Monster sues Beats Audio over allegations of fraud


Monster LLC which helped kick start the Beats line of headphones back in 2008 has now sued the Apple owned Beats by Dr. Dre brand over allegations of a “sham” transaction. The company has filed an official complaint at the Superior Court in San Mateo County, California. Apple hasn’t yet been named in the suit filed by Monster as the issue pertains to the change in ownership of Beats since it was partially acquired by HTC in 2011. Read more

AT&T Customers to Get Special Deal When Beats Music Launches on January 21st


Almost two years after the rumor that Beats Audio would be starting its own music streaming service; Beats Music is finally a reality. The streaming service boasts hand picked music stations created by a slew of music experts. However, it’s not just a server that plays predestined lists of music. According to the folks behind it. It’s more than that:

“We wanted to build a service that was more than a server, one that was truly of service to the listener. We wanted to combine the trust that comes from excellent hand-picked music with the personalization that knows you’re an individual and that a handful of stations can’t satisfy all listeners.”

Like other streaming services like Slacker, Spotify or All Access, you’ll get these features for ten dollars a month. Luckily there will be a 30 day trial for those of you who are wary of committing to a service without trying it. AT&T users will have even more perks. Read more

HTC announces the Desire 200 smartphone: a budget device with Beats Audio



The next great HTC budget device has officially been unveiled to the masses with the introduction of the Desire 200 smartphone. Like many of HTC’s previous budget offerings, the smartphone comes in a compact, yet sleek package as the device will feature a 3.5-inch display encased in a nice black or metallic grey shell. Specs-wise, the smartphone has your typical run-of-the-mill items like a single-core Snapdragon chip, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of on-board storage (plus an expandable microSD slot), a 5MP camera and a 1,230mAh battery. Oh and for prospective customers out there looking for an extra kick when listening to music, the Desire 200 will feature Beats Audio as well.

While the newest addition to the HTC family is officially launched now, there’s still no word on when or where the device will hit retail outlets— nor do we know how much it will cost for now. The good thing is that the wait for the specific details shouldn’t be too much longer from now.

source: GSM Arena

HTC M4 expected to feature full metal chassis and arrive June



You remember that mysterious HTC smartphone we have been talking about lately? You know— the one that’s supposed to be a prettier version of the One smartphone? Well it appears that we are finally getting more concrete details about the device… and boy is this mysterious toy shaping up to be a real beauty. According to the serial (but mildly inconsistent) leaker DigiTimes, the M4 is not only going to be a revision of the existing One smartphone, but it will be made out of a metal-alloy chassis produced by Catcher Technology— all in the hopes of avoiding a supply issue kind of like what we saw with the One.

While the One smartphone will likely sell like hotcakes, HTC expects its M4  to sell well regardless. Additional reports are indicating that HTC is expected to start shipments in June, with around 700,000 devices aiming to arrive in the second quarter.

source: DigiTimes

HP Slate 7 tablet confirmed for arrival in the UK on May 1st



HP’s reinvention of its mobile unit brand is nearly complete thanks to the now imminent release of its newest tablet, the Slate 7. Previously introduced at MWC earlier this year, the device is designed to go toe-to-toe with other 7-inch tablets in the market and will be targeted directly at consumers looking to get the most bang out of their money. As a refresher, the device will feature a 1.6GHz dual-core chip built-in, a 7-inch display with 1,024 x 600 resolution, Beats Audio and Jelly Bean running the show. Sure the device features items we may have already seen before, but HP is hoping to sway potential buyers, thanks to its attractive £129 price in the UK ($169 USD in other markets).

The device will ship to buyers on May 1st in the UK, though there’s no word yet on when other markets can expect to see the device just yet.

source: HP

HTC Enticing Apple iPhone Owners To Trade Their Phones In For A One X With Free urBeats Headset


If you find that you’re sick of the Apple iPhone and are interested in grabbing yourself an Android phone instead, HTC has the incentive to entice customers to come on over to the wild side. The manufacturer has presented a solid promotion where customers can trade in their iPhone (in fully functional and good condition, of course) and buy a One X instead, with a side of $99 urBeats headsets thrown in for free. Naturally customers may not expect to get top dollar for the iPhone compared to online listings like Craigslist or eBay, but you gotta admit— the idea of having the awesome One X with a sweet headset may be too good  of a deal to pass up.

The promotion ends on October 21st, so those of you iPhone owners on the fence about switching over will have some time to think about it. Hopefully you’ll find a reason or two to help make the decision a little easier.

source: HTC

Beats Audio to introduce its own smartphone, TV and iTunes-like service

Beats Audio has come along way since the launch of its first pair of headphones in 2010, but a new report suggests the company could be expanding its offerings. According to sources familiar with the matter, Beats is in the process of developing its very own Android-powered smartphone. While it’s rumored that HTC will manufacture the handset, there will be no branding on the phone to indicate so. Additionally, the company will be creating its own custom UI, exclusively designed for the new hardware. This news comes just weeks after HTC decided to sell back half of its stake in the audio equipment producer.

Interestingly, a smartphone isn’t the only thing in development, as the same source has also confirmed that the company will launch a smart TV in collaboration with Samsung. The television set will feature “Beats connect”, which is designed to compete head-to-head with the Apple TV. The idea is to allow users to be able to stream music from a smartphone or laptop to a nearby TV, similar to the way AirPlay functions. This new feature will complement Beats Audio’s upcoming music outlet, code-named Daisy, which will offer a subscription-based model for media streaming.

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Latest Reports Indicate Upcoming HTC “Endeavor C2” Smartphone Is Possibly The Successor To The One X


Well friends, it looks like we’re about to see another HTC device arrive sometime later this year. While many of you are thinking this will likely be a brand-new device, it’s looking more and more like a refresh of a really good device already on the market. Reports are indicating the new device will be codenamed “Endeavor C2” and will include a faster Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, better battery and urBeats headphones. Additional leaks include the upcoming body of the device being identical to existing HTC devices, which also includes the ability to use current accessories as opposed to launching new accessories. Sound a little familiar to you? Well it should— the original HTC One X smartphone was codenamed “Endeavor”, before its unveiling at MWC earlier in the year. All in all with a fairly similar profile as the original, this upcoming device points to what looks to be a supercharged version of the One X that will be called the One X+ and similar to HTC’s strategy in the past with its Sensation and Sensation XE devices.

The device won’t skimp on software either. Stuff reports the “Endeavor C2” will utilize HTC’s brand new ClearVoice technology to improve call quality and will also be the first phone to run HTC Watch 2, the latest version of HTC’s video-on-demand offering. Sounds like those two features will compliment the rumored Sense 4.1 and quite possibly, Jelly Bean mighty well upon the device’s release— which should be around the beginning of October in the U.K. if all holds up.

Try to contain your excitement there folks. Try to contain your excitement there.

source: Stuff
via: Android Central

T-Mobile Launches The HTC One S Smartphone For $199.99 (After $50 Mail-In Rebate)

Well gang the time has come if you’ve been anticipating the official arrival of the T-Mobile HTC One S smartphone. T-Mobile has unleashed the smartphone and now lists the device for a smooth $199.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate) on-contract or $599.99 outright. In case you’ve forgotten, the device features a snappy 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, Android 4.0 + Sense 4.0, Beats Audio and some impressive camera software for you folks who love taking quality photos. Let’s see how long it is before T-Mobile sells out of this puppy.

Feel free to hit the source link below or your local T-Mo store to grab one for yourself. But first, make sure you check out our initial hands-on and thoughts for the smartphone.

source: T-Mobile