Mysterious DROID Bionic Update v5.9.901 Change Log Brought to Light

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Folks who own a Bionic are reporting that they are receiving a mysterious update bringing their system to version 5.9.901. They were a little miffed at what this update entailed and people were especially confused considering the major update that was already being pushed as of last week. Well it appears that this is no minor update in itself as the awesome folks over at Droid Life were able to get the details on what this release encompasses.

So whether or not you’ve received the update at hand, you can hit the break below to see what’s in store for you. Sadly some of it entails more Verizon Bloatware… But you may be able to look past that with connectivity and stability fixes they’ve packed in.  Read more

HTC Rezound has Sound Issues Through Headphones (iBeats Too)

HTC Rezound with Beats Audio

Chalk this up as coincidence, as irony, or as yet another Verizon phone being buggy, but it appears that the HTC Rezound is having sound issues. Android forums all over the internet are a buzz with users that are complaining of a static sound or some sort of interference when headphones are plugged in. Readers over at Droid Life are also having this issue.

The Static issue can be replicated with both streaming and internally stored audio leading others to believe this isn’t Beats Audio related. Some believe that it has something to do with the 4G radio while others have been able to replicate the issue regardless of which radio is active. I have personally been able replicate it on my co-worker’s Rezound and we are in a non-4G area. So at this point I have no idea what the issue is.

Some folks are lucky and don’t have this issue, or it just hasn’t come up yet. Given the other phones either on or coming to their network, the Bionic (the whine and signal issues) and Galaxy Nexus (volume rocker issue) are having bugs of their own, Verizon doesn’t need another flagship phone giving them issues. What about you guys out there with Rezounds? Are you having these issues?


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New Verizon Map List Out: DROID Bionic $199 On-Contract

Verizon Map List

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With today’s fancy new phones on the market, i.e. the Razr and soon-to-be (here’s hoping) Galaxy Nexus, it’s only a matter of time before the “Phone to rule all phones” becomes seasoned and drops in price. Well it appears that this is the case and Verizon is dropping the price to the DROID Bionic to $199 on-contract or $100 dollars less than two months ago.

Other noteworthy items include the original Xoom on sale for the holiday price of $199.99. It may stay that way so that Verizon can unload original Xoom before the new Motorola tablet arrives. The Nexus appears to be going for the $299.99 price most new Verizon flagship phones go for.

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Liberty ROM Released for DROID 3 and Bionic

So you own a DROID 3 or a Bionic, but hate BLUR? Today is your lucky day. Kejar31 and Jrummy16 at RootzWiki have released their Liberty ROM to the general public. This attractive ROM features apps built from source, an attractive yellow and black theme and custom add-ons such as the Liberty Customizer (enabling you to add back BLUR apps). Hit the break to see full instructions for both the DROID 3 and Bionic from RootzWiki as well as screenshots of the attractive ROM in action.

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DROID Bionic and DROID 3 get their first custom ROMS

Now that we have the official bootstrap apps and an easy root method, ROMs for the DROID Bionic and DROID 3 will start coming out like wildfire. We present you with the first two; Unleashed for the Bionic and Steel Droid for the DROID 3. They have been de-bloated, include tweaks to build.props, and run on the latest firmware. This is only the beginning as we should see a lot more over the next few weeks.

Links – Unleashed (Bionic) / Steel Droid (DROID3)

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Droid Bionic Receives First Deodexed Version ROM

So, you finally got your hands on a Droid Bionic and you’ve only had to wait since last CES for it.  So now what?  How about a little Root & ROM action?  The initial “Deodexed” version is now available for your downloading pleasure and there’s promise of more action to follow.  Thanks to Kejar31, you can hack the Blur based device and start customizing until your hearts content.  Tweaks are at a minimum, but like we said, more is to follow and we should encounter some big changes in future releases.  If you’re feeling frisky and ready to give a try (at your own risk, of course) then hit the break for the full download instructions and source link which heads over to the thread.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what the developer’s community produces in the weeks to come.   Read more

Motorola Edison turns up again

Just the other day we reported on a mysterious Motorola Edison which turned up in code on the Bionic’s Webtop. The Edison has since turned up again, this time in a FCC filing. Speculation was that the Edison could be the Droid HD, but now it is more likely that this will be a Bionic equivalent on AT&T’s network, perhaps the Dinara.If not that, it could also be an Atrix 2. Time will tell.  The bad news is the FCC filing doesn’t mention LTE at all, potentially shattering the hopes that this would be one of AT&T’s first LTE devices.

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Moto Edison discovered in Droid Bionic Webtop code

Recently, some Bionic owners have taken to snooping around Webtop code and they have discovered something of interest. In a file meant to check for phone models, the code lists olympus, common, sunfire, targa, and edison. Now the Olympus, Sunfire, and Targa are the Atrix, Photon, and Bionic, respectively. How about those other two though? The first being common, it is probably safe to assume this refers generically to any Webtop enabled device. Edison on the other hand, is likely a different matter. This is the first mention of a Motorola Edison. While speculatory, we have some suspicions as to what this may be. The Motorola Atrix is due for a refresh and how about that leaked Droid HD. At this point it may even be nothing! Not all phones make it past the drawing board. However, the fact that it appears in Moto code, as opposed to the rumor mill, does suggest better odds that this device is somewhere just beyond the horizon.

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Motorola DROID Bionic unofficial CWM-Recovery available now

Earlier today we showed you CyanogenMod 7 running on the DROID Bionic, but we also saw an unofficial ClockWorkMod recovery running. It is now available for you to download, but please make sure you understand the following (from CVPCS):

  • This is not an official CWR release. Official CWR releases are signed off by Koush.
  • This will not be on market. I’ll leave that for when Koush makes an official release.
  • This is for BIONIC ONLY. Do not try to use this with the DROID 3 or any other device.
  • I am not responsible for any loss of data if there are bugs present. I have tested it but that doesn’t mean it’s bug free!

Download the BionicBootstrap.apk file. This works in the same way that the Droid2Bootstrap and DroidXBootstrap applications work.

[via cvpcs and rootzwiki]

Amazon is offering $50 gift cards with the purchase of any Verizon Wireless phone, Including the DROID Bionic

If you are thinking of opening a new line with Verizon Wireless, you might want to take a look at Amazon. Starting today they are offering a $50 gift with the purchase of any Verizon phone or mobile broadband device.

The deal includes the very hot DROID Bionic, and right now they are offering it for $179.99 for new lines. That means you are essentially getting it for $129.99. If you plan on getting accessories, it works out, because you can use your gift card towards them.

The deal ends on September 26th.

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