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Samsung Galaxy Tab comes to Bell, data plans start at $20 / month

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, possibly named thus for it’s ability to show up on every carrier in the universe, has now come to carrier Bell. The device won’t be available in all locations, but the company has released a list of where you can pick one up. The Tab comes with all the standard specs, and will have some pretty standard pricing to boot.

According to Bell, you can pick up a Tab for $649.95 without any type of commitment, but with a “Tablet Flex plan”, you’ll receive a $50 bill credit. Data plans include:

  • 500 MB / Month – $20
  • 5 GB / Month – $35

If you find yourself on the lower data plan but end up using more than the allotted amount of internet goodness, you’ll automatically be bumped up to the second plan, rather than paying for overages directly. There is also a “Tablet TV add-on” for $10 / month, which gives you 10 hours of viewing every month, with overages at $1 / hour.

Be sure to hit the source link below for all the information on the Galaxy Tab from Bell, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[Bell via MobileSyrup]

Rant Update – Rogers Wireless Fail in Launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab

rogers galaxy tab fail

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has arrived at Bell Canada and Rogers Wireless, and I’m having a hard time getting one! Honestly, I just want to get one, and have someone at Rogers tell me when and where I can pick one up. That’s all I ask as a customer. In my quest to find the Galaxy Tab, I went to Rogers RedBoard, where you’ll see here, they announced they were the first to launch the Galaxy Tab in Canada, however…I beg to differ!

rogers fail

The page shows that Rogers has it available in stores as of November 16 for purchase, but when I called 3 different locations in my city, each different person I spoke with barely knew what a Samsung Galaxy tab was, never mind when they were to receive them in stock. This left me wondering how Rogers trains their staff, but that’s a whole other story…

Read More Ranting on Rogers below…

Rogers Wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing Leaked!


Sorry about the picture quality here, so I’ll sum it up for everyone. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to Rogers Wireless and Bell Canada very soon (I suspect after Nov 11th 2010), and although no official pricing has been announced, a tipster was able to send this to MobileSyrup.

Here is the pricing listed, which may be subject to change prior to launch;

  • $674.99 No Contract
  • $599.99 with 1-year
  • $564.99 with 2-year
  • $539.99 with 3-year

We’ll let you know when an official date is set!

[via mobilesyrup]

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Coming Soon to Telus Mobility

Telus Samsung Fascinate

Canada is finally getting more Android love with our carriers! We’ve reported stories on Rogers and Bell launching the Samsung Galaxy, as well as the offers you may find on it at your local Future Shop or Best Buy. Let’s add Telus to the hype for Fall Android releases as they wind up to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.

Although Rogers and Bell are launching the Galaxy this weekend, Telus does not specify a date, rather “Coming Soon” is seen on their headlines page. Telus has had great success with its currently available HTC Desire, and will likely launch the Galaxy S Fascinate before the holiday shopping season starts to take off. Pricing will likely be similar to what we see with Rogers, which is around $150 – $180 CAN on a 3 year contract.

Samsung is really getting its products out there across the carriers to ensure everybody, regardless of which carrier you may be locked into, can get their hands on the Galaxy S family.

[via mobilesyrup]

Sneak Peek at Samsung Galaxy Tablet coming to Canada

Samsung Galaxy S Tablet

Here’s a hands on look at the new Samsung Galaxy tablet coming to Canada via Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility. One easily noticeable difference is the color on the back-plate…it’s carbon black instead of white!

We don’t know when the Galaxy Tablet will officially be made available either at Rogers or Bell, but we do know it’ll be near the end of November 2010. Let’s hope its sooner, seeing as it’s major launch in the US is the beginning of November.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek!

HTC Desire Z headed to Bell Canada

Bell Canada, one of the top wireless providers up north, is getting a new phone: the HTC Desire Z. Known on T-Mobile USA as the HTC G2, we can assume the device will come to Bell Canada with all the same specs, which include:

  • Android 2.2
  • 800MHz Qualcomm processor
  • 4GB ROM memory
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 3.7″ capacitive touchscreen
  • 5MP flash camera

[via Bell]

Bell Canada to launch HTC Desire Z

Bell Desire Z Confirmed

There have been rumors that the HTC Desire Z may be coming to Canada this year, specifically to Bell. Rumors are becoming reality as we see in the photo above.

This confirms that Bell will be selling the HTC Desire Z for $499CAN. One can only assume it’ll be available very soon, but rumors dictate an early November launch.

The HTC Desire Z ships with Android 2.2, full QWERTY keyboard under screen hinge, 5 megapixel camera with flash, 720p HD video, Wi-Fi and an 800MHz Qualcomm CPU.

[via mobilesyrup]

Samsung Galaxy Tab headed to Canada via Rogers and Bell

So, you live in Canada and want to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, eh? Well, thanks to Rogers and Bell, you’ll be able to do just that. Samsung has announced they will be offering the Android 2.2 tablet in Canada later this year, but have given no indication as to exactly when, or for how much.

Continue after the break for the full presser from Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant comes to Bell

As Samsung continues it’s universal domination with a single handset, it looks like Bell is the latest carrier to be assimilated – er, graced with the presence, that is… of the Samsung Galaxy S, this time shining through as the Vibrant (like T-Mobile).

The wireless carrier is offering the phone for $149 on a 3-year contract, or $499.95 without a commitment. Another pretty cool deal: They’re offering up a pair of tickets, airfare and accommodations to go see Lady Gaga if you purchase one soon.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the deal at the source link listed below.

[via Bell Canada]