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Xolo BLACK with 5.5-Inch Full-HD display and dual rear cameras launches for Rs. 12,999


There are a lot of options when it coming to buying a smartphone in India, its a fiercely contested market with both local and foreign manufacturers duking it out for sales. Here we have the Xolo launching its first device under its BLACK sub-brand, which will be available exclusively via the Indian retailer, Flipkart for Rs. 12.999 ($205).

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Not so stealthy ad reveals potential HTC One (M8) in Stealth Black and Stealth Red


When HTC announced the HTC One (M8) earlier this week, the only colors available initially were Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold and Glacial Silver. There are many buyers of smartphones who look for devices with a little more pop and want other colors. HTC seems to be preparing to respond to these demands with at least two new colors – Stealth Red and Stealth Black. These colors were discovered after users performed some searches on Google and discovered ads for these variants showing up at the top of the search results.

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Black Edition Samsung Galaxy S 4 now available in UK

SamsungGalaxyS4BlackEditionThe Samsung Galaxy S 4 Black Edition was unveiled two months ago, and we got our first glance of it at the MWC. Today the public can get their hands on it, provided you live in the UK. Phones4U has the phone listed at £499.89 off contract, which is the same price as any other S4. The internals of the device are exactly the same as what you would expect from any S4.

Source: Phones4U


HTC One Max shows up in black on HTC Hong Kong site


When originally released, the HTC One Max was like a Ford Model T in that you could get it in any color you wanted as long as that color was silver. That appears to be slowly changing as a new image on the HTC Hong Kong official site reveals a new black version of the super-sized smartphone. This comes almost two weeks after a red version of the HTC One Max was revealed in some marketing collateral for the Taiwanese market.

Similar to the situation with the red HTC One Max, there is no information for this black version about how widely it will be distributed around the globe. However, the HTC One Mini is available in black, silver and blue while the original HTC One can be purchased in silver, black, red, blue and gold. With the HTC One Max now available in silver, red, and black, albeit in limited markets for now, it may yet shed its relation to Henry Ford.

source: Unwired View

Samsung to release the Galaxy Note 2 in black

A black Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Certainly not much of a surprise, but a great move by Samsung nonetheless. An image of the back side of the Note 2 in black was acquired which prompted this rumor to circulate.

While there’s no official word from Samsung on the validity of a black Note 2, it isn’t far-fetched and we should most certainly expect it to be released sometime next year.

Would you guys pick up a black Note 2?

source: Sammobile

YouTube video ad confirms multiple color options for HTC Butterfly [Video]

A quick look at HTC’s latest ad for their Butterfly reveals multiple color options for the device. The 2 minute video shows red, white and black colors for the phone in all its elegance. Sadly, the device is still available only in Asia, but we get the DROID DNA in the United States minus the microSD slot.

If HTC wants to gain more ground, they should really push for devices such as these to be available world wide, don’t you think? Either way, check out the video after the break!

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New colors for Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Verizon

Visitors to the Verizon web site today were greeted with an offer to sign up for notifications about a couple new colors for Samsung Galaxy S III devices. Both black and brown will be available from Verizon, joining blue and white versions. No word on pricing, though it is hard to imagine they would sell for anything other than what the current versions go for. No word on a projected release date either, but it is probably not too far in the future.

source: Droid Life

Retailer confirms black Samsung Galaxy S III with 64GB storage due for October release

Within the past ten days, we have seen photos of a black Samsung Galaxy S III and reports of retailer’s internal databases listing a black version of the popular smartphone. Now, UK retailer Clove has announced on their blog that the new color will be available starting in early October. Clove does not yet have pricing information, but they indicate they are ramping up to start accepting pre-orders.

The color news is not the only development of interest for potential Galaxy S III buyers. Clove also reports the phone will come with 64GB of internal storage as we had previously reported.

source: Clove

More evidence that a Samsung Galaxy S III in black is on its way


Yesterday we reported of a black Samsung Galaxy S III image that leaked on Samsung’s Facebook page, thus assuming that a black Galaxy S III may very well be on its way. Today, more evidence has surfaced on this possibility when an Android Police tipster sent them an image of a Carphone Warehouse’s internal product database that clearly shows “Samsung Galaxy S III Black.”

Obviously this is still a rumor and things could very well change, but signs are certainly pointing towards an imminent release of a black S III. Would a black Galaxy S III interest any of you guys, or has marble white and pebble blue kept you content?

source: Android Police

Samsung leaks photos of black Samsung Galaxy S III on Facebook page

Are you interested in a Samsung Galaxy S III, but put off by any colors other than black? If so, Samsung may have a solution coming to market that will meet your requirements. Over on their Facebook page, in an album showing off the Galaxy S III at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Samsung has posted some photos showing a black Galaxy S III. The captions on the photos do not reveal any other details about the device.

source: intomobile