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Lucky Few Get Amazing Treat With Best Buy Oops

Well chalk this up as being some of the most lucky folk in the United States… A few lucky folk were able to get their hands on one of the most anticipated devices of the year a bit early. A few various users reported to Android Police that they were able to get the Galaxy Nexus from the folks over at Best Buy. Check out the screen shots below for proof.

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Why I Got Rid of My DROID Razr and Am Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus

The moment I heard about the DROID Razr I was extremely excited.  I checked out the Droid Does web site constantly drooling over this phone. A few days before the launch, a contest was held where the first person to decipher the code won the phone. Sadly I didn’t win the phone, but that didn’t stop my drooling over it. It did land me this job here however, so I chalk that up as a major win in itself.

The Razr

I happened to be in Best Buy on 11.11.11, the day the Razr was released, and stopped by the mobile phone department to see if they had one to play with. The moment I touched it I was surprised at how light it was. The screen was rather crisp and the phone was quite quick. I was hooked. I bought one right then and there. I didn’t hold out for the Nexus because of Motorola’s announcement about bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Razr and figured I could patiently wait for that update. At this point, we were thinking it would be the beginning of 2012 to see it.

I took it home and started installing all my apps (roughly 150). I was impressed with the amount of internal storage the phone had. I was able to install all of my apps without moving any to the SD card with a heap of storage to spare. I still moved some out of principle, but it was nice knowing that I didn’t have to. All the apps started up quickly and I saw no lag, whatsoever. I was impressed.

For the first few days I had the phone I was in heaven. It did everything I wanted it to with ease and finesse. The Motorola don’t-call-it-blur overlay had a few bells and whistles I was impressed with. I liked their contact widget and the little flare they had when you switched between home screens was nice. I did notice that there were only five home screens to play with. Considering that the norm is seven, and I use every single one of them, I was a little miffed at only having five. Maybe Motorola figured we only needed five, something I didn’t like, but something I could over look. Read more

Best Buy to Start Receiving Galaxy Nexus Stock Today, Mums the Word

Well well. It looks like Best Buy is to start receiving Verizon Galaxy Nexus stock today but based on the disclosure seen in the screen shot, you’re not supposed to know that. Now, I wouldn’t go calling or visiting your local Best Buy in hopes of receiving some top secret info. They are going to be pretty tight lipped about this device and I presume you will just have to wait until friday.

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[Deal] Best Buy has the ASUS Transformer for $299.99 with free shipping

It’s not as hot as the Black Friday price, but $299.99 with free shipping will probably be the cheapest the ASUS Transformer will be this holiday season. No, it’s not the quad-core beast Transformer Prime, but this is by far the best tablet you can buy for the money. We have no idea how much stock they have, so I recommend you order quickly.

Thanks Steve

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Amazon Kindle Fire is outselling the iPad at

The Amazon Kindle Fire was released with high expectations. How could it not be one of the hottest items this Holiday season priced at $199.99? The real question is how well it will do against the iPad, everyone’s measuring stick. Unfortunately these two devices are completely different, but the Kindle Fire has the ability to get into more hands of mainstream Americans since it costs $300 less.

The results are starting to show as Best Buy is showing the Kindle Fire as the best selling tablet. Is this a shocker to anyone? It all comes down to price and with a name like Amazon the Kindle Fire will have continued success. Eventually Android will take over iOS for tablet market share, and the Kindle Fire will be one of the biggest contributing factors even though it’s not marketed as an Android device.

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Add Another Rumored Galaxy Nexus Release Date to the Board – December 11th

Stacy here, bringing you the latest in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date nonsense. So I guess some Best Buy screen shot showed up in the rumor mill today, showing an “in stock” date of December 11th (what’s this like the 36th one now?) . No this isn’t official and no I don’t recommend camping out in Best Buy’s parking lot the night before.

After talking with a local Best Buy manager I learned that while sometimes these dates actually end up yielding product, that doesn’t mean that they will begin sales on that day. Also, this is a screenshot for ONE store, meaning every Best Buy’s inventory screen throughout the country could potentially show different stock arrival dates. Besides, even if they did arrive on the 11th, deliveries don’t always happen in the morning, therefore the 12th could potentially be the release date. So until we get official word from Verizon themselves, I would hold off on making any real plans to buy this phone, and trust me, you will know when it’s official because we will post ‘confirmed’ in big block letters in our article’s tittle letting everyone know when it’s time to rejoice. Hopefully by then I will have a good head start and will be halfway to my local Verizon store to pick mine up before you do. :-D (I kid, I kid)

Until then, take this with a grain of salt cause it may in fact be a fake, possibly, but not probably. You see, the dimensions are a bit off from Google’s official specs that are posted on the US variant’s webpage, but of course we all know how Best Buy likes to make critical errors when entering device information, so who knows. Just thought we should pass these details along.

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Best Buy Clears Up ‘Nexus Prime’ SNAFU

It looks like Best Buy is ready to man-up and take the blame for printing the wrong name for the Galaxy Nexus in their upcoming December Buyer’s Guide. Although many reported that Best Buy was in fact correct and that Verizon changed the US variant to ‘Nexus Prime’, we stuck to our guns and knew it was still to be named the Galaxy Nexus. This just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you read and some sites are more reputable than others. :-D

Now if Best Buy would only correct their online product page!

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Retailer FAIL: Best Buy Accidentally Lists Galaxy Nexus As Nexus Prime On Website

Well this must be embarrassing for Best Buy. Someone must not care about the most anticipated Android of the year and carelessly gave it some other name. As you can clearly see, Best Buy has the Samsung Nexus Prime for sale for the great price of $299.99. That’s great and all, but we all know about the whole wrong name issue that’s happened before. Let’s see how long it takes before this slight snafu is cleared up.

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Best Buy and CompUSA Jump on the Transformer Prime Pre-Order Bandwagon

It’s true that many of you have passed up on holiday tablet sales just to save your hard earned cash for the next best thing. I am willing to go out on a limb to say that device could only be non other than the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The quad-core Tegra 3 driven beast has already been promised a future ICS upgrade and we’ve even seen it running in action. Amazon and Gamestop were the first to start taking pre-orders but now Best Buy and CompUSA wants a piece of the action as well. Both colors of the Transformer Prime can be pre-ordered right now through Best Buys website for $499.99, as they are only offering the 32GB versions at this time. CompUSA has both colors and variations with the 32GB and 64GB models going for $499.99 and $599.99 respectively. Hit either of the source links below to place your pre-order or for further details.

Rumors still point at a December 9th release date but we have yet to obtain any official confirmation other than “sometime in December”.

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Silly Best Buy, It’s Galaxy Nexus not “Nexus Prime”

Oh snap! Somebody within Best Buy marketing either made a huge snafu or Verizon decided to throw a major curve ball real late in the game. According to Best Buy’s upcoming December wireless catalog, the Galaxy Nexus, as it was officially named by Google, has reappeared with the Nexus Prime name. Some reports are saying that they believe the ad to be true and that Verizon wants to have their device stand out from the other carriers’ device. I personally don’t believe this to be the case because Best Buy has been known to botch a few print ads here and there. Another reason this sounds fishy is because the ad refers to the phone as being apart of the Galaxy S II family – which we know it isn’t.

Over the past couple months we have seen the device referred to by Verizon as the Galaxy Nexus on many occasions,on ads, in print, on accessory packaging and on in store training documents. For Verizon to decide to change the name so late in the game makes no sense. What could have happened for them to go to this extent? I just don’t really see any foreseeable reason for the name change and I atribute this to a major error on Best Buy’s part. Who knows, I could be wrong and this is Big Red’s way of putting their stamp on Google’s latest masterpiece, either way, it makes for some entertaining news and we will definitely keep our eye on this one. I am willing to bet that you can plan on buying a new Galaxy Nexus hopefully on December 8th, or whenever they decide to release the damn thing. Jump past the break to see another page of the ad.

What do you guys think? Fact or fiction?

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