Carphone Warehouse is selling the BlackBerry Priv for £559 SIM-free


BlackBerry is enjoying a sort of renaissance thanks to the positive publicity generated by its first Android-powered smartphone, the Priv. Featuring a physical QWERTY keyboard that slides out, the Priv has seen demand outstrip supply, with direct orders from BlackBerry only shipping from November 30th. In the UK though, it’s possible to order the BlackBerry Priv SIM-free from Carphone Warehouse (CPW) with next-day shipping for £559 ($849). Read more

Is BlackBerry already preparing its next Android phone?


BlackBerry might not stop at just one Android phone. Right on the heels of the Priv, BlackBerry is seemingly preparing another Android phone. This one, codenamed Vienna, has an always-present physical keyboard that really resembles any classic device produced by the Waterloo-based company. The Priv is different in that its physical keyboard is only accessible when sliding the display upward.

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Demand outstrips supply for BlackBerry’s Priv as shipment dates slip to November 23rd


The BlackBerry Priv has generated a good amount of positive publicity and excitement, which is understandable considering it it BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone, and it’s also the first slider we’ve seen in the Android world for a long time. It would seem that the handset is so popular that BlackBerry has had to push the shipping date back for new orders.  Read more

John Chen reveals that BlackBerry has a range of products to launch after the Priv

BlackBerry_Priv_Android_smartphone (2)

During an exclusive interview with Fox Business, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen disclosed that the Canadian company already has a range of products in the pipeline that are scheduled to launch soon after the Priv. It’s unclear, though, whether the new handsets will run BlackBerry 10 or Android, but we assume the latter seeing as the manufacturer has to sell 5,000,000 devices just to turn a profit and stay afloat. If the firm fails and sales aren’t quite up to scratch, it will be forced to abandon the hardware industry altogether.

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Verizon confirms it will sell BlackBerry’s Priv


Availability of the BlackBerry Priv in the United States will be extended when Verizon starts selling the ultra-secure handset to its customers. Just when will Big Red allow its customers to purchase the Priv? Of course we don’t have a clear answer. The carrier said on Twitter earlier today that the Priv is “coming soon” but did not provide much else beyond a link to sign up for updates.

BlackBerry is continuing to grow the Priv’s distribution, something that should help the company move toward its goal of selling at least five million smartphones per year. In the meantime, BlackBerry will focus on acquisitions and software to improve operations.

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Blackberry looks to acquisitions and software as means of righting the ship


Although Blackberry has been getting considerable press in technology circles lately thanks to their new Android-based smartphone, the PRIV, the company continues to flounder around thanks to lackluster hardware sales. In an interview today Blackberry CEO John Chen indicated the company plans to make more acquisitions and focus on software in the near future as a way to turn things around. Read more

BlackBerry’s Priv should have timely updates


Most hardware manufacturers producing Android devices drop the ball when it comes to keeping their devices’ software up-to-date. That’s why Motorola and HTC are often favorites among consumers looking to get a device with software that will be updated and in a timely fashion. Both companies have promises that can be broken, but that’s better than those that decide to say nothing about the status of software updates for their devices. BlackBerry, which is entering the world of Android with the Priv, wants to be up there with Motorola and HTC as a company getting software updates with security patches and bug fixes to its users faster than anyone else.

BlackBerry is putting its security research team to work to ensure that its Priv’s firmware and software is invulnerable. This will be done by delivering quick security updates (with Google’s help) and hotfixes.

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