Select retailers are selling Samsung’s jumbo Galaxy View


Samsung believes that it has identified an untapped market that demands an Android tablet with an 18.4-inch display. Seriously, the company announced the Galaxy View last week, surprising many by putting Android on a device that has a display approaching 20 inches. Remember that this is Samsung and no size or form factor is too abnormal to try. If you’re interested a jumbo tablet, you can now purchase the Galaxy View from select retailers.

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Pebble’s Time Round begins shipping this weekend, hits stores too


In late September, Pebble introduced the world’s thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the Time Round. The company started accepting pre-orders right away and even began selling compatible metal bands just a few weeks ago. Now, after getting everything prepared for a smooth launch, Pebble has scheduled the date for Time Round orders to start shipping and when consumers can walk into select retail stores and leave with a fancy new smartwatch.

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