The BBC launches the iPlayer Kids app for smartphones and tablets

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If your little one, or ones for that matter, have access to a phone or tablet, it can be a chore making sure they only watching content that is appropriate to their age. While age-appropriate channels such as CBBC and CBeebies has been available via the BBC’s iPlayer app, the UK broadcaster has now released a kids-only version of the app, imaginatively called iPlayer Kids App.  Read more

You can now buy and download classic TV shows from the BBC’s new digital store


Fans of classic British TV shows will be happy to hear that the BBC has decided to make its archive of content available to purchase and download via its newly opened BBC Store. Programs such as Doctor Who, Top Gear and Only Fools and Horses, wildlife documentaries from Sir David Attenborough, and reality programs such as The Great British Bake Off are only a few examples of the array of content available. Read more

The BBC is working on a child-friendly version of its iPlayer service


The BBC has announced that it’s working on a dedicated, child-friendly version of its tremendously popular iPlayer app for both Android and iOS. The service will house a collection of CBBC and CBeebies shows, which will be instantly accessible via an extremely simple tabbed user interface, thereby giving children the ability to find and watch their favorite programmes effortlessly.

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BBC giving away mini computers to help students learn programming


In the United Kingdom, the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) is giving away tiny micro:bit computers to children in year 7 (I assume similar to grade 7 here in North America) across all of the UK. The computers are similar to how a Raspberry Pi would work and function. The idea is if they give the computers out to students it will encourage them to get into programming and teach them the basics of hardware design.

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Motorola president states obvious: Apple charges too much



In a recent interview with the BBC, Motorola President Rick Osterloh took a moment to respond to criticism from Apple’s lead designer, Jony Ive. Ive, in an interview with the New Yorker, stated that the Moto-Maker allowed Motorola to abdicate its responsibility as a designer (note: Ive did not actually mention Motorola by name).

Osterloh told the BBC that Motorola believed in a different philosophy involving consumer engagement with the design process. Read more

The Doctor and the Dalek game launched for tablet devices


The BBC has launched a new game for tablets based on their immensely popular Doctor Who series. The latest title, The Doctor and a Dalek, has users follow along with The Doctor on a mission to destroy the Orb of Fates aboard an old Gallifreyan ship, the Starbane. The game encourages players to learn about fundamental coding principles by having them solve puzzles linked to a computer coding curriculum. Although the game is entertaining, it is also part of the BBC’s Make It Digital initiative which is designed to help users learn skills and concepts for the digital age. Read more

BBC iPlayer app now adds support for 10-inch tablets, refined UI for smartphones and 7-inch tablets



BBC’s popular iPlayer app has just gotten a new update bringing more support and increased functionality to a wider array of Android tablets. First off the bat is new-found support for 10-inch tablets, so users won’t need to rely on having to go to the BBC website to view all that cool content anymore. On top of that, BBC has also announced some interface tweaks to the smartphone and 7-inch tablet variations of the app— while additional optimizations will be arriving on the app for 10-inch devices at a future date.

All of you 10-inch tablet owners out there are itching to grab this app can hit the Play Store link below and get in on all that fun BBC goodness.

BBC iPlayer QR

Play Store download link


Congratulations Samsung— the Galaxy S 4 is set to be featured on BBC’s Watchdog



There have more more than a few of us who have complained about Samsung’s habit of loading up crap unnecessary extra apps on its flagship devices, but it looks like the BBC has had enough of Sammy’s shenanigans. The famed British network will air a special episode of its Watchdog series pointing out some very serious issues that identified on the 16GB variant of the Galaxy S 4 smartphone. In fact, Host Anne Robinson poses this simple question best: “Samsung… claims that its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra-large memory, but what did it forget to mention“? Well– while the smartphone no doubt introduces some well… “unique” apps, much of the apps take up an extraordinary space on the device, resulting in roughly only half of the total storage capacity being available to brand-new owners.

Naturally, Samsung will probably want to rebuke the bold Watchdog claim by highlighting its 16GB Galaxy S 4 certainly has a microSD slot for users to take advantage of, but remember— regular apps can only be installed onto the phone’s internal memory, so there is the potential for owners to simply run out of room. Moreover, owners can always buy the larger capacity variants of the device as well because well— bigger is better anyways.

Hit the break to check out the teaser video for yourself.   Read more