BlueStacks PC app player finally upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich after spending years on Gingerbread


BlueStacks, the Android application emulator for PCs, has finally received a major software update. Before now, it’s been running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, believe it or not. It’s finally seeing the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich today, though.

BlueStacks doesn’t really benefit from many of the advantages of newer operating systems, but it still doesn’t hurt to finally get it off of the incredibly ancient Gingerbread, at least for increased app compatibility. There are many apps that take advantage of APIs that are only available in 4.0 and up, and BlueStacks can finally run them. If you want to download the latest version, hit the link below.

source: BlueStacks

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BlueStacks announces GamePop Mini, second Android game console from company


Although BlueStacks is just taking pre-orders for their GamePop Android-powered gaming console, they have decided to add to what is becoming an increasingly crowded market with the GamePop Mini console. The GamePop Mini will not only be different hardware, it will be sold using a different business model compared to the full-size GamePop. BlueStacks is currently offering the GamePop for free to users who pre-order their $6.99 per month subscription service. Once that special offer expires, the full-size GamePop is expected to cost $129, but buyers would get to keep that hardware even if they cancel their subscription. The GamePop Mini will be supplied by BlueStacks free, but users have to keep their subscription up to date. If they cancel during the first 12 months, they will have to return the hardware to BlueStacks and pay a small restocking fee. After that initial 12 month period though, they can keep the hardware.

According to BlueStacks, the GamePop Mini will run Jelly Bean 4.2 and will connect to a TV using an HDMI cable, just like the GamePop. Although expected to be less powerful than the full-size version, the GamePop Mini is supposed to be powerful enough to run any of the games available through the service.

You can read the press release below or head over to GamePop for more info. GamePop has not yet released full specifications for either device and only indicates they are expected to ship sometime this coming winter.

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BlueStacks announces pricing for upcoming GamePop console with expanded game lineup


About a month ago, BlueStacks announced that it was going to unleash a gaming console on the world to compete with the likes of the OUYA console. One thing they didn’t do, however, was announce an exact price.

Buying a GamePop is going to run a cool $129, but BlueStacks has extended their subscription promotion to get a free console. In case you forgot, you can sign up to pay $6.99 per month to get the console for free in addition to getting access to every game available in the GamePop service. To sweeten that deal. BlueStacks has gotten a few major developers on board with GamePop, including Intellijoy and Korean COM2US. COM2US is apparently getting some special treatment with their own channel on the console, but both companies’ games will be available in the subscription service.

BlueStacks is definitely going to give OUYA some tough competition. Anyone planning on buying either of those consoles?

source: The Next Web

BlueStacks jumps into gaming console market with GamePop device


BlueStacks, which readers probably know mostly for their application that lets users run Android apps on their computers, announced some surprising news today. The company is jumping into the gaming console market with a new device dubbed the GamePop. The hardware itself, which consists of the console and a game controller, will be free to users who pre-order during May as part of a $6.99 per month subscription service. To help potential buyers feel comfortable that they are really getting something for their subscription fee, BlueStacks also announced deals for content with some of the top game developers like Blu Mobile, Halfbrick, and OutFit7.
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BlueStacks hits 10 million downloads in one year


BlueStacks, the software that lets you run Android apps on a desktop computer, is celebrating just over a year of availability in beta status with news of hitting the 10 million download mark. Rosen Sharma, CEO of BlueStacks, indicated in a recent interview that the team had made predictions on where they would be in one year and “no one said 10 million.” No one was even close as the most optimistic was just in the few hundred thousand range.

BlueStacks’ senior VP for marketing notes that downloads do not necessarily equal users running the software on a regular basis. However, the number is described as being “spooky high,” which is a good sign that there is interest out there on the part of users trying to access Android apps on non-Android hardware.

One issue the BlueStacks team is working on is trying to update the version of Android the app player uses with a Jelly Bean compatible version in the works. This effort is no doubt helped by the partnerships BlueStacks continues to work on, like the recently announced effort with Lenovo to install BlueStacks on Windows 8 PCs.

source: AllThingsD

Android apps now available on Windows 8, Microsoft Surface Pro courtesy BlueStacks


BlueStacks, the mobile software company that helps you run Android apps on Windows 7 and Mac OSX devices, announced a new version today that includes support for Surface Pro devices and Windows 8. BlueStacks is available as a free download which new Windows 8 and Surface Pro users can get from a new site: BlueStacks reports they have recorded 5 million downloads of their software just from their site. They have also been working hard to develop OEM partnerships, like they recently announced with Lenovo, which has yielded  download numbers “as strong or stronger” than from their own site.

Once installed, Windows 8 and Surface Pro users can install apps from their phone and run them fullscreen with full touch-enabled capability. Check out the video and full press release after the break.
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Lenovo brings Android applications to Windows 8 computers with Bluestacks

With AMD already being the first major company to team up with Bluestacks in an effort to bring Android applications to the PC, Lenovo has followed suit.  The computer manufacturer has announced a partnership with Bluestacks to bring the Android App Player to all current and future Windows 8 PCs. This means users will have the ability to sync their most-used applications and even swap SMS messages between their computer and smartphone. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when the new software will launch, so it looks like we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, you can catch the company’s official press release below.

For all of our CES 2013 coverage, head to our CES-2013 hub.
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Bluestacks And AMD Team Up To Bring 500,000 Apps On Windows 8-Based AMD PCs


As Bluestacks takes over both PCs and Macs everywhere, we will start to see additional exposure of the nifty tool much more in the tech world. That’s why Bluestacks has announced a partnership with famed PC chipmaker AMD, which will offer Android apps in AMD’s AppZone. What this means is if you’re on an AMD-based machine and running Windows 8, you’ll be able to not only view the software titles, but you’ll be able to run the software with no issues— as if you’re on your smartphone or tablet. What’s even better is the fact the specialized Bluestacks software on AMD machines will be CPU and GPU-optimized, so users can rest easy knowing their software is going to run as smooth and cleanly as possible.

For the time being, the apps for AMD machines will be available in English, German, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. That’s all for now, but additional details can be found in the presser once you hit the break.

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ASUS And BlueStacks Team Up To Bring Android Apps Preinstalled On ASUS PCs


BlueStacks and ASUS are about to embark on a major collaboration which will entice more than the average PC user. So what does this major collaboration entail you ask? Well if you recall, we had mentioned to you earlier in the year that BlueStacks would be bringing Android apps to PCs. The beta has not only brought Angry Birds to desktop users, but massive buzz and appeal. Well ASUS caught wind of that and decided to bring BlueStacks on board to work with its asus@vibe unit. Essentially, the new collaboration will bring specific asus@vibe Android apps too the entire line of ASUS products including the Eee PCs, notebooks and desktop PCs. So this means that if you plan on owning an ASUS-brand PC in the near-future, you can look forward to seeing Android apps being preinstalled on your computer, courtesy of BlueStacks. BlueStacks is more than excited about the collaboration too. Here’s President and CEO Rosen Sharma offering some words on the partnership:

“ASUS has created a phenomenal software experience on PCs. Launching with ASUS at Computex 2012 solidifies BlueStacks’ leadership position as the sole provider of apps for consumer electronics and PC manufacturers worldwide. Our strong portfolio of apps from top developers, combined with our unique monetization engine makes this a revenue-generating opportunity for PC OEMs. This is a winning proposition for the entire PC ecosystem. App developers who have already built for Android can now just run their apps on Windows PCs through BlueStacks. We’ve done the heavy lifting for the benefit of all.”

 For now, users of this will get free access to the asus@vibe Android apps for 6 months, though there’s no word on specific pricing after that. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a pinch in your penny. We know you’re itching to get more details, so be sure to hit the break to get a gander of the full details of this new collaboration.
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BlueStacks App Player For Windows PCs Now In Beta Form

It’s no secret that our use of apps on mobile devices have taken off to unprecedented heights. As you might expect, some individuals have pondered the idea of running actual apps on our desktops as opposed to our phones and tablets. That’s why the gang at BlueStacks created their App Player which allows you to run your Android apps on a Windows-based desktop. We previously highlighted BlueStacks was looking for beta testers, but the development team has followed-up and ressurected the program in its beta form and will be looking for individuals to give the program a shot and see how it works out for them.

BlueStacks features some solid technology in order to power the various Android apps. The App Player will feature BlueStack’s patent pending LayerCake technology to make applications run buttery smooth as if on ARM devices. In addition, the development team has enabled hardware acceleration— ensuring your apps will run at an optimal level when the option is enabled.

The App Player is available for anyone interested with a Windows-based PC. You’ll need to visit their homepage and sign-up as a beta tester in order to get the file needed to run on your computer. As an added bonus— BlueStacks is including a couple of sweet apps pre-installed including Fruit Ninja, Evernote and of course Angry Birds Space. If you have a Windows PC, make sure you all sign up— but first hit the break to find the presser and the signup links.

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