Firefox Beta for Android gets updated to support Firefox accounts, data sync

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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firefox sync

Mozilla’s “Firefox Accounts,” introduced earlier this year, was created to help sync all data used between the Firefox browsers on your computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. This information includes passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, settings, open tabs, etc.

Now, support for Firefox Accounts has come to its Android beta app. You’ll be able to turn on the feature by tapping on the message that will appear when you open up a new tab while using the updated app for the first time.

Hit the break below for the full changelog as well as a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Sonos details new music controller app to be released later this year, Android beta available now

by Jared Peters on
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Sonos has announced they’ll be releasing a new controller app for their wireless music streaming devices later this year. The app will feature a fresh interface redesign, and will feature an easy way to browse music over multiple music streaming services. While listening to something on Pandora, you can pull up their discography on Spotify, for instance. If you’re the type of person that handles their music streaming and collection across multiple services, this is going to streamline your music experience for the better.

Sonos is planning on releasing the app later this year, hopefully in the late spring. However, they’re taking advantage of Android’s openness and flexibility, and they’ve released a beta version of the app for Android phones and tablets. You can log into your account on the Sonos website to get your hands on the beta app.

source: Sonos

New Swiftkey Beta includes Evernote and Google+ personalization

by Jared Peters on
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Swiftkey beta

Swiftkey has issued a new beta update, and it’s including a few new personalization features as well as typical bug fixes and optimizations.

Swiftkey has always been able to learn predictions and typing patterns from some social media sites and your personal texts and emails, but the keyboard will now be able to check your Google+ posts and Evernote notes and archives in order to create better predictions based on how you type. It’s not a new feature, but it’s a nice refinement of one of Swiftkey’s best features.

On top of the new personalization options, there are also tweaks and optimizations for the emoji system implemented in the last beta update. If you’re using the current beta, hit the link below to download the new version before your old version expires on the 20th.

source: Swiftkey

QuizUp hits Android in private beta, public launch slated for next week

by Jared Peters on
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QuizUp Logo

QuizUp, an extremely popular quiz game on iOS, is finally, almost ready to make its Android debut. The game is fairly simple; you select a topic from over 300 choices, and QuizUp matches you with someone that’s judged to be about as smart as you are about that topic. It then quizzes both players with multiple choice questions, and the faster you select the correct answer, the more points you win. It’s a game of balancing intelligence, speed, and good guesswork, and it’s a ton of fun.

You can also challenge specific friends to quizzes, and even if they aren’t available to play immediately, QuizUp will record your answers and timing and your friend can catch up later. It’s a fantastic example of asynchronous multiplayer done right.  » Read the rest

Pebble releases beta version of app store for Android users

by Jeff Causey on
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Earlier today Pebble released an app store for their smartwatches for users mating them with iOS devices. Not wanting to leave out Android users, Pebble’s developers have released a beta version of the Pebble Android mobile app that includes code for the app store for the first time on the Android platform. The app is intended for developers, so access to the app store even on a beta basis means having to register as a developer. You will also have to know how to sideload apk files to get it installed.

As a beta release, Pebble’s development team is aware of problems. The good news is the beta works, along with the app store component, albeit it runs slow. Users do have to contend with Pebble’s limitation of 8 apps installed at any one time as well. Hopefully Pebble will be able to attract enough testers to provide some solid feedback so the app can move out of beta and to an official release for all users in a short period of time.

source: @PebbleDev

Feedly introduces ‘speed reading’ feature on beta app for Android

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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When Google shut down its semi-popular ‘Reader’ RSS reader, it encouraged its users to use other popular readers such as Feedly.

Feedly certainly took advantage of the opportunity, as it quickly enhanced its offering and created many new features for users.

Today, Feedly continued the trend by adding a “speed reading” feature to the beta version of its  Android application. You’ll now be able to use a simple tap gesture to quickly move from one article to the next without waiting around for the page to load. If you’re part of the Feedly beta community, head on over to the Play Store and grab the update.

The new version also includes a few bug fixes (rendering on Android 4.1, an issue with the back button, login expiration, and more).

Hit the source link to see a GIF of the new feature in action. 

Source: Feedly Blog


Koush’s AllCast beta app now available in Play Store

by Jared Peters on
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Koush’s AllCast Beta application is now officially available on the Play Store via Google+’s beta community feature. The app is pretty similar to the apk he released a few days ago, although that app was set to expire this month. The new beta will be freely available to users, and all you’ll have to do is sign up on Google+.

If you’re interested, you can find Koush’s post below that has links to both the Google+ beta community and the Play Store link for the app.

source: Google+

Any.Do opens up beta for Cal on Android

by Jared Peters on
tagged , , , cal has been teasing its Android version of their Cal app for a while now, but they’ve finally opened up the beta for the app via Google+’s beta communities. Cal shares many minimalist designs and features with, which is one of the best note taking apps available for Android. It is a beta, of course, so it’s not completely stable for every day use. There are going to be bugs, stability issues, and a bit of lag here and there. Overall, though, it’s shaping up to be a great calendar replacement app. has already posted up a laundry list of features that Cal offers, and it’s definitely worth checking out.
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Twitter unveils version 5.0 of Android app, available only to closed group of beta-testers

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Twitter unveiled its newest version of its Android app today, bringing it to version 5.0. The update is only available to beta-testers right now who have previously signed up to be part of Twitter’s app testing for Android program.  The update brings a completely revamped look, the ability to view in-line images/videos and a redesigned menu bar. It certainly has aesthetic appeal over the previous version, but after some testing we’ll let you know if the performance is able to keep up.

Unfortunately, the beta-testing group is now closed, so if you didn’t join when you still could, you won’t be able to get the updated version straight through Google Play. (Download via APK is necessary.)

Source: Engadget

Twitter opens up their Android Beta Program

by Aditya Thawardas on
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Twitter_Splash_BannerUsually the one to start trends, Twitter is following the trend and activating their beta program. Joining big name apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and Nova, the Twitter Beta Program allows you to access experimental features that aren’t yet live to the general public.

To join, head to the source link below, join the group, and then opt-in to the beta when prompted. From there you can download the beta Twitter app from the Google Play Store like normal. Try it out, and let Twitter know what you think, if you are so inclined.

Source: Twitter for Android Experiment