Huawei, Best Buy, and Newegg join Amazon in selling the GX8


At the end of last week, Huawei’s somewhat new GX8 became available in the United States through Amazon. Now, the phone, which costs $349 off-contract, can be bought through an additional three retailers as Huawei is expanding their reach in the country. Huawei itself along with Best Buy and Newegg are joining Amazon in selling the GX8 to U.S. consumers.

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Best Buy is selling the Nexus 6P, temporary discount included


The Nexus 6P, Google’s high-end flagship to carry the company through most of 2016, is now being sold by another retailer. As expected, Best Buy is selling the Nexus 6P. The electronics retailer is selling just the 64GB model in Aluminum at the moment while also taking $50 off of its price. So you can get this model for $499 compared to its usual $549 price.

It’s unclear when (or even if) Best Buy will be adding other storage options and colors of the Nexus 6P to its lineup.

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