files. In fact, they’re uploaded five times more than the next most common file type, which is PDFs. Since that means that a majority of users are only using box to store and browse photos, image browsing was at the top of their priority list. They’ve overhauled how image thumbnails are loaded and viewed so everything is buttery smooth and completely functional, which should make current users happy and draw more new users into the service. » Read the rest

Box unveils new note-taking service “Notes”

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Box has unveiled their new Note-taking app and while it won’t be released until next year, you can be part of the beta trials if you wish to. There’s a plethora of note-taking apps on the Google Play store, even Google themselves has one. So one might ask, why use this one? Box is taking a different approach making it a more “social” experience for the user. What sets this app apart from other note-taking apps is that the mobile version has a “Facebook-like” chat head that appears when another person is editing the current note.

This certainly gives you new possibilities and is a very interesting idea. Note will be free for current Box users and I’m sure more information on its release will be available in due time. Check out the video after the break.

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Box announces new $5 starter plan and increased free storage space for users

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Cloud storage is great, and you can never have enough of it. That’s why Box’s new tweaks to their cloud storage service are great for both current users and new users. According to their blog, they’re doubling the amount of free space that users get, jumping from 5 GB to 10 GB. That’s a pretty hefty jump, and it’s quite a bit more free space than their closest competitor, Dropbox, offers. In addition to the extra free space, Box is introducing a new, low-tier monthly option for users; they’re calling it the starter package, and for just $5 a month you get 100 GB of free space. That undercuts Dropbox by almost 50% for the same amount of storage and puts Box on par with Google Drive pricing.

If you don’t already use Box, now would definitely be a good time to check it out. Are any current Box users happy about the extra storage or new pricing option?

source: Box

Box for Android update includes new UI and widget

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box_androidPopular cloud based service Box just received a big update to its Android app. There’s a brand new user interface to the home screen, which includes a sliding navigation panel on the left and refreshed icons. Now that settings are in that menu, the overflow menu button brings options like refresh and sort. A new thumbnail view also makes it easier to look for the file you’re trying to find.

The update also brings a resizable Box widget, which shows a scrollable list of file updates for your account and gives options to refresh and add new files right from the widget. You can download the updated app through the link after the break. » Read the rest

Sony & Box Renew Free 50GB Cloud Storage For Life Promotion For 2013

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You remember how Sony and Box came together to offer Xperia owners a cloud storage deal they couldn’t refuse? Well both are back and set to offer the same free 50GB of cloud storage for life promotion— this time running until the end of 2013. You read that right folks: if you happen to own a Sony Xperia variant, Sony and Box are offering 50GB of free cloud storage all for the price of gratis. The promotion applies to most of the various Xperia-esque models—- though the deal doesn’t apply to the Xperia X10 mini, X10 mini pro or any device that runs on Android 2.1 or older. Nevertheless, those of you who do own a fairly recent Xperia smartphone have no excuse not to take advantage of this awesome promotion. After all— how else will you store those vast amounts of Frank Zappa albums?

You can find full details of the promotion in the presser after the break.

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Box 2.0 for Android previewed, looks like a strong alternative to Dropbox

by William Metzger on
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Ever hate having to access multiple apps just to check a document on your Dropbox? Box 2.0 hopes to solve that for you by including a document viewer that supports 75 different types of files. That’s right, you no longer have to first open Dropbox, check to see if its the latest version, then open Quickoffice all to just access your presentation you slaved over for hours.

This update brings a host of other features including automatically updating offline folders and files, a complete transfer manager as well as a completely browser-less experience. Now, the race for best cloud storage system for mobile devices just got a bit tighter. With 5 gigabytes free of space, I would strongly suggest you at least check this out if you’re in need of a more fluid cloud storage system. Hit the break for the download links.

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Google Drive Will Have SDK and Google Docs Integration

by Ed Caggiani on
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As the launch of Google Drive nears, more information about the service begins to leak. This time, it’s the source code of Google Docs giving away secrets. The code hints at the existence of a Google Drive SDK. This means that 3rd party apps might be able to connect to Google Drive, and that makes it infinitely more powerful.

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Box Offering Free 50GB Account For Android Users

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From now until March 23rd you can get a FREE 50GB account on Box by simply downloading and signing in to the Box Android app. That type of space would normally cost you $19.99 a month on the cloud storage service. And this 50GB account is yours for life, no strings attached.

This offer is a 45GB increase in the amount of space for a free Box account. With an offer like this, why would anyone use other services, like Dropbox? Well, keep in mind that Box does not offer a free desktop sync client like Dropbox does. Box’s desktop client is only available to professional users who pay $15/month. Also, with a free account, Box only allows file sizes up to 25MB. To increase to a 1GB file size limit costs $10/month.

Still, we can’t complain about a free 50GB! Plus, with Box’s ability to send files to other services such as Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs, not having a desktop sync client becomes slightly less of a problem.

So if you need some cloud lovin’, download the app from the Android Market link or QR code below!


Android Market

The App Updates to Version 1.5, Adds Widgets, Uploading From Any App

by Jack Holt on
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The other day we brought to you news of how you could sneakily snag yourself 50GB of free online storage from As you know, folks who owned either a Sony Xperia or LG Android smartphone received 50GB of cloud storage for free as part of a promotional deal between Sony, LG and Well today we bring you news that Box has updated their Android app bringing it to version 1.5. Besides updates to the interface the app boasts some awesome productivity features. They are:

  •  A widget that shows the progress of files that are currently being modified or updated.
  •  The ability to upload email attachments or files directly from the app you’re currently using.
  •  The ability to create documents in an office app of your choice and saving the file in Box, rather than in  the document editor.

Given has 1.9 million users, the company is doing what it can to provide important improvements to the user experience. This goes a long way in customer satisfaction and it’s a relief to see that some companies still value the consumer. Hit the break below to find the Market link or QR Code, and if you are truly interested to read the press release. Even if you missed the 50GB promotion you can still snag 5GB of free online storage which is more than enough for most folks, enjoy.  » Read the rest