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Moto X owners get a new holiday boot animation [Update: Moto G as well]


You have to hand it to Motorola. They may not sell the most phones, but they created one of the best phones of the year plus they added some really nice touches like Windy Day and now a new boot animation for the holidays. This probably wasn’t a background update, but more of something that was already installed and ready to kick in today.

If you don’t have a Moto X, hit the break for the quick video showing you what Motorola came up with. If you do have one, then power off your damn phone and turn it back on.

Update: Moto G owners are also getting the new holiday goodness

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How to add a custom boot animation to any Samsung ROM

Those of you with a Samsung device looking to add a custom boot animation, your prayers have finally been answered. Thanks to the work of XDA members anbech and smokin1337, it can finally be accomplished. As you might or might not know, most Android devices use the format for boot animation. It happens to be the default, but Samsung has been using QMG files, which is more expensive, not to mention that it made it very difficult to cook up your own.

Now the is back on Samsung devices because smokin1347 created the mod for the Galaxy Note II and anbech did it for the Galaxy S III, but it will work on all Samsung devices that use samsungani to load the boot animation. Here are the notes from smokin1347’s mod:

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How to change boot animations quickly using Boot Animation Manager

One of the primary benefits of the Android Operating System that keeps the true tech-geeks hooked is the the near infinite customisation available. From day one, as soon as you switch your Android device on for the very first time you’re presented with wallpapers,

  • Ensure your phone has root access
  • Fire up any computer running Windows with Java installed
  • Download Boot Animation Manager from here
  • Connect your phone via USB
  • Drag and drop the animation that you’d like to install
  • Preview it
  • Backup your original boot animation
  • Push your chosen animation to you device
  • Restart your device and marvel at your new boot animation!

So what are you waiting for folks? Get searching for an animation that floats your boat or perhaps it’s time to get really creative and design your own.

source : XDA

Get Cool Boot Animations For Your Galaxy Nexus

If you’re of the “root’n & rom’n” variety and you own a new Galaxy Nexus device, you’ve got to be loving all of the new tweaks the dev community have been accomplishing.  Latest to make its way to the device are a few cool boot animations provided by our friends over at RootzWiki.  The Bokeh animation above should be a good indication for you of how fricking cool these animations are.  Ready to give them a go?  Check out the DL links after the break along with the instructions.  Feel free to use our forum or the comments thread below if you have any issues.  We’ve provided all of the download links courtesy of RootzWiki for your convenience.  Good luck and have fun.   Read more