White Samsung Stratosphere Exclusive to Best Buy Available Tomorrow

Verizon recently released the new and affordable, Samsung Stratosphere, a slide out QWERTY 4G device that has already been rooted and can be found for as little as $79 at Staples. If you missed it, we have already done an initial unboxing and full on review of the phone so be sure to check them out to get yourself up to speed. As far as reasonably priced 4G phones go, this has got to be one of the best options out there.

If you are someone who wants a budget friendly 4G device but still want to stand out in a crowd, you could head to Best Buy tomorrow and pick yourself up a new, white Samsung Stratosphere for $149 instead of the common blackish/grey version. This new color offering is exclusive to Best Buy so don’t think you will be able to go to Staples and pick it up for the sale price of half off. I know this sucks but I have got one even better for you.

The Stratosphere is one of the devices that Best Buy is giving away for  free with a new 2 year contract on Black Friday, white included. So if you can hold out a few more days, hit up Best Buy as early as midnight on Thursday to score one of these great phones at an even greater price. Free.

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Black Friday at Best Buy – More Like Tablet Blowout Friday

Today on the internets, various sites took it upon themselves and outed the newspaper ads that everybody likes to study on Thanksgiving, the day before the madness begins. By the looks of Best Buy’s Black Friday ad apparently they are trying to blow out some Android tablets by reducing them to killer prices. You can snag an Asus Transformer for just $249 and a Toshiba Thrive for $279. If that is still a bit steep for our liking then how about a Acer Iconia 7 for $189, or a Pandigital Multimedia Novel 7 for a measly 79 bucks. Check out the full ads after the break below, your bound to find something appealing. They even have some good prices on smartphones too. Read more

Motorola Xoom Family Edition Available For $379 As Best Buy Exclusive October 16th

The family friendly version of the Motorola Xoom, dubbed the Motorola Xoom Family Edition, has been officially announced as a Best Buy exclusive and will go on sale October 16th for $379. The tablet is meant for versatile use by all members of the family, enabling mom and dad to use it in the office with clients by day and cuddled up on couch with their kids at night. It’s pre-installed Zoodles application also allows parents to freely hand over the device to the kids, free from worry over inappropriate content. The price will only last for a limited time, so check out these specs and get it on your holiday list early.

  • Runs on Android 3.1, built specifically for tablets
  • 1GHz dual-core processor for lightning-fast responsiveness
  • 10.1” HS IPS HD screen display with capacitive multi-touch
  • 5MP back camera with flash, with 720p video webcam
  • Preloaded with almost $40 worth of applications, plus Zoodles™, the award-winning Kid Mode application
  • Preloaded with MotoPack by Motorola XOOM (App Downloader by Motorola)
  • Preloaded with Quickoffice™ Pro HD for seamless productivity at work
  • Preloaded with MotoPrint – the application that allows you to print straight from the Web browser
  • Preloaded with fun games like Asphalt 6 from Gameloft and SIM City Deluxe
  • 16GB built-in memory
  • Battery lasts up to 10 hours for video playback and Web browsing
  • Access to more than 250,000 apps in Android Market

Hit the break for Motorola’s full press release.

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HTC Flyer was incorrectly priced at Bestbuy.com

You might have seen a few reports of Best Buy dropping the price of the HTC Flyer to $99, and that it’s only available in stores since it’s sold out online. We just wanted to let you know that one of our readers reported that they are putting up signs saying that Bestbuy.com had the incorrect price and they will not honor it.

We are not saying that you won’t be able to grab one. You might find a store that is “out of the loop,” so you could get lucky, but it looks like this hot deal is over before it began.

Thanks Jim

Samsung Prime to land on Verizon Wireless October 27?

This is strictly a rumor folks, but it appears that October 27 could be the launch date for the Samsung Prime on Verizon Wireless. Remember those leaked Best Buy documents we showed you a couple of weeks back? It looks like a similar document is making the rounds that again shows the device listed as the Samsung Prime (replacement for Charge), but this time with a release date of October 27.

Device Launch Information

Please note Launch Dates Are subject to change:

Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Tablet – 10/6
Pantech Hotshot – 10/6
Samsung Stratosphere 4G- 10/13
Pantech 4G Global Modem- 10/20
Samsung Prime (Replacement for Charge) 10/27

As you can see, the dates are subject to change, but there is already one mistake (or change) as the XOOM 4G LTE release date is October 13. Also, the HTC Vigor is nowhere to be found. Our previous rumored release date for the Prime was November 3 which is only a difference of one week. Again, we don’t know when this list was created so we can’t know for sure until we have further proof.

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HTC Wildfire S Coming to Virgin Mobile Oct 23rd

Virgin Mobile has officially announced that they will start carrying the HTC Wildfire S beginning October 23nd for $200 at such outlets as Best Buy and RadioShack. This latest offering gives consumers yet another option in carriers for this Android 2.3 device as U.S. Cellular made the same announcement for their own version of the HTC Wildfire S only few days ago. Let’s take a look at the specs, shall we?

  • Runs Gingerbread and HTC Sense
  • 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen
  • 600MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM
  • 3G and Wi-Fi
  • 5MP camera with flash
  • Bluetooth 3.0

Hit the break to read the full press release.

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Best Buy to sell HTC Flyer for $299 beginning Oct. 1 – $200 decrease

Today Best Buy announced a $200 price drop for the HTC Flyer. Starting tomorrow, the device will retail for $299 and can be purchased in store and online. With all the tablet options these days it seem manufacturers realize that in order to get a piece of the action it helps to have a lower price point than the competitor’s. There has been a recent trend in lower price points with the recent $200 decrease on the BlackBerry Playbook and the upcoming $199 Amazon Kindle Fire tab. Not everyone wants or can afford a $500-$900 tablet. It’s nice to see the trend is dying down, and more tablets are becoming available at a reasonable price.

With the HTC Flyer having an unlocked bootloader, we should see many options for customization in the future. Don’t forget that at some point it’s scheduled to receive the Honeycomb update as well.

Full press release after the jump.

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Virgin Mobile Getting LG Optimus Slider Available At Best Buy Soon

The LG Optimus Slider, or LG Enlighten that’s supposed to be going to Verizon and Sprint, looks like it’s going the pre-paid route as well. Best Buy has this slider listed on their web site as “Coming Soon” at a price of 199.99. At this price I can’t image there would be any dual-core goodness in this device, but who knows. Of course, there’s always room for sliders out there for those who just can’t not have a physical keyboard. We’ll have to wait for a full announcement to get the specs on this device going to Virgin Mobile unless some start to leak out.

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Cricket Will Be Introducing Unique New Phones To Best Buy Locations Nationwide

Cricket, with it’s fast growing Muve Music service, will be introducing themselves into 1,300 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations nationwide. The Samsung Vitality and the ZTE Score will be availble first at Best Buy with the ZTE Chorus becoming available before the holiday season. With the Vitality available for $199.99 and the Score at $129.99, both will be able to take advantage of the $55/month Muve Music Rate plan to enjoy unlimited song downloads, unlimited TXT and MMS, unlimited 3G, and 1,000 nation wide minutes. The ZTE Chorus seems to be on Feature Phone plan at $45/month giving the same exact benefits as the previous. Sounds interesting enough to check out. Check out the full press release after the break and let us know what you think.

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Pre-Orders Have Started At Best Buy For Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung has been gearing up for their Galaxy Tab 8.9 and you can now pre-order both the 16GB ($469.99) and 32GB ($569.99) models over at Best Buy. Packed with Android 3.1, a dual-core 1GHz processor, and an 8.9-inch 1200×800 WXGA display this is sure to be a good choice if the 10-inch version isn’t for you. Best Buy’s estimated arrival date is listing 9/25 through 9/30, so hop over to the page via the source link to make one yours.

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