Verizon Galaxy Tab Drops to $499 at Best Buy

by Jesse Bauer on
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vzw galaxy tab

Prices keep on dropping for the Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 2.2, and Best Buy is showing the Verizon Galaxy Tab dropping $100 off the no contract price from $599 to $499!

“What’s the catch?” you say…well, you do have to sign up for your first month, then after that, you’re free to leave and go on without a contract from one of the monthly price points listed below;

  • $20/month for 1GB
  • $35/month for 3GB
  • $50/month for 5GB
  • $80/month for 8GB

Seems like a pretty good deal for the Galaxy Tab considering it hasn’t been out just over a month. Will this new price convince you to grab one?

[via AndroidCentral]

HTC Knight (aka EVO Shift 4G) shows up in Best Buy database as PG0610

by Mikka Burrell on
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The HTC Knight, also known as the EVO Shift 4G and Speedy, has shown up in the Best Buy data transfer system as the HTC PG0610. This is the Android device with a slide-out keyboard  that is expected to be released on Sprint, as their version of the G2.

Details about the device haven’t exactly been figured out though — but if it’s showing up in Best Buy’s system, hopefully it won’t be too long before we see a release.

Google Nexus S Now Available at Best Buy

by Jesse Bauer on
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The Google Nexus S smartphone is finally available after all the Hooplah about it over the past couple of months! Best Buy has 2 options for everyone, either $529.99 for the unlocked version, or $199.99 with a 2-year contract through T-Mobile. Get your hands on some Gingerbread before its eaten!

Here’s what Best buy has to say about it;

The second-generation Nexus smart phone is loaded with great features and boasts Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the newest version of Android. Features include built-in mobile hotspot capability, improved voice action, better navigation and popular Google features like Gmail. Its sleek 4″ WVGA contour display offers maximized visibility. The 5.0MP digital camera lets you snap great photos to share.

Requires a minimum data plan starting at $10 a month.

If you can’t wait and want to jump all over this, click here for the unlocked Best Buy Page, and here for the T-Mobile contract buy page.

[via - Best Buy]

Best Buy Puts Dell Streak on Sale for $99

by Jesse Bauer on
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Best Buy in the US has marked down the AT&T Dell Streak from $499 (regular price) to $99 (on a 2 year contract). I know, sounds amazing! It is a pretty good deal, but just to be clear, the $99 price is with a 2 year contract, the regular price they have listed was without contracts…those marketing decievers!

In any regard, it’s still a pretty sweet deal for the Dell Streak which is getting Android 2.2 updates by the end of this month as well, making this a pretty hot deal. If you like, hit up Best Buy here, and pick either the white or black editions for the same sale price.

[via Engadget]

Nexus S landing page goes live on Best Buy’s website

by Tyler Cunningham on
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Now that the Nexus S has formally been announced, Best Buy has decided to put up the landing page! Right now it features the shiny new stock photo that came with the announcement, advertises that Android 2.3 comes preinstalled, and also plugs its speed,contour display, and that the latest Google Mobile apps come installed as well.

Not much to see just yet, but seeing as this is slated to go on sale December 16th, I imagine this will turn into a pre-order page in the coming days. Stay tuned.

[via Best Buy]

Best Buy Offering Free Smartphones Through Holidays

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Best Buy is now offering free smartphones throughout the holiday season within its Best Buy Mobile areas, as well as online. You’ll see at least 4 free smartphones (one from each carrier), where currently, they list fourteen phones for $0. You’ll see phones including HTC’s DROID Incredible and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10.

We were excited by the amount of consumer interest we received around our ‘Free Phone Fridays’ promotion in October, so we wanted to do it again only bigger,” said Best Buy Mobile’s president, Shawn Score. “People want smart phones and we couldn’t think of a better way to end the year for our customers than to offer free devices every day in December.

Great deals from Best Buy, as we’ve come to almost always expect.

[via Press Release]

Best Buy Cyber Monday deal on T-Mobile G2,

by Tyler Cunningham on
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In case you weren’t aware, Best Buy has a pretty great Cyber Monday deal right now for the T-Mobile G2. If you make your purchase before the end of today, you can pick up a G2 for the price of…. nothing with a new two year contract.

So, if you’ve been eyeing the G2 and need to resign your contract, you may want to check out this deal by hitting up the source link below.

[via BestBuy]

Droid Pro only $99 at Best Buy

by Tyler Cunningham on
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Wait…wha? That’s right folks, Best Buy is offering the newly released Droid Pro for only $99! Naturally you’ll need a new 2-year contract, but if you’re up for renewal and you wanted a Droid Pro, this is the best deal around right now. You can order online or head down to your local retail store and walk away with some extra cash in your pocket.

Are any of you going to take advantage of this deal? Have you already bought one? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

[via Phandroid]

Dell Streak in White Available Exclusively at Best Buy in US

by Jesse Bauer on
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dellstreak white1

The Dell Streak has shown itself off dressed in white! This is another device in the trend of competing with the popularity of the white iPhone, Dell is looking to have these flying off the shelves at Best Buy stores across the US. The white Dell Streak is available in the store, but can also be per-ordered online and picked up at the nearest Best Buy for your convenience.

The check your local Best Buy for availability, or to purchase it online, check Best Buy here.

Check out the Photos below to see if you prefer the white over black.

Best Buy offering up some good Android deals on Black Friday

by Tyler Cunningham on
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The busiest shopping day of the year, aka Black Friday, is only two weeks away. Best Buy is always a major shopping destination on that day, and they have a few great Android deals to be had. A couple of them require a new 2-year agreement, but if you’re in the market for one of those the price for a couple of these is out of the world. Check out the deals below:

  • Samsung Transform – $69.99 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab – $549.99
  • LG Optimus S (Charcoal and Purple) – $1 with 2 year contract
  • HTC Droid Incredible – $1 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Fascinate – $1 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab -$549.99

Any of those one dollar deals are pretty sweet, but again you need to get that pesky new contract. We’d love to hear from you! Are you planning on heading to Best Buy in two weeks and grabbing one (or more) of these Android devices? Leave us a comment below and let your voice be heard!

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