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Beautiful Widgets update brings new Color Widgets

beautiful_widgetsBeautiful Widgets has always had some of our favorite widgets to customize our devices, and today’s update brings a few more beautiful widgets to the fold. Update 5.6 brings new “Color Widgets,” one of which you can see above. In addition to the new widgets, bug fixes and a new “color picker” is included in this version.

Check out download links for both the Pro and Free versions after the break.

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Free version of Beautiful Widgets with in-app purchases now available


The folks over at LevelUp Studios have developed a free version of its hugely popular app, Beautiful Widgets.  Although augmented by in-app purchases for additional functionality and customization, it’s still worth a download due to the great looking widgets it provides for your home screen. Through in-app purchases it’s possible to unlock every feature that is included in the full paid version of the app.  This is nice because it allows users to pick and choose what kind of features they want, without having to pay for the full app.

Due to this welcome addition to the Google Play Store, the full app has been renamed Beautiful Widgets Pro. According to LevelUp Studios, both versions will maintain feature parity in future app updates.

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Beautiful Widgets gets updated to version 5.1 to include new widgets, more functionality



Beautiful widgets has just gotten updated to version 5.1 and gives it even more options and flexibility for users—making the awesome app even better than ever. In addition to having a few new widgets available (such as Barebone for tablets), the developer has finally removed the geolocation option in the widget— finally allowing users to manually enter their desired home location manually. Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of the Lifestyles widget which in conjunction with AccuWeather, helps users to show different ratings in order to help you plan those fun outdoor activities like going out for a run or finally having that long overdue cookout.

There are more neat improvements and new additions to the app, but you’ll need to hit past the break to get an idea of what each are and grab the updated app from the Play Store as well.

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LevelUp Studios releases Beautiful Widgets 5, boasts new features and Jelly Bean support

LevelUp Studios teased some of the new features in Beautiful Widgets 5 not too long ago, and claimed the application was being reworked from the ground up. We’ve already raved about Beautiful Widgets being one of the better weather widget apps available, so new features and more support on top of that can only be a good thing.

This version of BW offers full Jelly Bean support, including better notifications, lock screen widgets, and “daydreams” from Android 4.2. The visual aspects of many of the widgets have also been reworked. There’s also a new forecast app and a theme store. If you like extreme widget customization, you’re going to be very happy with this update. Hit the break for the download links. Read more

Level Up Studio teases new Beautiful Widgets 5.0

A couple of the benefits Android users enjoy compared to other mobile platforms include the ability to put widgets on their screens and the ability to customize the interface. Level Up Studio helps merge those two functions with their Beautiful Widgets app that gives users the ability to implement some stunning widgets on their devices. Being one of the first in the market does have a downside though as an app can become out of date, especially with changes to the Android ecosystem. To combat that, Level Up Studio has been working on new version, Beautiful Widgets 5.0., that they teased today with some new screenshots and a some information about improvements.

According to Level Up Studio, the new app is being rewritten from the ground up. One improvement is that the new version will now have a base for future enhancements, helping to decrease the cycle time between updates. For users, Beautiful Widgets 5.0 has improved configuration and preview capabilities and the weather information has been revamped in response to user feedback.

Level Up Studio has not released information about availability, other than indicating it will be released “in a few weeks.” They have put the current version of Beautiful Widgets on sale for 99 cents through Google Play and you will be eligible for the 5.0 update when it is released. If you want to grab it now, just use one of the download links below.

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source: Level Up Studio

Beautiful Widgets: First Paid App to Reach 1 Million Downloads

The first thing I did when I switched from my HTC phone to my Droid X was secour the internet in an attempt to bring the Sense flip clock to it. In my search I stumbled across a forum that boasted Beautiful Widgets as being the closest thing to getting the Sense flip clock on my device. I hurriedly downloaded the app and since my first install I haven’t used anything else; even when I moved on from my Droid X to another HTC phone. Beautiful Widgets gives us handy widgets and shortcuts right on our homescreens and make them look, well, beautiful.

Given that this is one of my essential widgets of use, I was quite excited to read that LevelUp Studios, the creators of Beautiful Widgets, had announced that the app is the first paid-for app to reach the 1 million downloads. In celebration they released an infographic toting some pretty awesome stats. They are:

  • 121 updates in the Android Market
  • There is a total number of 1109 skins
  • These skins have 1.3 million downloads every month.

Beautiful Widgets is also part of Google’s 10 Billion App Download celebration which means you can get these awesome widgets for $0.10. When I checked a moment ago it was still available for that price. So if I were you I would jump on the chance to check out this awesome app for an awesome price. Hit the break below for download links and to check out the infographic. Read more

GetJar Gold Offers Beautiful Widgets for Free

If you’ve been waiting for an opportune time for Beautiful Widgets to spruce up your Android homescreen, now would be it. Third-party Android app provider GetJar has beginning offering the venerable widget suite for free under their Gold list of apps. Beautiful Widgets, for those of you unfamiliar, is a spectacularly customizable set of widgets available on the Android Market for $2.75. For those afraid of not supporting the developer through the free download, GetJar has let us know that the developer actually gets paid per download, so it’s a win-win all around; we certainly won’t begrudge someone who wants to get something for free. Those of you looking to grab Beautiful Widgets for free can do so from GetJar’s website.

Beautiful Widgets Tablet Gets the Hands On Treatment

Anyone who is familiar with the Beautiful Widgets app knows that the widget application lives up to its moniker. What once started as a Sense clock-widget clone for non-Sense-based ROMs and phones has evolved into a widget set with ever growing functionality and customization. Its newest tablet-based beta iteration has been downloaded and used by our brothers in green over at Android Central, and they’ve taken the time to give us a video walk-through. Check it out after the break! Read more

Review: Make Twitter Beautiful With Touiteur for Android

Back in 2006 Jack Dorsey created the monster that is now known as Twitter (It was originally just “twttr”), and the site has since grown exponentially to the point where as of June 2010 around 65 million tweets are posted every day. Due to Twitter’s popularity and openness with their API, a slew of applications are available for every format you can possibly think of… but of course we only care about one. Now like every other tech-orientated geek I’ve tried most, if not all twitter apps available on the Android Market. Fortunately as I also have one of the shortest attention-spans known to man, I’m continuously on the lookout for the next best Twitter application… however I always seem to get drawn back to one in particular: Touiteur. Read more