BlackBerry willing to exit the smartphone market if profits don’t turn around

BlackBerry_Logo_033BlackBerry has taken a backseat to bigger smartphone manufacturers in the past few years, so they’ve diversified and pushed for software instead of strictly hardware. To an extent, it’s worked well for the company. Since their smartphone market share has completely plummeted and hasn’t rebounded, software seems to make the most sense, especially since BlackBerry’s major selling point is security. Read more

BlackBerry to cut an undisclosed number of jobs


We’ve been hearing mostly positive news about BlackBerry in recent weeks such as its partnership with Google to make Android more business-friendly, that it would consider making an Android smartphone if it’s security requirements were met, and the ‘Venice‘ smartphone render that made the rounds a couple of weeks ago. Today, we have another reminder that BlackBerry is in a transitional phase with the news that further job cuts are underway. Read more

Rumour: BlackBerry is developing multiple Android handsets with Taiwanese ODMs


By working with Google to make Android more business-friendly and allegedly developing an Android handset with the codename Veniceit would seem that BlackBerry is ramping up its foray into the wonderful world of Android. Today we have news that the Canadian company is reportedly planning on releasing multiple handsets using the Android operating system.

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Is this Blackberry’s first Android smartphone?

Blackberry's first Android smartphone leak

Evan Blass or “Evleaks” came out on Twitter today to announce Blackberry’s new phone the “Venice”. He also said it was heading to AT&T soon. He later posted the picture you see above which looks to be a Blackberry Passport, but has a Android keyboard. The entire image is not clear as to exactly what the phone will look like, but one thing that is strange is it features a physical keyboard and an onscreen keyboard.

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BlackBerry “Prague” low-end phone could be company’s Android device


Amidst all of the rumors of BlackBerry’s sale to a variety of potential suitors, we have also seen an uptick in claims that the company is working on an Android powered device to join its stable of smartphones. Last week reports surfaced indicating a new slider style BlackBerry phone would be that Android device. However, while that may still come to pass, new reports indicate BlackBerry’s rumored Android smartphone is actually a low-end all-touch device codenamed “Prague”. Read more