LG Tribute 2 and LG Volt 2 now available through Boost Mobile

LG volt 2 tribute 2 boost mobileA pair of new LG phones are now available for Boost Mobile customers, including the Tribute 2 and the Volt 2. Both devices offer pretty similar hardware, with the Volt offering a slightly larger screen and battery.

Both phones are powered by a Snapdragon 810 CPU with 1 GB of RAM, and they both have 8 GB of internal storage (plus microSD card slot!) and run Android 5.1. The Volt sports a 5-inch display while the Tribute has a 4.5-inch screen, and the Volt 2’s camera shoots at a slightly higher resolution of 8 megapixels, beating out the 5 megapixel shooter in the Tribute 2. No major differences, but you’ll pay a $50 premium for that nicer camera and bigger screen. Read more

Boost Mobile goes after Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS customers with switching promotion


For a limited time, Boost Mobile is letting qualified customers bring their own number from Cricket or MetroPCS can get unlimited data, talk and text with up to 2.5GB of high-speed 4G LTE data starting at $20 a month. Boost claims that the promotion will save you roughly $20-30 by switching compared to you current plan. Once the introductory rates end, customers will be moved to the most comparable monthly plan.

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Boost Mobile bringing LG G Stylo today, Sprint getting it on June 12

LG G Stylo - with Stylus

Boost Mobile is getting the LG G Stylo smartphone starting today. Its parent company, Sprint will start selling the device starting June 12 while Sprint Prepaid will sell the device from June 7 onwards. The smartphone has been priced at $199.99 from Boost Mobile and Sprint Prepaid. Sprint postpaid is offering the handset in 24 monthly installments of $12. Read more

New $35 Boost Mobile plan gives unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB of data with auto-pay

Boost-Mobile-logoBoost Mobile announced this morning new plans that don’t require a contract that are also easy on the wallet. While Boost Mobile has already been known for cheap prepaid plans that start at $35, Boost’s new $35 Data Boost plan offers 2.5GB of data on top of unlimited text and talk. The one caveat though is that if you want 2.5GB of data you’ll have to enroll in auto-pay otherwise you’ll get 1GB of data.

The new plan will be available starting on Feb. 3, and will be available to new and existing customers. For those who want more data, you can get up to 10GB of data for $55 a month, which isn’t a bad deal. We have the presser for you after the break.

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Boost Mobile will carry Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE for $129.99

samsung galaxy prevailBoost Mobile will be adding Samsung’s Galaxy Prevail LTE to its lineup on January 19th for $129.99. Like other Boost Mobile devices, there’s no contract attached to the phone.

$129.99 gets you a 4.5-inch screen, a capable Snapdragon 410 CPU, 8 GB of internal storage with 1 GB of RAM, and a 5 megapixel camera. The phone runs Android 4.4 KitKat and has plenty of connectivity options to access Boost Mobile’s LTE network. Read more