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Get full Android OS on Windows PC with next version of BlueStacks


BlueStacks and AMD have announced they have reached a new milestone in their collaboration to bring the Android OS experience to Microsoft Windows based devices, including notebooks and desktops. Unlike previous versions of BlueStacks, which was an “app player” the latest update offers the ability to run the full Android OS on AMD powered devices. This means users will also be able to take advantage of the computing power available via direct access to those resources. The new BlueStacks will run Android within a virtual environment instead of requiring users to reboot and choose which operating system to use. This is seen as an advantage over Intel’s implementation on several devices. Read more

Hands On With The Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Tablet [Video]


While some of us may feel a little iffy about Windows Surface Tablets out there, Lenovo is out to change that perception by introducing the IdeaCentre Horizon tablet. While the massive 27-inch display, “Aura” custom UI and the ability to play air hockey are each nothing to sneeze at— the real noteworthy aspect of the device is the fact it can operate Android apps, thanks to the Bluestacks Android player which comes preloaded. And before you ask— yes— the apps work like a charm and operate as if you’re on a traditional Android device.

If you’re in the market for a Windows-based tablet, but want something that’s Android-friendly— the IdeaCentre Horizon may be a compelling option. Hit the break to check out the hands-on video in all its glory.

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Bluestacks App Player Is On Its Way To Mac Computers

We’ve seen Bluestacks go from its subtle concept to a reality on PC computers. But what about those of us who happen to use Mac computers? And yes— many Android users do indeed use Mac computers, thank you very much. Well thankfully, the famed app player is finally making its way to Mac computers, albeit in a beta form. The software will be powered by Layercake Technology and will feature a nice bundle of apps from developer partners like HandyGames. CEO Rosen Sharma knows that the PC version of the App Play was easily a resounding success, but realizes its a significant deal being able to break through into Apple’s ecosystem as well— which would ultimately add to the program’s explosive growth.

There’s a developer sign-up page available now, so those of you developers out there interested in developing Mac-friendly apps will be able to finally go ahead and have your chance. But first, click on the break to check out the full press release from the company.

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BlueStacks App Player For Windows PCs Now In Beta Form

It’s no secret that our use of apps on mobile devices have taken off to unprecedented heights. As you might expect, some individuals have pondered the idea of running actual apps on our desktops as opposed to our phones and tablets. That’s why the gang at BlueStacks created their App Player which allows you to run your Android apps on a Windows-based desktop. We previously highlighted BlueStacks was looking for beta testers, but the development team has followed-up and ressurected the program in its beta form and will be looking for individuals to give the program a shot and see how it works out for them.

BlueStacks features some solid technology in order to power the various Android apps. The App Player will feature BlueStack’s patent pending LayerCake technology to make applications run buttery smooth as if on ARM devices. In addition, the development team has enabled hardware acceleration— ensuring your apps will run at an optimal level when the option is enabled.

The App Player is available for anyone interested with a Windows-based PC. You’ll need to visit their homepage and sign-up as a beta tester in order to get the file needed to run on your computer. As an added bonus— BlueStacks is including a couple of sweet apps pre-installed including Fruit Ninja, Evernote and of course Angry Birds Space. If you have a Windows PC, make sure you all sign up— but first hit the break to find the presser and the signup links.

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