Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) to launch on Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile


Sprint has announced the addition of the Samsung Galaxy J series of devices to the lineups for a couple of their subsidiary carriers, Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile. The first device to be offered will be the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) which is a slightly updated version of the Galaxy J3 that launched in China last fall. Read more

Boost Mobile matches Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile with unlimited music streaming from select services

boost_mobile_logo_orange_backgroundWhile Virgin Mobile recently announced unlimited music streaming from certain services, and T-Mobile has offered the feature for a while, Boost Mobile has decided to join the party and delicately skirt around a net neutrality issue by offering their own form of unlimited music streaming. Read more

Boost Mobile rewards responsible customers with extra data


Boost Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid service, has announced some new features for their data plans that will result in “Growing Data” for customers who make their payments on time. Boost Mobile customers will now receive an extra 500MB block of data for every third on-time payment they make for up to 18 months. That means customers could end up with an extra 3GB of high-speed data. Read more

Boost Mobile adding two devices from Alcatel OneTouch


Boost Mobile has added two devices, both manufactured by Alcatel OneTouch, to its lineup for customers. Neither the Conquest nor the Elevate represent the company’s vision for a high-end Android device, but they do offer solid specifications in an affordable package. The Conquest and Elevate both support 4G LTE connection, ship with at least Android 5.0 Lollipop, and cost less than $150. Alcatel OneTouch is continuing to prove that a solid, complete device can be had for less than ever before.

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